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  1. Barclays Customer Relations sent me an offer of £795.00 on 7 June 2007 - some 8 days after their legal team had acknowledged my County Court claim. I've sent a letter to Customer Relations advising them that I reject their offer and have asked that they refer to their legal dept. My claim (at the local County Court) was deemed served on 16 May and Barclays had until the 12 June to submit their defence. Should I just wait to hear from the Court or should I request a Judgement?
  2. Didn't receive a settlement offer from Barlcays so I've filed a claim at my local County Court which was deemed served on 16 May. Should I start putting the Court Bundle together now? Also, if Barclays don't acknowledge the claim on time should I request Judgment in Default at the earliest opportunity, or, should I write to Barclays giving them a further 7 days?
  3. I will not accept anything less than the full amount!
  4. Hi This a great site and thanks to all involved. Using the templates I sent my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) which was received by Barclays on 26/02/2007 - copy statements turned up exactly 40 days later on 07/04/2007. Worked out the Barclays have taken £1,105.00 from my account over the past six years. Sent my Preliminary Letter requesting payment and enclosing the schedule of charges on 10/04/2007. Barclays replied on 20/04/2007 with a standard letter saying they aim to find a solution within 4 weeks. Have today sent my LBA to Barclays. Sidster
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