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  1. I also have the rash and so has my dog. Neither of us have ever had skin problems before. the only thing is my sofas are not Pia or Bari but the Quinn range which I bought in December 2006 and had them delivered at the end Of January 2007. My skin problems started 4 weeks later and despite 9 different creams and steroids I am still suffering and taking anti-histamins twice a day to ease the itching. I cant remeb=mber when I last had a good nights sleep. I rang Argos and they state that the QUINN is not on their list and they are replacing the bad sofas with these. Has anybody else had the same problems with the Quinn sofas sold in Argos.
  2. WON!! WON!!! WON!! Accepted the offer of £956 as this did not include the £290 already received. Spoke to Emma Thompson who paid the full amount into my account within 24 hours. Wow, great result. Its going to be a lovely Christmas. Thank you to everyone on the site who has given me advixe as I couldn't have done it without you. Now for my Bank accounts and I think I will reclaim my PPI back as well seeing I have been on DLA so couldn't have claimed on it anyway.
  3. I have £842 in charges and interest is £1033.85 making the total claim £1875.85. I used 27.90% contractual interest which was on my Barclaycard statements. No county court charges.
  4. Thanks Slick. I actually had £290 refunded to my account as a goodwill gesture which I refused but they never took it back. I am now wondering whether they will deduct this from the £956. Also the letter does not how they made up the £956 as there is no mention of the percentage of stat int nor the price of court costs although I didnt have to pay for them as I am on DLA. My claim was for CCI.
  5. Have today received a letter from Emma Thompson, legal clerk for Barclays. The case was originally stayed until the test case so was suprised to receive this. As you would have seen from our Defence, we disagree with your legal analysis that the charges levied to your account with Barclays amount to penalty clauses, and are unfair. We do, however, recognise that it is not cost effective for either party to take this matter all the way to trial. Therefore, in order to avoid the inevitable time and cost associated for both parties in pursuing the claim further, we are prepared to settle your claim by returning to your account the charges applied to it, together with statutory interest and any court costs which comes to """££, subject to the terms set out in this letter. The offer to pay is in full and final settlement of the whole of your claim and is strictly without any admission of liability on our part. By accepting this offer, you also agree that the existence and the terms of this offer remain confidential between us. If you agree to this letter, please sign and return a signed copy of this letter to me at the above address within 7 days. You will also need to notify the County Court in writing that you have discontinued your claim against us. Please forward a copy of your letter to the Court after you return a signed copy of this letter to us. Now the question I have is this. The total charges I requested including contractual interest and came to £1800 so do I accept. Should I phone and talk to Emma Thompson and possibly barter? Should I express that I will not notify the court until I have received the money from them? My account balance is £645 so there would be a difference which I would want by way of cheque. Any advice please
  6. After applying for Judgement against Barclaycard because they didnt acknowledge in time, I have now been informed that they acknowledged the day after judgement was up so a stay had been put on the case. Now 2 weeks after receiving that from the Court I have now received a letter from Mercers saying that Barclaycard have passed my debt onto them. Can they do this if the case is in dispute and pending a stay?
  7. Thanks PJ, I apllied for judgement and BC acknowledged the claim the day after judgement day was up. I didnt think this was allowed.
  8. Barclaycard had until today to acknowledge the claim with the court and has not. When I rung the local County Court they told me that the case had been transferred to Cardiff and was on hold (stay) until the test case goes ahead. I aked where I stood if BC hadn't acknowledged and they said to send in the form to apply for judgement and see what the judge decides. Has anyone else had this happen to them. I thought that if they had not acknowledged I would win automatically anyway. Also I thought that the test case only applied to banks and not credit cards.
  9. Just got back from holiday. Cheque was here when I returned. Hooraaaaayyyy!!! Now to deal with Barclaycard, they have until 21st August to put in a defence with the court.
  10. 11th July so I am 6 days in front of you. WHERE'S MY CHEQUE, CAP ONE, GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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