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  1. Thanks for the post Herbie. I also have done the statutory form and the appeal form which is why i am waiting for the court hearing date and also asked Northampton Enforcement people but they said they dont get involved in this type of case so this is not helping either....not having much luck and seems like i will have to pay bailiffs which i didnt wanna do cos i dont know if i'll get my money back if the case goes in my favour. well thanks for advice and i'll keep you updated.... send more advice & suggestions please!!!
  2. first of all thanks for your post. I did speak to the managers in council but they wont do much and saying they cant help and dont have any influence to release the car and i need to take it up with bailiffs...!!
  3. Hi everyone, found this forum so thought to request if anyone with more knowledge about bailiffs can help me out here please... Basically i am in the middle of disputing a parking fine with local council and waiting for an appeal hearing date from county court but bailiffs acting on behalf of council has towed away my car 4:30am in the morning whilst everyone was asleep and not able to stop them. They now saying they will sell my car in auction with few days and i am running out of time. My car is also used for my disable brother who needs 24/7 mobility but bailiffs wont take that in consideration to return the car even though i told them i'm also waiting for courts decision. The council wont help either & saying to deal with the bailiffs myself and i am totally stuck so can someone please help and advise as to what i can do to get the car back...PLEASE HELP!!
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