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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  3. This topic was closed on 08 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  4. Thanks for all your replies. The quote was to install the bathroom - not for x amount of days or hours of work. What I posted in the first post is the exact quote.However he has sent us a breakdown where he has put things into hours. They came back on Tuesday and re plastered the holes in the ceiling, re-hung the door and also did a fix on the sink tiles - although there still not looking fantastic. He sent through a break down of the quote. He said he had quoted 4 hours to build and fit the bath, however he's saying it took him 5 hours. This is laughable in itself because the very most he would have spent is 2 hours getting everthing out of the boxes! He didnt start it until at least 1530hrs and he left at 1730! When he came back he failed to fill in the holes where the wall joins the floor. We asked him again about this and got this reply today. As noted in the original quote, we offered to take the tiles off the wall.Certainly never offered to clean the walls - not being a builder I didnt even know the walls needed cleaning! This was never ever mentioned, not even when he came back to start work, so I can only assume he is using this as an excuse! Regarding the waste pipe, he had placed it in the wrong place, at the wrong height and at the wrong angle (90 degress). To get the bath waste away we had to do a temp fix, knowing the only correct way for it to be done would be for the builder to come back and remove two of the laid tiles, and change the 90 degree pipe to a 45 degree pipe. I think he is frustrated because he would more then likely have bodged the waste and instead we made sure it had to be done correctly. I just find it amazing that he quoted to install the bathroom, however he then charged extra even though he didnt have to carry out on the largest jobs! Weve got a plasterer in at the moment doing our landing, so going to pay him to fix the gap between the wall and the floor and add this to our claim against the builder. I think we have been fair in offering him plenty of opportunies to get it sorted. Just working on a LBA now.
  5. Thanks RainbowTears. Im absolutely shocked by the end result. The missus has had to take photos and send them to me as im currently away from home due to work.
  6. Heres a few pictures of the finished work. Wall joining floor Tiles around sink Repair to the hole he cut in the wrong place on the new plastered/painted ceiling Repair to original light fitting He also forgot to cut down and put the bathroom door back. Weve sent him an email with the list of defects and also asked for a breakdown in cost of the original quote. Just waiting to hear back.
  7. Hi, Just looking to gain some advice from you knowledgeable people. We got a bathroom fitter around to give us a quote to strip and install a new bathroom. This is what we asked for: Strip out old bathroom Plaster walls and ceiling Lay a granite floor Install new sink and toilet Build and install a new bath/shower Install downlights This is the bath/shower unit we purchased. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200881630500 We showed this to the bathroom fitter and also gave him a copy of the instruction manual when he came to give us a quote. He looked through and saw that it required 2 x 13amp plug sockets and he said he would include this in the quote. He said he had built similar units in the past, so that made us sway towards booking him. This is the quote he sent through to us: We agreed the quote and on Monday 23rd July he came round with his team and cleared the bathroom. On the same afternoon the plasterers arrived and plastered the walls and ceiling. Due to the time it took for the plaster to dry and for us to mist coat and paint it, he then came back with his team on Thursday 3rd July. Thursday morning the arrived and laid the granite floor, cut the holes in the ceiling for the new lights, installed the sink and toilet and began to build the bath/shower unit. At about 1715hrs he said that they had sent the wrong screws to construct the very first part of the unit. We said to him that we would pop upto B&Q and get same screws and he said "I wouldnt bother now, were finished for the day. "We'll be back on Monday. As those screws were missing, we'll probably have more problems and may have to charge you extra days" Before he left, he said that the toilet was leaking and he had to put paper towels down underneath. Said this was a quick fix and would sort it on Monday. He also said he mis calculated one of the ceiling lights and made a hole in the wrong place. He said he would also sort this on Monday. He also hadnt tiled around this sink, when we mentioned this he said he hadnt brought any of the stuff with him to do this and would do it Monday. After he left we checked the bathroom and not only was the toilet leaking, when you flushed it, it continued to flush until you took the top of and re-adjusted the stop !!!!. Anyway, went to B&Q and got the screws and managed to build the part he was having problems with. Infact I didnt stop there, I built the entire unit over the course of two days and had the father in law round to help plumb it in. The FIL also sorted out the issue of the non stop flushing toilet. The only thing we couldnt do properly was the waste - the way the fitter had put the waste pipe was too high, at too great an angle and would need some of the granite tiles taking for it all to be adjusted. Fast forward to this morning - fitter turns up and charged an extra £55 for coming out to finish the work. Unfortunately im away for work, left this morning so wasnt able to assist. The missus told him we had been quoted for the bathroom to be fitted - not for a certain amount off days work. Its luckily I actually built the bath and plumbed it in, otherwise he would have charged at least another full days labour. Im pretty shocked and quite cross by this!There was no way all this work would have been completed in a day. Cant believe he is charging extra on top of what he already quoted. Ive asked the missus to email him asking for a full breakdown of the quote, ie what each part cost and what the £55 was for this morning. Ive got a few solutions in mind, however just wondered if anyone knew where we stood.
  8. Partner just received a call from the Customer Services Manager who was extremely helpful. She said as the printers were shown on our order then we will be getting them. If for any reason they cant get anymore, then we would be entitled to something of equivalent value. Got to wait for a call back tomorrow to get the situation fully resolved.
