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  1. Hi I had a similar issue with Lloyds and as your paying a reduced monthly payment despite it being agreed with Lloyds and you they will show this on your credit file. I guess they are putting "6" on the file. Sorry they won't budge on this until normal payments resume
  2. I'm trying to get rid off the [email protected]@dy Lloyds and they are an nightmare to deal with....... I offered to pay 87% of an old creditcard which they re-opened recently, anyway the sent a letter accepting my offer but would "mark" partial settlement on my credit file nothing like a gun to my head eh !!!!!
  3. Yeah to be honest I'm in a postion to pay all the balance. Also I made the offer not Lloyds as I'm paying off all my debt this year. The stubling block is the partial settlement on my credit file I don't like. Thanks
  4. Hi I'm roughly paying back 87% but taking into account the interest thay have charged over the years............. Also the letter does state full and final payment........ Thanks for your replies
  5. Hi....Trying to pay off an old LloydsTSB creditcard..... I have offered them a reduced payment and have received a letter accepting my offer as full and final payment but they will update my credit file showing "partially settled" so my question to all is will this affect my credit rating in the future and how will future lenders look at this on my file. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi....Trying to pay off an old Lloydstsb creditcard..... I have offered them a reduced payment and have received a letter accepting my offer as full and final payment but they will update my credit file showing "partially settled" so my question to all is will this affect my credit rating in the future and how will future lenders look at this on my file. Thanks in advance
  7. Yes I have a couple of letter stating that they would need more time but all letter were within the 40 day period. The last letter I got said they would have a full response before aug 16th and thatb was the deadline ...still waiting
  8. Hiya I did write to both credit agencies but Monument told them that the information was correct.....end of story. My argument is that they can't or won't provide me with a copy of the alleged default and my CCA. They have clearly have commited an offence under the CCA in which they must provide a copy of my CCA within 40 days is this correct or not ?
  9. Hiya all......Sorry I didn't update this thread earlier as I have just moved house etc.....anyway I wrote to the ICO but they couldn't help me as this was a matter for the trading standards? . I still didn't recieve anything from Monument and am now going to sent a SAR request as they didn't comply with my request or should I write to trading standards as monument have clearly commited an offence with refards to my request for a CCA?
  10. Just a little update on my progress. Spoke to Monument again regarding my CCA request and still no further so I have sent off a letter to the ICO will all the relevant paperwork so hopefully get a response from them soon....
  11. Hi....I don't owe any mony to them all I want is the default removed......
  12. Thanks for that Curlyben.....I guess it would be the local Trading standards to Monument?
  13. Hi....I requested a copy of my CCA and default letter that was placed on my credit file this was sent on the 11th June and I got a reply on the 18th June stating that they would respond by the 10th July. I then got another letter on the 9th July telling me that they were stilling looking into my complaint and would respond by the 7th Aug but I'm still waiting on a reply. What are the time scales for such requests ?
  14. Hi..sorry should have advised that theres no debt as I had paid this off in April 07 but now trying to remove the default.
  15. Its was posted on the 11th June recorded and was signed for on the 12th June.
  16. Hi all......sorry to jump into this thread but I need some info . I requested a copy of my CCA and a copy of a alleged default that was placed on credit file. I recieved a letter within the 12 day timescale telling me that there lookin at my complaint? No it's a requested so they can't get that right anyway the letter stated that there were looking into things and would get back before the 10th July. I recieved another letter on the 9th July telling me there still looking at my complaint? and would be back in touch before the 9th August. So are they stalling for time , do not have the agreement and have they now commited an offence if so who do I write to regarding my concerns?
  17. Well there lies a story.............As I had said there figure is different to mine and I have a letter to prove it which was sent by them on april 06 for around £480 but I was still paying £10.00 per month then on March this year I rang them for a settlement and they told me it was £800. I ask why and they told me several different stories but they did say it was for charges so I reckon I could challenge them for the £300+ and see if they will back down......Ok going to give them a ring now will let you know what they say.......
  18. Hi all.....I'm currently trying to get a default removed on my credit file which was placed by Monument. I won't bore you with the reason as to why it was placed on my file. Having spoken to them with regards to the actual balance which I had disputed but got no where. I agreed to pay the figure that they had quoted in the understanding that they would possibly remove the default. They didn't remove it and to be honest the guy who I was dealing with was very helpful and understanding and he even called me back and said that he had tried everything he could do but his legal department didn't care less. I wrote to them recorded delivery and ask for a copy of my CCA , I have just recieved a letter back saying that there very sorry that I felt the need to write and they were looking at my concerns. They will have a response by the 10th July. I'm thinking either there very busy with similar requests or there trying to fob me off. Having checked the time scale from when I sent my request till the date they have given me is 30 days smart cookies eh ?
  19. Yip your letter is just the job. I will be contacting Experian this afternoon as they have given me a ref No and hopefully they will be able to give me an update will keep you posted.
  20. Hiya........... I have also written to the CRA's regarding Next. I have had a response from Experian stating that they have put a notice of dispute on my credit file and have written to Next so still waiting on a response but hopefully that will be quite soon.
  21. If your car finance is with Blackhorse the chances are that it's a loan you have . This happened to me when MG went to the wall I decided to hand back the car as I'd paid more than 50% but was told by Blackhorse that it was a personal loan that the dealer had set up for me. Therefore I had to either sell at a loss or see out the remaining contract.
  22. Just a little update regarding my ongoing dispute with Next . I wrote to the CRA's advising them that Next had no consent to process my data with them and included the letter from Next stating that they didn't have a CCA . Experian have responded to my letter stating that they can't remove the default without the subscriber consent but will update when they get a reply from Next.
  23. Hi all...This may be worth trying send your letter recorded delivery as normal and put a cheque in it for £1.00 and the chances it will go thru there payment system and therefore it will prove they did actually get the letter. What have you got loose , if they don't know what the cheque is for the chances they will return it so either way it proves they received the mail from you........
  24. Sorry........Get frustrated at times!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Hi......Looking for some help here. I have a Visa account from Lloyds that has a balance on it but due one thing and another the account was closed . I make monthly payment the equals to the min payment required but the [bank is] still charging mega interest more than half the monthly payment . I can't afford to pay more than the min amount therefore the debt is only reducing slightly . As the account is closed can they still charge the normal amount of interest as a opened account ? Any advice would be great before I challenge them on this.
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