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  1. advanced spreadsheets wont open have got my old one from bank charges but dont know what to change the formula to at the top what is the interest rate in a decimal?
  2. Just recieved my statements from CAP 1 not sure what I can claim for I know I can claim for late payment fees but can I also put in for overlimit fee and the intrest they have charged me? Plus has anyone got a link for a spreadsheet that works the ones on here either wont open or says server link error broken
  3. sent for my statements from debenhams two weeks ago recieved a letter today saying they have recieved my request and cheque but there is a high demand for this right now do you reckon it's a delaying tatic
  4. I have a debenhams card and a new look card new look nearly paid up but if i want statements from both accounts do i have to send two ten pound cheques even though they are both with GE.Money
  5. hope it is as Iv'e started the process as well and think the bank process a nightmare especially now its on hold
  6. Have sent off my letter requesting statements with cheque now waiting but reading through all threads see that i need my CCA as well could someone please give me the link for this letter have searched but can't find it
  7. Yes you can i have just started the process and am on a repayment plan with them should find what you want in there need to obtain your statements first from cap1 so enclose a £10.00 cheque with letter asking for statements then start adding up what they owe you and go through process like bank charges hope this helps a little bit Am not one of the clued up peeps http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/
  8. need some help please cant find the link for letter requesting statements plus when you go through with this taking them to court is it the same procedure as the banks do i have to have credit agreement and terms and conditions any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. havent claimed against cap1 yet did the bank charges won one well it was a judgement by default other one stayed so thought i best tackle these now will have to get the letter off first for statements then tally up charges
  10. on a repayment plan with cap1 for both myself and hubby wondered if we could claim the charges back what were added before they agreed to the plan.also can you claim back the £12 the Oft said were the limit a card could charge not looking forward to going through the process again but I will just why do the peeps who work for them have to be so snotty and rude as if it's their own personal debt
  11. got that one from them send next letter threatening financial ombudsmen you will probably get another refusal letter take it to financial ombudsmen then its free
  12. Quick question hope someone can fill me in if the OFT case is been heard in january and fingers crossed it goes in our favour what happens next do we still have to go to court and plead our cases or do we just apply to banks for refunds. If it doesnt go our way dont really want to think that what then? Or will the hearing be postponed to a later date
  13. Hopefully you may be one of the lucky ones what slip through if barclays have their hands full with preparing for oft may not notice you
  14. havent been posting for a while still been keeping an eye on the forums but hadnt heard anything since i filled allocation forms in for court.well recieved a letter from courts on friday case has been stayed pretty much like everyone elses
  15. me again sorry seem a right thicko on front of my allaocation questionairre they have wrote no fee i thoght you had to pay something for this to go through court? im not on benefits or anything so don't know what this is
  16. things been a bit quite just a waiting game really but finally heard somethingfrom court got my allocation questionaire just wondering if there any special instructions i should fill in ???????????????????? also got two letters off barclays which everyone is getting no doubt informing me due to fos case they will be applying stays on all cases
  17. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/101412-document-library-work-progress.html#post956704 try in here
  18. Have just rang our local county court to see if the judge is still going ahead with bank charge cases what a waste of time all she said was there is some cases pending which will be going before the judge when he come back from his holidays in three weeks time
  19. if FOS said that charges should be set at £12.00 why are barclaycard defending charges of more shouldnt they automatically be refunded? Have already got an ongoing case and didnt really want to start another one with barclaycard in case it's stayed same as banks £240 tied up doing nothing seems a waste in costs
  20. could anyone help and put me the link back on my thread the one to see which courts are proceeding i cant seem to find it anywhere not that im hopeful barclays just putting in stays left right and centre determind to draw it out and put people off claiming in first place i think
  21. had a look on link to see whether my court is proceeding or not against stays and they are on the unsure list in the same state as everyone else just think banks are b******s
  22. well got my letter from court to say Barclays had acknowledged my claim on the 9th guess its just a waiting game now:sad:
  23. will it ever end??????????? think we are all thinking that but still perservering in my opinion the more people who attack the banks so to speak it must look worse for them in courts
  24. was hoping they had they seem to be getting em all in quick now just so they can put stays in grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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