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  1. thanks mimi i may take you up on that as i aint got a clue what im doing
  2. omg......im up the wall those links have everything though thanks very much xx
  3. hi ahgain getting my ourt bundle together can any one help with the appropriate stuff for below OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING REPORT HOUSE OF COMMONS EARLY MOTION TRANSPARENCY IN CHARGING thank you
  4. omg what do i do with all them? jeez...
  5. what does it involve? what is the information i have to put together please help as my nerves are shot.got letter this morning from wragge &co they are defending my claim
  6. ok i got a letter this morning from wragge & co stating they are defending was 2 days late so my judgement went in yesterday what happens now or what do i do panicking now
  7. yes,ive received that letter for the second time this monring on the day im allowed to go for judgement
  8. thanks checkout were would i be with out you
  9. hiya right today the issue date is up for their defence ,have rang the bank and they have received nothing.I have received a letter today offering me £238.( claim is £1600). i now enter judgement is this correct.
  10. rIGHT I SET UP A direct debit for bt.on the phone to them we agreed at £21 a month @ the 26th of each month. brilliant till today they took £76 out of my account which caused me to go over drawn and charged £34.50.rang bt who said tough and rang the bank they said they will take the payments back from bt but will not remove the over drawn charge and to tell bt they must refund that.I am devastated as this was my shopping money for the kids is this right thats they wont give me it back?
  11. hiya been trying to send information of issue to a moderator but cant find one with an empty box. can you advise who will except it please thanks
  12. right put claim in on the 23rd may,not heard a peep from the courts,have rang up today and they said it should have an issue number by friday ,todl them this was the second time ive rang and they have said that,they replied oh dear it must have been overlooked at some point
  13. they ofered me £2.16 rather than 1500 .got the same letter today with the £12 mentioned...(posted on my other thread) they make me laugh Have sent letter 5 and told them i am denying it and my claim has gone in to court.
  14. Alliance Leicester You may have seen media reports that some banks have considered closing certain customers' accounts where the customer has complained about bank charges. We would like to re-assure you that this is not our policy and if you do accept our offer of settlement, we will continue to operate your account. We will do so on the basis that you accept the Terms and Conditions of your account previously notified to you, and that charges will be applied in accordance with our current charging policy. We would stress that as the OFT has not concluded its review, the offer of settlement contained in this letter is made on an entirely ex gratia basis and without any acceptance by us that £12 is an appropriate charge for returning an item unpaid. Finally, where additional funds are required, it is always best to arrange overdraft facilities in advance, to avoid incurring fees on your account. I look forward to hearing from you.
  15. Thank you for your enquiry requesting that we refund the fees you have paid on your current account. These fees form part of the Terms & Conditions of your account and were generated because payments were presented for payment, for example, cheques or Direct Debits, when there were insufficient funds available. As you may be aware the Office of Fair Trading ("OFT") is currently reviewing the issue of current account charges. It is our understanding that they have suggested that there may be some similarities between the default charges on credit cards and similar charges applied to current accounts, however, it recognises that the application of the general principles set out in 2006 to the banking industry is not straight forward and that a more detailed examination is needed in relation to bank charges. Default charges may apply to current accounts when items are presented for payment whilst the account is in excess of its overdraft limit and are returned unpaid (bounced) and a fee is charged. We do not believe that the term applies to other types of fee. We believe that all our charges have been applied in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of your account, of which you have been given a copy. However, having reviewed the particular circumstances of your case and taking into account the ongoing OFT review, in order to resolve this matter we are prepared to refund the sum of £216.50 in full and final settlement. This reflects the difference between the amount of charges for unpaid items actually applied to your account and the amount of charges that would have been applied to your account if the charge had been £12 (being the amount that the OFT indicated was not unreasonable in relation to credit card default charges). Please sign the enclosed copy letter to confirm your acceptance of this offer and return it to me in the envelope provided by 23 June 2007. On receipt, I will apply the agreed refund immediately. Telephone calls may be recorded or monitored for security, quality control and training purposes. Alliance Sc Leicester plc. Registered Office: Carlton Park, Narborough, Leicester LEI 9 OAL. Company No: 3263713. Registered in England. Alliance Sc Leicester pk is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Our FSA register number is 189099.
  16. will attempt to show you the letters i got
  17. were is the rejection template please thanks
  18. right placed my claim on the 23rd may received a letter dated the 24th may from bank ( so not due to claim as it wouldnt have gone through) my claim is for £1500 and they have written offering me £216.50p:-o couldnt belive it:evil: they say the difference between what they charged and what OFT is ruling is £12 so thats all they will refund me.They have also said they wont touch my bank account if i accept:evil: their charges comply blah blah even if i dont accept they wont close my account as " they do not see it as their policy" but i have to accept their terms and conditions what do i do now? they should have received my court claim by now. thank you
  19. i know im seeming a bit thick but whats an AQ
  20. ello well i went down with my exemption form too and they accepted everything ,said i should hear by week friday and then again when alliance put in the defence thanks for your help up to now
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