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  1. Sadly although their reply was prompt they cannot help....
  2. Thanks bang I have sent a mail and await the reply. any other suggestions would be great.
  3. On this occassion I am looking for a recommendation for a car hire company from Glasgow airport that does not require a credit card. i havent used a credit card for 5 years (and havent needed one) only debit/electron cards. The major suppliers seem to need a credit card to hold a deposit. Do you know of anyone that hires without one please.
  4. Promise were brokers, the lenders will be someone different, best deal direct with the lender.
  5. Yallall, Rather than being taken in by Argos' company retoric, try giving the correct consumer protection details, which mean its Argos' responsibility to make right the situation for a reasonable period which may or may not be limited to a year depending on the expectations of the item. Seems often the bigger the retailer/provider the less service they provide and believe they are above the regulations.
  6. Be careful in stopping repayments as the finance may have been arranged as a secured personal loan and not as a creditor/debtor/supplier agreement. Best you check your credit agreement thouroughly first. Its possible that loan application was passed to a UK based broker and a personal loan made. Check mandating on payment made to sellers to indicate whether it was implied as a 3 way agreement. Good luck.
  7. Make sure your still within statutory reclaim period (ie 5 years in Scotland ) for this before spending money & building hopes etc.
  8. You can try Payment Protection Insurance to cover a mortgage, loan or income from British Insurance or simply try a comparison on moneysupermarket, moneyextra etc etc. Most will have similar exceptions/limitations but select your options with premium vs benefits.
  9. No, the PPi premium is almost 43% of net advance
  10. Does anyone know the format to use when writing to a company you previously did work for to get a copy of all records of work/ recruitment/ production etc etc and for recordings in audio/visual. Would be very very helpful thanks
  11. Yes you can cancel withing 30 days, make sure you follow the cancellation procedure on the docs. Phone, & do all mail recorded delivery, and demand replys.
  12. Hello buggerlugs, re your initial thread, Dont mix up requirements of old style and new format credit agreements under the new rules. But first paragraph I agree, Second paragraph, where ppp is on a credit agreement and shown as a seperate optional item, the APR will remain the same (assuming the same rate of interest is charged). It is only where it is a condition or where another supplementary fee/cost are added that the APR changes. Para 3, spot on, exhaust the companys own compliance and complaints procedure then go external with full record keeping.
  13. From a sellers point of view, what a great way to introduce the new rules as a selling tool.
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