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  1. well i dont have any cheque book for halifax,so will be with drawing money and paying every thing in cash...no over draft either. ive done every thing by the phone and follwoed it up with a stern letter as directed by the financial ombudsman
  2. when i got in touch with them they said this is for the second charge not the first one i really dont understand
  3. alliance and leicester are a joke.most of Mine were cancelled too but they told me that i needed to contact the payee and cancel with them too. when bt took the charges from my account for telephone they were supposed tp be £21 per month ...they took 84 pound which took me over drawn and it was on the wrong date what happened to direct debit guarentee? they make me sick.ive moved my benefits to halifax now and will arrange to pay back my overdraft to them so much per week will go to the cab in needed. good luck with yours wobbles...they make me sick
  4. itsthe alliance leicester have been on the phone to them all morning. she has told me its not illegal to take charges from benefits and that they cannot return any charges at all till this court case is over and done with.i said its not part of a court case...its me asking you for my benefits back..she said its the same thing. sorry get in touch with bt they took it wrongly. i now have 2 cheques bounce today because of it and now feel like crying:confused:
  5. i am in this situation today.The bank have taken 50 quid charges from my account and all i have paid in to there is my benefits.:(they were taken as monthly charge as bt took money they shouldnt have by direct debit in the month.i got the money and charges back from bt but the monthly ones i havent im sick.now my cheques will bounce that ive sent out.help!!
  6. The debts that are with DCA MUST be checked to ensure that they can legally collect them what does that mean ?
  7. oh rightio well to be honest we could afford that loan if we sported all the others out. sounds bad that doesnt it
  8. most of them are with collection agencies now.and i pay each approx 5 to 10 pound a month.but our loan is 109 a month and thats what is crippling me now
  9. most of the debts are in my name yes we have one shared bank loan with both our names on i filled in one of those budget forms with national debtline.they were great on the phone to me last time,i got the bottle and rang.my main concern is the court fees.i know i may get exemption from the court fee but its still over 300 pound to file for bankruptcy
  10. thanks guys its basically ,credit cards,catalogues,store cards.nothing secured on anything at all ..im scared to ring any one to be honest.hate using the phone
  11. right ok.... here goes i went with the cab, 2 years ago who totally cocked up my repayments.they didnt sort it on a pro rota so thinngs got out of hand.After 12 month of minimum token offers cab wouldnt help me no more (they only assist for 12 month).so i started getting letters from every one wanting up my payments.so stupidly i did as i could.My hubby has a bank loan so we are trying to cope with this too .i contacted the national debt line who worked out with the arrears in rent and council tax i have (due to benefits recharging an over payment) i would be better off filing for bankruptcy and they sent me all the info. my nerves are shot......i owe about 15,000 altogether and i cant do it no more.im not sleeping worrying about were the next meal is coming from,i keep going over drawn at the bank so its like a catch 22.just today i had 50 charge on my bank because of bt taking the wrong direct debit from my account.they gave me the over drawn charge back as credit on my phone bill but not the monthly over drawn charge so its left me in the poop...dont think i would be able to get the court fee together though so im all over the place
  12. hiya again got defence from wragge and co on saturday. also a letter from courts saying i have to pay my court fee i place application in for exemption as on benefits ........will be struck out if they dont hear from me in 7 days what do i do panicking here?
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