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  1. i have just recieved a euro car parks tickets for £80 it says that i was at lidls over the maximum period, this is the first i have heard of it, how do i go about appealing it can i ask for what proof they have that i was there longer then i was
  2. i put that all down, and got help today from the cab, i also shouldnt have to pay for it, what do people think the chances that i can get this ccj cleared,
  3. i have the form can you help me fill it out, i also have all the old letters i have sent and the copy of my dyslexic assment of needs. in the letters, i asked for a bigger double spaced copy of the aggrement, but i didnt recieve any copy, i asked for a copy of the aggrement 4 times beforei recieved a copy. i sent letters saying i wanted the ppi taken off. and the charges refunded. there are also letters showing that i informed them of the break in my spine, lack of work and lack of money and a offer to pay less. in question 3 it asks what order are you asking the court to make and why? what do i put and the evidence, what do i put?and what is the clame number?
  4. is the credit agreement the origional document, i was asked to sign?
  5. i dont cause i only earn £400 a month and my mum gives me £270 im have the paper work now, do i have to send in all the letters i sent off to creation, asking for things, and telling them my back had been broken so couldnt pay the full amount every month
  6. it came from greenhalghs solisters, i am sending it tomorrow i get my disability benifit tomorrow, il do the form when i get paid. as i think it costs around £75
  7. no nothing was sent recorded delivery, and likwise nothing was sent to me via recorded delivery. the judgement against my house was made last week, with me there, i have just recieved a letter from there solisters saying that until i pay the debt in full, the dedt will get £1.50 a day interest. creation have occured about £500 in charges against me. i have sent off a form showing that my income in greatly redused, since having back injery and diserbility benifit, i have requested n244 which is coming in the next couple of days. i have paid the origional sofas in full, all that is left is the amount they say i owe. what would you suggest i do now,
  8. i have a ccj from creation finance, even though i was paying a regular amount, i am dyslexic and asked for a bigger copy of the aggreament which i never recieved, every letter i sent to them never got answered. i have copies of all of them i slipped and broke my back and slipped a disk and was unable to work, so requested that i could pay a smaller amount, thats when they took me to court, the day of the hearing i was in hospitial, and so high on drugs for the pain i couldnt respond for quite a long time after. i have requested a pack to set the ccj aside, cna people please tell me what information i will require to help me i have now paid off the origional sofas, but not the interest which is £2000 any advise, i would like to either go on paying the amount i aggread, or to have the whole thing called off as i have paid for the sofas, and requested a bigger formatted aggreament which i never recieved]
  9. i did that but the insurence company say they informed me that it was inclusive of the vat, it wasnt, im requesting all information they have on my including any phoncalls
  10. could you help me compose a letter to send to rbs, i can put the dates and times and other detials in. im not sure how to compose it
  11. i have a question i hope people can advise me with last month the rbs took 170 in charges. this left me with no funds in my account, i had to go 3 days with out eating, whilst i got money off my mum, i phoned the bank and they got really horrible and went through the last 6months banking, which was very uncomfatable, in the end they said that there was nothing i would do , they didnt care if i couldnt eat or get to work(petrol) money, because i missed 4 days work i was down this month on wages. i would like to take the rbs to court because they have broken my human rights act by leaving me with no money to eat, and i had to starve. has this been done before? i tried reading through the human rights act but found it very hard going
  12. my house is insured with the RBS, i had a flood and my bathroom floor and kitchen was damaged, i had the loss adjusters out, she put the amount much lower then my builders had put, £2500 she said 1700, i disputed it and the next thing i get is a check for £2100, i phoned head office and said very clearly is this including the VAT i was told yes, and when i get the work done to send the bill to the loss adjuster and she would pay the vat. i sent the bill to the loss adjuster, i had to phone her to ask why the vat hadnt been sent to my builder she said that the 2100 was for full and final payment. even though they have the recording, the loss adjusters boss is sticking to her side of the story. i used my savings to pay for the shortfall in the insurence clame so havnt got the vat money i have requested all documents including telephone recordings to be sent to me, as i intend to clame the vat about £300 back can anyone offer any advise.
  13. halifax took 170 out of my bank account for 4 two pound paypal amounts, this left me with no money, and went 2 days with out eating as i had no money for food, i had to phone my mum for help. they have just done the same because the money wasnt in my account, they want 100 by the 1st, otherwise i will have more charges. because this is such a hugh amount of my wages, i am part time because i am waiting an operation. they wont concider paying it back even because of hardship. because of the halifax action taking my food money, is this an infringement of my human rights!!
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