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  1. Did exactly as you said Andyorch, I called MCOL this morning spoke to Julie, she confirmed CCJ in place, no admission form from me so judgement was made however I wasn’t informed. Julie was fantastic (didn’t know what to expect) she also suggested speak to Moneywise first but she’s emailed me the forms just incase (n245&244) Contacted Moneywise, my admission form was signed for by someone in a delivery office close to their office. They are investigating that and also agreed to halt any enforcement and close my case with Marstons. Agreed to a monthly payment affordable to me! Worryingly it means my details are out there somewhere, not good but I’m just glad This whole enforcement, writ of control, bailiff palava is done. REALLY appreciate your help I wouldn’t have thought to do what you suggested. Thanks again, I’m having a drink tonight and I’ll raise it you and all the CAGGERS!
  2. Oh I didn’t even think of that, makes sense! Either way I should have received either a yes we accept your proposal or no we don’t? Thank you Andyorch, I’ll give MCOL a call tomorrow morning and I’ll update you with the outcome. Do I still submit an N245 to stop the EA coming back? I don’t even know if he’ll be back tomorrow or if I have the 7 clear days, it wasn’t clear on the notice of attendance!
  3. Original creditor (credit union) I filled in admission form sent off recorded delivery they received and signed for it but then no response
  4. Hoping someone can advise. I’ve received notice of enforcement from marston group delivered by bailiff. It was for a CCJ which I sent back the admission form with my offer of payment but looks like I was too late?! Can I submit a N245 form to suspend the warrant? Do I also need to submit the N244? And do I send it to high court if my enforcement notice says they’ve been ‘directed in accordance with the writ of control’ or should I send it to Northampton who issued the CCJ Sorry for the questions I’m just panicking about the bailiff coming back
  5. Good evening everyone, Does anyone know, or have the bank details to set up SO for Quickquid please???
  6. To be honest I didnt think it was? I thought i had one month from date of recieving decision which was 12th jan, they recieved it on 13th feb but the 12th was a sunday anyway! I just wondered if i should just plead that they accept it rather than them being unreasonable for one day?! Or should I claim I was waitng for info?
  7. Hi, Hoping someone can help! I am one of many stuck in the long stressful process of appealing a DLA app for my son. So far I have been turned down by the first tier tribunal so I appealed to the upper tier. I sent my appeal letter to them which they recieved on 13th Feb (monday) they have replied to me asking why my request to appeal to the upper tier was late?? I have a feeling the first tier response was dated 12th Jan, are they being unreasonable saying it's too late by 1 day despite the 12th Feb being a Sunday?? Does anyone know how I could reply to that? Whats the best way to approach it? What would be an acceptable reason to them??? Really appreciate any help at all Thanks
  8. Hi Ghostdebt, Thanks for your response - No I didn't know the agreement had been terminated and I certainly haven't recieved any DN. Do you think I should reply questioning this? What is a CPR 31.16 letter, can I get a template off here?? Thanks for spotting the enforcement bit also!!
  9. Jan Any further update? I'm about to wriite to NR to ask for refund of PPI!!!
  10. Hi Old andrew - Yes i did, their response was pretty quick certainly within the 12 days? Now i just dont know how to respond to them, their letter makes no sense?
  11. Wonder if anyone can shed any light or give me some advice! I've had an account with Freemans for about 18yrs, been in a DMP for past 3 years and all was going well. I got a letter from EOS solutions telling me i need to pay them the full outstanding balance or else etc... I CCA'd them and got a letter back - I cant scan a copy on here but i'll transcribe: We note you are requesting a cpoy of your agreement pursuant to section 77/78 of CCA act 1974. Please note you are not entitled to rely on that section of the act because it appears in part VI of the act and part VI only applies to current agreements whereas your agreement has been terminated. In the interest of avoiding further action, we confirm if we had a copy of the agreement we would of course disclose it to you. Unfortunatley we have been unable to trace a copy and we therefore enclose a copy of the standard form agreement which contains identical T&C's to those which applied to your account. Even if you were entitled to rely on section 77/78 (which we deny) that section only obliges us to produce a copy of the agreement "if any" As explained the agreement can not be traced and so we are unable to provide you with a copy. We respectfully disagree with your interpretation of s 77(4)/ s78(6) of the act. we have already explained why we contend we are not in breach of s 77 (1) / s 78 (1) but even if we were such breach would only prevent "enforcement" of the agreement not activity up to and including obtaining a CCJ against you, In the circumstances please provide us with your proposal for settlement of your account within 14 days. I havent got a clue how to respond to them apart fron the fact i am still paying through DMP so i'm not too worried yet?! Can anyone give me some advice please??
  12. Hi Debtfreefuture Just wondering if you have any update on this. I am in exactly the same situation altho fortunatley EOS dont have my phone number. I requested a signed credit agreement and got a rather abrupt letter back saying something along the lines of i am "not entitled to rely on that section of the act (77/78) as it appears in part VI of the act and only applies to current ahreements however mine has been terminated" They have admitted they cant supply me with a copy but have sent me a "standard form agreement" which contains identical T&C's? Would be interested to know how much further you have got with this?
  13. Excellent - Thanks Nagasis Good luck Bookie & SD - I'll keep looking with interest!
  14. I'm in a very similar position as SDuffield and bookie regarding payment of commision, they'v been witholding it for god knows how long depsite my account now being up to date. I have decided to go straight to the top and email the CEO (in my experience it works nearly everytime) would anyone know who this is? I'm finding it difficult to trace??
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