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  1. Hi steve thought that was the answer just glad your around to confirm things thanks X
  2. recieved a reply from cap 1 today to say they had recieved my letter and were looking into the defaults it could take four weeks or longer yeah right so do i keep to my time scale and send LBA fourteen days after first one went
  3. my lba went out this morning im using 29.9% intrest and yes it does make a big difference
  4. are you deleting the image from your photobucket as soon as you have posted it? if you do then no image will appear here
  5. Got my reply today the usually bog off letter would refund the difference between £15.00 and £12.00 in guidance with OFT's ruling in fact have credited account with £139.00 need to find the link for LBA and the one where you acknowledge their refund but still want the rest any help please
  6. no you can claim your limit fee just proceed with your timescale
  7. yes have already sent off my spreadsheet for them didnt see the point in including ppi as i thought I'd ticked the box but when application form came today obviousley i havent
  8. I was its on all the statments I recieved any ideas on a letter I can draft
  9. sent off for my cca from Cap 1 recieved a letter today saying it will be with me within 5-7 days but they included a copy of my application form I haven't and on it the PPI box is not ticked yet alway through the account I have been charged for this. Have sent off my request for charges and intrest but ould like some idea of how and where i stand on getting the ppi back as well
  10. is it the charges or ppi you are claiming back if its charges just carry on with your schedule Im not sure about ppi you have to go down a different route would read up on the ppi thread for that
  11. think most peeps at work to be honest and no point me trying to help you need someone with more info than i can give
  12. well 1st letter asking for it back and spreadsheet with charges finally done thanks for your help guys just a waiting game now
  13. Go for it they are more than likely to cave in before it goes to court
  14. Have mailed you sorry I didnt manage to get back on yesterday
  15. would have started mine but cant work interest out to claim
  16. have just done so good idea of yours will see if it does any good am stumped without a spreadsheet
  17. same problem as you when it comes to opening them
  18. This is what is at top of my spread spreadsheet to work out interest at 8% =(C9*0.00022)*E9 can anyone tell me what to change the decimal number to to work out the 29.4% interest Cap 1 charge
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