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  1. it's wed the 9th saintly have you heard anyhting off then thinking of you let me know how you get on if you ring up courts
  2. Got a letter off Barclays yesterday but not sure how you post it on here to show folks general gist off it is if you put a claim in we will put a stay in if you apply to fos you will have to wait
  3. oooooooooooooooo time scales near each other let me know how you get on
  4. thanks saintly fingers crossed that happens but then they will probably put a stay in gawd they make me amd thousands of others swear
  5. quick question have barclay's put a stay in all claims mine is in and due to hear from them by next monday the 13th. i f we don't can judgment still be requested or has this all gone out of the window. Groaning at the thought of a two year wait as predicted in news
  6. if no defence or anything was recieved from barclays couldnt you have just gone for judgement
  7. oh poor you couldnt possibly have coped with all this and your still there helping others out thinking of you
  8. OMG wot the hell they playing at. I got another letter from Llyods yesterday saying my case was in the hands of their solicitors? had judgement and money back
  9. Hi thanks all for the advice have finally got spreadsheets done with a bit of help from my son. going up to the court today to file wheels in motion so to speak this is when the panic sets in again
  10. won my money back over a fortnight ago. recieved a letter yesterday saying they are still ivestigating complaint and would like me to bear with them in the hope we can reach an amicable solution
  11. i have a list of the charge ie direct debit the date it occured days since offence and then the 8% apr amount is this right did it from of the spreadsheets on here
  12. did that and it's worked them out mising something here me what is the overdraft intrest i should be including then
  13. have gone to do court papers today and done my spreadsheets fine but then when it comes to end bit of court papers im flumoxed with this Charges £xxx.xx Overdraft Interest £xxx.xx Interest under s.69 County Courts Act 1984 £xxx.xx Court Fee £xx.xx right got my charges done they work out at £1.185.00 overdraft intrest is this the 8% apr i worked out if so this comes to £265.12 but then what then hell is intrest under s.69 if it's the 0.00022p a day one how do i work this out in plain English please
  14. am filing today but don't know address to use for the defendants
  15. when doing your spreadsheetat the end it says days since offence how on earth do you work this out help please
  16. as above would ring court first i also posted another letter off telling them that I would be filing for judgment as they hadnt entered a defence
  17. think he's had more hassle at getting his money than most i would have been bald with the stress so he deserves whats his and any extra
  18. would be nice to know before i have to file court papers
  19. yes thats the way im looking at it hope its before xmas but as lonfg as i get em back
  20. right have given Barclays longer than i should as they did correspond with me plus was doing Llyods tsb bank as well which i have won but LBA in post today here we go again groan still find the whole process a nightmare even though i have done it once
  21. a quick update posted letter from link above many thanks and then on the advice of another poster jashtr3 he gave me a link to a free online fax I faxed letter to solicitors and woooooooooooopeeeeeeeeeee my bank account was credited with my money last night has taken just a week from getting judgement so a big thanks to all on here who helped me
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