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  1. I sent them the SB letter from here recorded delivery. They just wrote saying they are offering me the chance to pay 70%. I won't. If they keep writing I will report them, not much good that does.
  2. Received letter from Cabot saying they still hadn't got the cca so standing order cancelled. Ruthbridge still writing despite my sending them statute barred letter. The debt was, an overdraft but I believe its covered. Chucking letter in a corner never to be looked at again. Thanks for the advice
  3. The advice was, 15 years ago that if a true signed copy of the CCA was produced then you carried on paying. That's why we did. Advice also to send Section 10 dispute letter etc The CCA had husbands signature on it and his handwritten date - all letters to Cabot did not include this. My worry is if they get it again and we just stop paying we risk court etc, though I suppose it makes no difference now.
  4. At the time all advice was that if the DCA had a true signed copy of CCA then it was enforceable. I got that from here.
  5. Who - Cabot produced CCA true signed copy in 2008/9. We - had to pay They - threaten CCJ We- request CCA again in the hope they can't produce it now. They - send letter asking for income expenditure. We- ignore it What - now they say they need more time to get it. I can't just stop paying surely?
  6. Thing is they were able to get one which is, why it's the only debt we didn't put in dispute. I suppose that's why we are concerned now as they could produce another one from somewhere. I spent years trying to sort it all out and most are SB. I will just send them an f off letter.
  7. So we just say nothing completely and stop the payment?
  8. Thank you all for your support . SB letter ready to send to Cabot/Ruthbridge same letter , same envelope . We received two more letters re husband - 1. we dont have the CCA but are contacting original lender give us more time. Today - we love you and are here to help , here fill out this income and expenditure form , if you're not happy then complain . so about to do the No CCA Section 10 dispute letter and cancelled DD . Oh we do love a good fight . Thank you all so much .
  9. Yes, we sent the first one in 2009 and had the same "we don't have it but will get it" they then produced a true signed copy of the original from RBS. We sent another mid Sept and received the same letter. I am now thinking that if they don't have it themselves we should be able to put it into dispute...
  10. Sorry, just a quick one. My hb debt with RBS is personal. Cabot have responded that they do not have the CCA so need to go back to original lender. 10 years ago we asked the same and they did present eventually the original CCA via RBS, hence the pound a month. Could we place the debt in dispute as they obviously don't own it. But scared to just stop paying. We can do without Northampton charges right now.
  11. Thank you , I will get onto this . Can you let me know how I reach the library to access the letters please , I just tried and it says I have to be registered which I thought I was . Thank you
  12. Hi London 1971, Husbands debt is for £29k - it was given him for our now very defunct business by RBS. We have asked for the CCA before in 2010 and I think they got it which is why they have had the pound a month. They wrote again saying that they received our request for CCA and were getting it from RBS, I am hoping that 13 years later they have not got it . Tempted to put it in dispute . Regarding the other SB debt - how on earth CABOT picked it up I don't know that's for £3k an overdraft but I already spent five years fighting MARLIN re that and they agreed it was SB .
  13. Hello, My husband had a debt with RBS which was sent to Cabot around 14 years ago, it's dates from 2004/5. For 13 years he has paid a pound a month. Suddenly, they are writing threatening him with CCJs etc. We have, written again asking for the true signed copy of the CCA. The response was firstly to send another threatening letter and then to say they are, trying to get hold of the CCA. At which point would we put this into dispute finally. Secondly, all of my debts are now SB but I received a letter from CABOT (never had anything from them before) informing me an overdraft from an account that went into dispute 11 years ago and was SB in 2009 has been passed to Ruthbridge. I am tempted to send a statute barred letter and tell them politely where to go, would this be the correct course of action.? Thank you for any advice.
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