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  1. no ive done that filled in forms taken them to court on thursday waiting for them to be issued not sure where i go from here to be honest
  2. Help needed cant find the link about what happens once youv'e filed court papers can anyone help me out here pretty please
  3. Well been up to court and filed the papers just a waiting game now hope it gets settled before court but way things looking with banks and my luck will probably end up having to go
  4. another quick question just to check before i go i do take two copies of all to court dont i court papers and spreadsheets
  5. yes thanks very much took me a little while but i did it feel pleased with myself over that bit its given me a lousey migraine but taking papers up today
  6. do the court paper all go to small claims courts
  7. have added up all bank charges and filling my court forms in but how do i work the 8% intrest out
  8. Help please have got totally stuck on filling my court papers need some much needed help it's the intrest charges im getting a pickle in
  9. sorry no im not jshtr but i do know the asda you mean the denby dale one and i have been to pugneys
  10. sent my prelimanary letter got the usually response back these charges ar for blah blah blah so sent the LBA got a response yesterday voicing their concerns Do our best to send you a full response within eight weeks of you first raising your concerns with us Update you on our progress after 4 to 8 weeks if no decision has been reached at that point Explain the options open to you if you remain dissatisfied or if we havent responded fully within 8 weeks etc etc is this just a fob off letter? do i go to the next stage court claim (scared) and non the wiser after what ive read what does a court bundle consist of
  11. is there an addy at top of page thats where i sent mine to
  12. thanks for that must admit i find this very daunting just been on phone to my mate im in front of her, said will have to spend all monday on here again tomorrow reading yet again about summoning court papers and preparing court bundles as it seems to be going over my head
  13. I recieved the same letter yesterday but I had already sent my letter before action off a weel last monday. This is there reply im assuming to my letter before action ??????????? Will get on tomorrow for a read as I have to go to work in a moment but this letter has thrown me
  14. my statements were due today nothing have just contacted customer sevices reply was we do apologise but we are inundated with people requesting their statemnets yours will be with you within the next week we shall see
  15. only been waiting two and a half weeks 40 days not up yet but do they leave it till the last minute to get them out to you my friend is having same trouble and has rung the bank they have told her its fourty days from cashing the cheque which is under process not 40 days from when letter was sent in requesting them
  16. Have just done my letter before Action only got to gp to post office now for recorded delivery. seem to read that much on here my head goes in a spin and it seems very daunting just thankfully there is always someone about to ask:)
  17. does this mean you going to get paid out with no hassle or as on some of other they offer you a partial refund
  18. I got my statements off line calculated the interest posted off asking for my money back by recorded delivery seeing if they reply in the 14 days
  19. I have just set the wheels in motion to reclaim my bank charges so was pleased to see the template letters. i must say I don't find them a helpful bank at all
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