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  1. Could anyone kindly provide me with the full name address and Tel number of L:lyods solicitors please
  2. have just recieved judgement against Llyods bank so think it's now time to start on the credit cards can anyone point me in the direction of where to start and go with this:?
  3. not sure which letter you mean ? been on your thread but only a very small piece 'I refer to the Judgement dated x 2007 (copy enclosed). If I have not received payment in full by the x 2007, I will apply for a warrant of execution is this what i should send????????????? and whom to ???????/ did you send it recorded or special delivery
  4. Just got a copy from court to say judgement was issued on the 27th of june can't see em paying up straightaway so this is when i have to get in touch with their solicitors
  5. he awarded the abbey customers their claims mmmmmmmmmmmmmm:confused:
  6. well done trev just wish it had been easier for you
  7. Sigh have just rang court again applied for judgement on the 4th of june they are now upto the 23rd of may so hopefully should be back end of this week then i think the fun will start going by everyone elses thread when they have gone for judgement but bank has not been in touch with courts at all
  8. Hi Trev just wondering if you had any good news about the cheque ??
  9. so pleased for you trevor waiting for mine now fingers crossed. go out and celebrate XXXX
  10. congratulations Jashtr am well pleased for you XXXXXXXXXXXX
  11. Just rang court again they are so behind it is going to be another week at least before they can enter my judgemnet
  12. thanks jshtr I like to hear from you puts my mind at rest am on the right track
  13. Well save it first then print it off always save anything Iv'e sent them it's there to hand to use again when needed
  14. well have gone for judgement Llyods not responded to anything rang court yesterday to find out if there was any correspondence off them and ziltch. have sent another letter requesting they pay up first but not expecting anything off them. courts well back logged though as they are still working on cases dated May the 14th so it's just a waiting game might rin the court again monday to see if aanything has progressed
  15. thanks very much you have been really really helpful thanks again
  16. Have rung courts they have recieved nothing at all from Llyods bank
  17. Have just rung courts they must be well back logged they havent entered the judgement yet are only up to the 14th of mays work and mine was given in last week the 4th of june could be another two or three weeks before they get round to it. Wondering if i would be as well sending yet another letter to stinky Llyods bank what do you think????????
  18. Bump Just wondering how long it takes for court to issue judgementI filed for judgement by default on the 4th of June and heard nothing yet do you think I should give the courts a ring
  19. Just wondering how long it takes for court to issue judgementI filed for judgement by default on the 4th of June and heard nothing yet do you think I should give the courts a ring
  20. I sent the letter and still heard absolutely nothing so filed for judgement anyway suppose its best to go down all routes thats the way i am looking at it
  21. been up to court today and have put in for judgement by default just a waiting game now isnt it. till i go to the next round bit of a nightmare really ordinary people like us taking on the big bad banking world am reading till ive gone cross eyed
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