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  1. Hi there! Just to let you know my payments showed as "correction". I am now waiting for the interest and court cost "corrections" to arrive.
  2. Omg.....woohoooooo:D :D Started action via mcol on 30th May, deemed served on 4th June. Bank stated intention to defend immediately (via solicitors Eversheds). Heard nothing at all, then checked balance via internet yesterday and found that there were "corrections" as follows: 999.99 999.99 999.99 965.53 Still waiting for interest and court costs. My message to everyone here is to persevere and keep the faith. Follow the process as described on this site and you will get what is owed to you! Big thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement and lets keep up the good work :lol:
  3. Thanks for sharing your experince mwh65. I shall be looking out for the postman next week. I can see this will be a long drawn out battle!!
  4. Hi I'm a first timer-here and some advice would be gratefully received please I sent a SAR & £10 cheque to NW on 6th March requesting 6 years worth of statements using the template letter from moneysavingexpert.com. They cashed my cheque on 22nd March but so far no statements have arrived. Would you advise that I chase them or wait until the 40 days are up next week to chase? Do the 40 days include weekends and bank holidays? I sent the letter to my local branch by the way, should I chase them or the head office in Swindon? I accessed the last 2 years worth of statements via internet banking and worked out that charges for his period amount to £2777 without interest, so it may turn out to be a hefty claim. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance
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