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  1. recieved the cheque today.... sc&m said it will take 14 days for cheque to arrive but i dont think they realised it was so close to court day....anyway i recieved cheque without having to return their contract accepting all their conditions ...so jobs a good un...over 2k..in my bank good luck to all dealing with sc&m..but you wont need it ..they will bottle it at the last minute...they are just trying to test your nerve..to see if you will see it thru...see it thru to the end and you will get your money i assure you....Enforcer xxxx
  2. FULL SETTLEMENT RECIEVED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant say any more...............
  3. hello im back, ive not heard anything from sc&m, have booked time off work and have sent sc&m my evidence to be used in court. presumeably they should have sent me theirs.perhaps they dont need any? anyway im quite calm and am prepared to fight my corner on the 9th. ive got the macnamara on cd and copies of the unfair terms and contracts legislation. so im goin to read up a bit over the weekend and prepair my case..if any one can offer any advice it would be much appreciated..cheers..enforcer
  4. my claim is for a joint account..do we both need to be in court or can i go alone?
  5. has anyone else had any dealings with them...will they turn up or are they just stalling
  6. the solicitors used are Sechiari Clark & Mitchell in Brighton
  7. the details are recovering approx 2K WORTH OF CHARGES from ltsb sent all the usual letters got back all the usual replies, now im going to stafford court on 9th august at 10.am to plead my case....has anyone ever got ltsb into court? and what preparations do i need to take ie evidence etc...please im getting nervous now
  8. Hello everyone, i successfully recovered nearly 2k from the NW without having to go to court. but now im due in court on the 9th of August against the LTSB. and could do with some advice on preparing evidence and what to say to the judge etc. i know it was mentioned on here some time ago about extra evidence available if it ever got to this stage, well its got to that stage and i need some help..all advice much appreciated..ta
  9. Nationwide paid me in full as soon as the claim was filed at court...then 2 weeks later sent me a letter stating they were going to defend...arses and elbows comes to mind?
  10. maximum £10...but they sent me mine for free
  11. same here coffin.....it made me laugh!
  12. well done!...same happened to me a week or so back...and still ive recieved nothing in the post....i dont think they want to admit that theyve lost...just hope it goes away un noticed.....although ive recieved a defence in the post from the courts yesterday saying they wish to defend the claim as they have refunded all of my charges.....but are not going to refund the interest and court costs...but they already have anyway .albeit a week after the charges refund...so ive cancelled the court claim...its over with them ..untill they charge me again anyway...
  13. IGNORE THE LETTER STATING TRANSPARENT CHARGES BLAH BLAH BLAH....its standard issue...i asked them how can their charges be transparent when they fail to give me a detailed breakdown of how they are made up. to which they replied they had asked head office who said they could not provide a detailed breakdown..thats how transparent they are!...just stick to you deadline of your letter to c bacon...then bang in your claim at the courts...its the only way they will listen....ive just filed for judgement on my 2nd claim...this time against the lloyds..they didn't even acknowledge the claim, so hope
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