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  1. All sorted! after three months of complaining to the relevant BT departments with no replies, let alone action on my complaint. I wrote to the CEO and within three days its all cleared with nothing to pay. He must be a very busy man. jemn
  2. Trouble with BT Hi At the moment I am beginning a dispute with BT who are trying to charge me for 6 months of payments after I moved to Plusnet. I have written to them by email (3x) by post (2x) and online; (They opened a case then closed it with no other communication). They do not reply and have charged me £30 "one off charge" with no other explaination, £40 for late payment and 25%, of the total bill for passing the account on to a collection agency. I have asked them repeatedly to explain the charges and they have ignored my letters. It was a business account and I have be
  3. Broken hyperlink: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?552-Data-Protection
  4. Sorry don't know how to direct you to this post. When I click the hyperlink get the error. locutus Gold Account Holder locutus Registered Users 3100 4392 posts Report post #2 Posted June 25, 2012 In your post, you see how the word SAR has automatically hyperlinked? That takes you HERE. Take a read of that template letter and modify it to include all the data you require. Send that letter recorded to:- Data Controller: BT GROUP PLC BT CENTRE 81 NEWGATE STREET LONDON EC1A 7AJ
  5. I wasn't a great fan of the old site layout. I prefer the look and feel of this new site, keep up the good work. Hopefully these sort of errors are temporary Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 and Sorry, there is a problem Please wait 4 seconds before attempting another search Error code: 1C205/3
  6. Thanks, second post meant to go to upgrade thread. Still getting to know the new site,
  7. I wasn't a great fan of the old site layout. I prefer the look and feel of this new site, keep up the good work. Hopefully these type of errors are temporary Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 and Sorry, there is a problem Please wait 4 seconds before attempting another search Error code: 1C205/3 and a search for "BT" and "British Telecom" produced no results. Who would have thought it!
  8. How long has this NEW LOOK been up and running. Keep getting Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2 when I click on hyperlinks. Is the site broken or in maintenance mode?
  9. Hi I am in the same situation, received a text from Apex 2 days ago, ignored it. Received a letter today informing me that they have purchased my account and all rights interest and claims in respect of all amounts outstanding on this account (from Egg) It is 'apparently' imperative that I contact them regarding the existing arrangement I have with Egg, in order to set up a new arrangement. I will send them the same letter I sent to Egg when I set up the new arrangement with them. I was wondering how much they purchased my account for, can I request this info under the freedom of i
  10. Thanks. Perseverence, and good luck.
  11. Hi I claimed for the £50 charges they took from my account on a monthly basis plus interest on the charges plus 8% interest.
  12. Hi SPPL's solicitors contacted me before we reached the court, I have accepted their offer and I received the money before Xmas (much needed) It seems that SPPL do not want to go to court, so others should follow through with claims against them.
  13. Hi All I have received a Judgement by default and I am sending in the bailiffs. I still expect them to apply to have the judgement set aside. I have spoken to the Sheriffs High Court Officers Dept does anyone know of any reason why I should not use them as opposed to a County court bailliff? Thanks for any input. Jeremy
  14. Hi I have a claim against Kensington Mortgages for unfair charges, it is for £2500, we are at the court stage where they have not responded to my CP1 and particulars of claim. I have requested judgement agasinst them. I expect them to apply to have judgement set aside because they will say they did not receive the court papers, I believe they have done this before. Has anyone any suggestions on how I should proceed or do I wait for the set aside hearing and air my suspicions to the Judge? Any help appreciated. Jeremy
  15. I am in the process of accepting the latest offer from Nat West which is aprox 75% the amount requested. I have two other cases going through the courts and feel that this case will be stayed, there still seems to be a lot of uncertainty about business claims. Part of me wants to continue with court action but.... "a bird in the hand... etc" (even if it is only 75% of the bird!)
  16. Hi I have two mortgage claims on the go at the moment the other is with the FOS they have been dealing with it since May 08, I have tried to contact them recently and keep getting an answer phone. I think it's time to go it alone with that one as well.
  17. Have sent my LBA (letter before action) to SPPL and they are "unable to uphold my complaint......(the fees) have been applied in accordance with Tariff of charges and sundry fees booklet etc etc.." So have now taken my N1 to the court, I think this will go the whole way. If anyone can give me some pointers; I assume I am still proceeding on the understanding that their fees are not fair? I am still not sure about the FOS statement above "the relevant issues have only recently come to light." Is this something I should be concerned about?
  18. Have received two replies to my request for return of fees from Nat West, the first saying it will take 4-6 weeks to process my claim due to the amount of work involved and the second a couple of days later (not so much work after all?) offering part payment. Have sent my letter accepting part payment and asking for full payment. The banks contention is that their fees are for a service.
  19. I have just sent my LBA (letter before action) off to SPML asking for return of just over £400 in only arrears management fee and early repayment statement fee. At this stage I have not asked for interest, arrears councillor fee, repayment charge, or early repayment charge. The account is closed. This was started in April with a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) and followed up in late 2007 with the first letter asking for repayment, they replied with the usual their charges are fair; “We are sorry but as a result of our findings, we are not able to uphold your complaint against SPPL. We re
  20. I am about to send the second letter it is a live account so I am in the process of setting up a parachute account. The charges are for the last seven years and amount to just over £2000 without any interest added. I was thinking that I would settle for this if they pay straight away - (longshot) and add overdraft interest and 8% interest when it goes to court. I may have another try at working out some interest to add though. In my letter I am considering asking for all my statements for the last 25 years, whats the chances of that? Do they even keep them? I had them all up untill 2 yrs
  21. I am at the stage of asking for my fees back from Nat West. I have recieved my bank statements and at the same time a letter from Nat West stating that they will only consider unpaid fees and paid referral fees for a refund. "Any payment would be made as a gesture of goodwill notwithstanding that we retain the view that our charges are fair, reasonable and transparent." i am considering claiming overdraft interest but it seems complicated from what I have read. So far so good but I am confused by; "Unfortunately, following the decision in OFT v Abbey and others 2008, it is no long
  22. Can somone explain why plastic bags in a hole in the ground is so much worse than crude oil in a hole in the ground?
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