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  1. well got a reply back from cap one after i sent letter saying i would accept payment as a token refund. but as for the PPI no way they have changed their tune now saying that them saying it was sold to me during in a telephone conversation on the 19th of December 2002 was an administration error it was sold it was actually sold to me over the phone on 1st july 2004 think they trying to worm out of it here
  2. watching with interest as i have mine to file with cap one when did they say you agreed to your ppi over the phone check the dates as they said I agreed to it two years before i even sent an application for a credit card
  3. e-mailed them and this is the reply i got Dear mrs hickling] [Thank you for your e-mailI will date the order when I sign it on behalf of my client the order will be formally agreed when both parties have signed not just one. this is why I will date it when I sign it. I will sign it as soon as i recieve it from you] trust this clariefies the situation and i lokk forward to recieving the signed but not dated Order] yours sincerly Philip beswick Yes it has a confidentiality clause on it dont really understand that what does it stand for
  4. but it says do no date the order why is that?
  5. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO have just checked my e-mail and one there from salans with a draft order attached they have agreed as a gesture of goodwill to pay me a full just got to return the draft then wait for the money
  6. most debt counselling services have an incoming and outgoing sheet printed ready for you to fill in you couls do one of these and send it with one of the letters from the libary asking them to stop adding interest and asking if they could put you on a repayment plan
  7. thanks very much your a life saver MWAH have e-mailed will see what the repsonse is thought it was better doing an e-mail than a phone call
  8. well surprise surprise got a latter today off salans. my claim is only for £322 then the 8% court interest they have offered me a sum of £200 in final settlemant of the matter reckon that leaves me about £200 short with court fees added anyone got a nice reply i can e-mail them refusing as im guessing that will be your advice to me
  9. awwwwwwwwwwwww thanks very much aviator you are a wonder xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. need abit of help please am going to do court papers this week well poc are already done in libary but am also claiming my ppi off them can anyone help me in what to writ on poc to include this please
  11. no you just fill in the bottom of the court paper and hand it into clerk
  12. hope Im not the 00.01% where they do turn up
  13. well recieved an acknowledgment yesterday from court G.E money intend to defend suppose its a case of waiting now to see what their defence is?
  14. write back saying you will accept the money against the charges they owe you but still request the rest and will be persuing the matter in court
  15. mine have till 23rd to reply so we more or less at same time scales and im waiting for statements for another G.E account
  16. good luck fingers crossed they dont reply and it all goes smoothly for you
  17. well filed at court today so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly must say i found doing the poc a bit daunting but got there in the end just hope i done it all correct will hear if i havent i suppose
  18. Hi just to say got claim forms done just going upi to put them in court son even managed to work interest out for me the court interest works out at 18p a day so aint missed a lot if you aint added it but if it takes a couple of months to settle works out about £12

  19. next stop with this is file at court as they are not going to refund so a quick question when i read poc it says show when payment was made do i have to do a sheet when i made all payments to this account as well as a spreadsheet for charges i am claiming back?
  20. Recieved a bog off letter from cap 1 they have refunded me £160 to my account and £10 for intrest charges incurred so need the link for the the rejection letter pretty please anyone also said they will not refund the ppi as this was sold over phone on 2nd of december 2002 didnt open the account till 2003 even application form is for 2003
  21. A very close friend of mine works in our local abbey bank she and her hubby have just come back from an all expenses paid £7000 holiday in south africa courtesy of abbey bank because she was the person who had the highest sales for the quarter they were left a present every evening in their room one from the abbey and one off the hotel not a cheap box of chocs either then to cap it all her supervisor flew out for the day to make sure that they were having a good time and were all their needs being met she was disappointed that she only got a weekend in london all expenses paid for having the highest sales and mortgage quotes for the month but as she said it did take in two shows a trip on the london eye a trip to madam tussards and nothing at all to pay
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