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  1. Thank you for your help and advice. I'll send one of the template letters to them after I've personalised it to them
  2. UPDATE - They have just sent this text to me in an email: XXXXXXXX, Your DEFAULT NOTICE expired on 05/12/13. You now have 14 days before we issue notice of your impending CCJ and ATTACHMENT OF EARNINGS ORDER whereby XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX would be ordered to pay us direct by the COUNTY COURT. Not arranging to repay the money you borrowed will force this course of action to be followed whereby you will end up repaying the money borrowed, plus interest, plus court costs. Contact me now to avoid all this. Regards, XXXXXX @ Quidmarket
  3. Hey guys, I have a payday loan with Quidmarket which I defaulted on several months ago. I've recently started a DMP with Payplan and have done the following: I've informed QuidMarket about the DMP I've requested in writing, via email, that they do not call me at work I've advised them on several occassions that everything must be in writing as I have learning disabilities and struggle to remember things However they are constantly calling me at work....today for example they have tried 3 times in the past hour despite me repeatedly saying that they cannot contact me at work as personal calls are not allowed. Can someone please help as I'm going to lose my job if this continues Thanks Katpuss
  4. Thanks for the advice but I really just want to get them paid off as soon as possible. I can pay half this month and then half next month as I am on a pretty good wage.
  5. Hello everyone, Ok here goes.....I am currently on a DMP with the CCCS (has been nearly 4 years now) and I was doing really well with it......then some eegit decided to access my Microsoft Xbox account and left me with little money to live on (debit card was linked to it). I panicked (I have OCD) and I now owe the amounts below to various payday loan companies: £400 - Payday Express £299 - Wonga £125 - Minicredit Total = £824 I've now stopped and will not take out anymore! I believe that I can get out of this mess with this option which I currently have access to: 27th April - Pay Wonga back in full, Payday Express is already extended until May payday and Minicredit is due at the end of May anyway 25th May - Pay Payday Express in full and extend minicredit until end of June I will just about be able to cover the above plan and will still have money to live on. My husband is fully aware of the situation but should I tell the CCCS? I feel really guilty. Thanks x
  6. Hi, Am on a CCCS DMP and paying all my debts with them so when a letter from Lowell's arrived out of the blue the alarm bells started ringing. After speaking to Lowell on the phone (stupid I know) I got this information from them: The account was opened with Redcats on 3rd September 2004 The account was opened at 10 Mickey Mouse Street on 3rd September 2004 There is currently £175.06 owed from catalogue orders And my answers the above were: I haven't ever opened an account with Redcats I didn't move into 10 Mickey Mouse Street until 9th October 2004 Debt is now statute barred Anyway they are now thretening legal action, bailiffs, court judgements etc etc etc................. I spoke to the CCCS and they told me that as Lowell's couldn't provide the original CCA that the debt isn't enforceable. Has anyone else had this kind of problem? Any advice on how to deal with this? Thanks Katpuss
  7. Hi guys, Took a Empire Stores catalogue out nearly 7 years ago, ordering some items and made a couple of payments until I got into financial difficulties. I am now on a DMP with the Consumer Credit Counselling Service and did not add this debt as in between moving lost all details. Anyway Redcats (DCA) sent me a letter, I called them and the guy told me that the debt was taken out in September 2004 at "123 Mickey Mouse Street". Things is I didn't start living at "Mickey Mouse Street" until October 2004 so I know this is incorrect. The Redcats guy then proceeded to tell me that there had never been any payments on the account, which again is incorrect. I have a feeling that this debt may be statute barred? Any advice? Thanks
  8. Hi guys, I've recently been contacted by Mackenzie Hall Debt Collectors who are acting on behalf of Provident Personal Credit for a debt of £205.00. I remember taking out a loan with Provident about 4 years ago but am sure that I paid it all off. Unfortunately I don't have evidence of this having moved address last year. Anyway they are chasing me for this money and I have asked for evidence that the debt is stillowing and all they keep doing is sending me letters stating the amount outstanding and threatening various course of action. Can I CCA them as I remember signing an agreement? Or is is different as this was a "doorstep loan"? Thanks Katpuss
  9. Hi guys, Had to start another thread. Had a credit card with Vanquis, fell behind and cut the card up. I've now added them to my DMP with the CCCS. I've told them that they will get their payments monthly. They are killing me with charges: £12 Late Payment £12 Missed Payment £12 Overlimit Fee They are putting these on every month. Please help Thanks Katpuss
  10. Hi guys, I have a debt with Capital One for a credit card, I fell behind with the payments and they heanded the debt to their in house DCA, Impact Collections. I have now added them to my Debt Management Plan with the CCCS so that I can pay them what I can afford and I have cut the card up. They are calling me non stop every day, won't listen to me, I've told them that they're on the DMP and they just ignore me. It's really getting to me! On top of all that they are charging me £24 per month for missed payment and overlimit fee and the balance keeps growing and growing. Can anyone help or advise please? Thanks Katpuss
  11. They can only apply for an attachment of earnings/bankruptcy petition/bailiffs warrant if you default on a payment set by the court.
  12. Hi guys, Have a debt with Simply Be, fell into arrears with payments so I was transferred to Reliable Collections (in house DCA I think). Anyway wasn't able to keep up further payments even though I paid the £20 per month that they wanted. They then asked if I wanted to consolidate my debts with a loan which would also leave me with some spare money! I told them that I was on a DMP with the CCCS (paying considerable less per month than a loan would cost) and they still tried to get me to take a loan! I'm already deep in debt and don't want to get into any more! How can Reliable act like this and is it legal? I've never come across anything like this before! Thanks Katpuss
  13. Put the account into dispute and they have to cease any letters/phonecalls.
  14. Is this debt now with Capquest?
  15. Hi Saffy, which DMC are you with?
  16. I doubt very much that they wil go to court, because as you say the debt isn't yours then how that they obtain a CCJ against you. They won't take you to court, it's just a general threat. I used to get regular threatograms from Lowells/Red and nothing ever came of them. As the account is now in dispute I would sit back and wait for their response. In this case I wouldn't call Lowell/Red Hamptons (all the same company). It sounds like all bark and not bite to me.
  17. I didn't know you could search the land registry, is it classed as a public record? Sorry jdes26, appreciate you might be wound up but can you please refrain from swearing in your posts, thanks
  18. Can I just say thankyou to all that have responded to my questions. It was good to hear comments for different posters and I have learnt a bit more about debts and debt collection. Whilst I don't agree with all I appreciate the time people have taken to respond and there are some good points that people have made. Thanks Katpuss
  19. Thanks for explaining as that wasn't mentioned in your post.
  20. Surely you should not be discussing this guys account/communication regarding the account with his family member?
  21. This could be a case of identity fraud which you should take up with some legal advice.
  22. Some do try to take the moral highground but surely if they try to work with you to obtain a payment solution isn't this the best way?
  23. Cap One have now stopped calling after I threatened them ( on the phone ) with further legal action on the terms of harassment. Thanks for your advice.
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