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  1. Alf, MBNA sold my account to Link, while still being in default of a CCA request, and whats even better MBNA have to date not even issued a Default Notice. MBNA did send copies of application form and current Terms. Awaiting next move from them.... Cashin
  2. Strawbell, Please be aware your personel details are available to all via properties tab on your word doc you have submitted. Especialloy by DCA's. Suggest you scan docs to avoid security problems. Regards Cashin
  3. Paul/Car2403 Many thanks for your comments, I take your point. Regards Cashin
  4. Paul, Many thanks, as I thought. But Site helper Steven4064 has said both DCA & OC must be sent CCA request?? Who is correct? the thread I am refuring to is MBNA and Link Financial. Thanks Cashin
  5. Peter, When a debt is sold to a DCA and then you CCA the DCA do you also have to CCA the the origional creditor as well?? Regards Cashin
  6. Steven, Why would you want to send a CCA to MBNA when the debt has been sold and they are no longer responsible? Cahsin
  7. Tierisch, Ok... I am guessing not on this one, have MBNA issued a Default Notice?? If the answer is no then also request it when you send the CCA. Link will then go quiet for a while a suspect. Do not contact Link by phone only written communication. Time scales for CCA 12+2 working days then one calender month. No response after this Link are in default and can only enforce the debt through the Courts whereby they will have to produce the ORIGINAL Agreement. Should no agreement be produced then the debt is not enforceable. This is very important if you are a homeowner. Regards Cashin
  8. Tierisch, The letter from MBNA did they give correct account number in the letter they sent regarding the sale of the debt to Link-Financial. It appears that the common practice for MBNA is to issue a random number. If this is the case Link-Financial have no grounds to ask you for payment, and in any case if Link-Financial are unable to supply copy of original Agreement the debt is unenforcable until such time as a copy is produced. I suggest you CCA Link-Financial not MBNA as MBNA will comply if the debt is post 2002. MBNA also on sale of accounts to DCA usually delete customer records so this can make it very hard for Link to obtain copies of origional doc`s. Regards Cashin
  9. Tierisch, Have Linkfinancial contacted you yet. Cashin
  10. Martin No problem, just like to help where I can. Cashin
  11. Dave, I have scrutinized their letter in more detail, and I notice they haven't made any reference to Lloyd's account numbers etc other than their own, so I intend to just dispute their letter until they can provide more detail. The I will CCA them. Cashin
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