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  1. :mad2:Hi, can anyone please help! I have been chased by debt collectors for 9 years over a debt of my ex wifes. She fraudulently transferred her littlewoods account into my name. I can and have proved that the account was not in my name but the debt collection letters keep coming and i keep sending them letters basically telling them to stick it. What can i do to stop them?? I have written to the citizens advice but have not had a reply. I have really just about had enough of this now, will they ever stop!? Regards Darren:mad2:
  2. Can anyone advise please... I recieved a letter from citicards today advising me that they had served a default notice on me. I've been unable to make a payment to them for about 5 months now as i've been out of work.. I've just started a new job but their is no way i can afford to pay back the arrears outstanding. Also now this notice has been served, do they still charge the interest on the outstanding balance as usual or is this frozen???
  3. Hi, i'm being charged about £150 a month in exceeding overdraft limit fees on an account i don't even use... My Balance at the moment is -£329.36 just in fees alone. Should i pay this ammount to bring the account back in credit, then close the account and reclaim these charges or not???... bearing in mind that the charges are growing by the day!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Darren
  4. well i checked my bank account today and the money has been paid in... :smile: although it's not cleared yet until the 19th but hey ho, i've waited this long. As soon as it's cleared i'll be making my donation as promised. Thanks once again all you lovely people for all your help. Darren
  5. Well, abbey finally crumbled 3 days before court!!! They are coughing up the full amount of my claim. Just want to thank everyone on this site for all your great advice and as soon i get the money through i'll be making a donation to the site... For all you people taking action, don't back down and keep up the good fight!! Thanks everyone. Darren:D
  6. Well, i rejected abbeys offer and only 6 more days to go untill court! just hope they come up with the full amount soon...
  7. yeah, i think i'm going to. Thanks..
  8. Hi, i've just had abbey on the phone offering me a settlement figure, so i asked them to put it in writing and to email me a copy which they are going to do this afternoon... My claim is for £3585.21 and they are offering £2819.00. Approx £750 short... If i decline the offer, which i'm very tempted to do. whats the chances of this actually going to cout and me ending up with nothing???? Any advice would be gratefully recieved. Darren:confused:
  9. Really!! i'm shocked... Well i'm going to the council offices tommorrow morning to see if i can get any joy from them to get this sorted and if not, theres going to be trouble!! Cheers.
  10. well, i'm starting to get worried now!!! only 8 days to go untill court and still not a dicky bird from abbey!!!!! Iget the feeling they are not gonna cough up!
  11. ok... but do i take the bailiff to court or the council?? bearing in mind, the bailiff must have paid the £100 to the council.. Thanks for all your brilliant advice.. Darren
  12. ok, i've calmed down a bit now lol.. :o thanks for your help... So what sould i do about the £100 i've overpaid?? i threatened in my last letter that i would take them to the county court to get it back... Should i go ahead and do this?? Thanks again
  13. Hi, can anyone advise me!!!? i've been having a battle with CER uk bailiffs for a council tax debt that i have already paid!! Today i have recieved a notice to remove good under a magisterates court liability order and also it says if i dont pay i may be committed to prison!!! Trouble is i have already paid this debit... it was combined with another debt but under a new account number and they are refusing to accept this.... I have written to them about 4 times regarding this and sent all the relevent letters of proof along with all the relevent account no's but they just keep on!!!
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