  9. Two orders placed with the CarPhone Warehouse online on the 15th October at 1600hrs for the LG G2 which included a free LG Photo Printer with a RRP of £110. Partner received an email around an hour later saying the credit check had been passed, however they were unable to dispatch the order as the printer is out of stock and on back order. My partner phoned up and was advised the printer should be back in stock at the end of the week and the order should be dispatched at the start of next week. They said as it was a combined order, although the phone was in stock, they couldn’t dispatch it without the printer. She asked the agent, as it said “Limited stock available, whilst stocks last “whether they would defiantly be getting more in, as would rather know now then wait 5 days to find out. Was told that as it’s on back order she would definitely be getting the printer. A few hours passed and I hadn’t heard anything back, So I contacted the CPW and enquired as to the status of my order. I was advised it was with 3 awaiting a decision. The next day (16th) around 1300hrs I still hadn’t heard anything back, so contacted the CPW. I was advised that my application hadn’t even been sent off! He carried it out over the phone and it all came back well and good. Was advised it would be placed on back order as no stock of the printer for possibly two weeks. Partner came in from work and advised her we would probably have to wait at least two weeks to receive the phone because of the printer. Just to clarify, she contacted CPW back. The call agent said that one option, as instore was offering the same deal, we would be able to transfer the order to store, take the phone away and pick the printer up when it was back in stock. He checked our local stores and found one about 20 minutes away with two LG G2’s in stock. He also said he would email the supplier to get a delivery date, and would either call back by 1800hrs or around 9am the next day. Partner came off the phone and gave the store a call, they said they had two in stock and would put them to one side. Member of staff also confirmed they would get printers instore in about 3-5 days and we could go down and collect then then. Drove to the store, paid for parking, only to be told the computer wont let them create the order as the printer is out of stock! Advised to stick with the web order, as if we were to cancel our order, we wouldn’t be able to apply to 3 for a further 14 days. So a completely wasted trip! My partner didn’t receive a call this morning, so phoned back around 1400hr to see what was happening. Agent said that the offer was limited to the first 1000 orders and we would not be receiving one. Asked why we had been lied to by everyone else and he couldn’t answer. He offered us each a free official LG case as a gesture of good will. Feeling quite frustrated we had been misled, he put us through to the customer services department. Very helpful lady who fully understood our frustrations. She was slightly confused as apparently CPW don’t even stock LG G2 cases, so wasn’t sure why we had been offered a free one by the previous member of staff as they wouldn’t be able to fulfil it! She went away and spoke to a few managers to see if she would be able to get us just one printer, however this was not possible. The most she could do was offer us £15 credit for the CPW each. She then put us through to another department to see if they could help. Apparently it wasn’t 1000 free printers, but only 100! This deal was advertised on their website for at least 18 days, even for a further two days after we placed our orders! Long and short is that he went back and forward trying to arrange for a credit for a free case and also as a gesture of goodwill, a refund of £49 for the phone. This we would have been more then happy with, however he was only able to arrange a credit for £35. He then transferred the call to the complaints department. 90 minutes on the phone so far, having to explain the entire situation again. Complaints advisor said he could authorise the refund, but he wasn’t going too. Said it was only a minor complaint and that £35 credit would cover it. He said he would forward it to his manager who will contact us back within the next 24 hours. My complaint so far is: - The constant mis-information given. We fully understand it was limited availability, however the fact we kept guaranteeing that we would be getting one even when we mentioned this, is very frustrating, especially as they are £110 each! - Wasted journey to the store, despite customer services and the store saying it would be possible. - Unable to go to a different company as cant re-apply to 3 for 14 days as the credit check will be an automatic refusal. – Feel like were a bit trapped. Stick with the CPW with their poor service, or wait 14 days before re-applying elsewhere. - Being offered an alternative free gift, even though its not something they stock! Its as if they make it up as they go along. - All in all, over 3 ½ hours over the past few days spent trying to resolve this. Vent over!!
  10. Another interesting point is that last year T-Mobile sent out letters of an increase of 3.7% on the 28th March 2012. This was the RPI rate for February 2012 that was released on the 20th March 2012. So it goes to show that they managed to send out letters a week later with the correct RPI rate last year, so theres no excuse this year!
  11. Thanks for the update My partner sent them and email and they just sent a generic one back which didnt answer any pf the points raised. Weve since sent a letter via Royal Mail recorded but yet to hear anything back. They certainly like to drag their feet! Please keep us updated and best of luck...not that you'll need it!
  12. I sent an email to CISAS last night explaining the situation and how t-mobile are dragging their feet in sending me a deadlock letter and received thius reply back today. __________________________________________________ Dear Mr Dave Thank you for your e-mail. We note the points and concerns you have raised and can confirm that your complaint can be considered under the scheme. CISAS is an Ofcom-approved redress scheme which individuals and small businesses of up to 10 employees (customers) can use to settle disputes with communications companies, such as mobile and home phone companies or internet service providers, which are scheme suscribers. However, to use our service you must make a formal application after you have exhausted the company's formal complaints procedure. This can be done via our website at www.cisas.org.uk or alternatively you can apply by post. Please note that we are unable to take on a complaint unless you can show that you have been in dispute with the company for 8 weeks or over or you have obtained a CISAS Deadlock reference number from the company to enable you to use the scheme before the 8 weeks is up. Please provide your correspondence address if you wish to be sent an application form and information pack. Kind regards, ______________________________________________________ So will have to wait another 6 weeks if t-mobile dont send me a deadlock letter, but its still nice to have confirmation that CISAS will deal with this issue.
  13. Im on a pre-October t&c's and dont think its risky in the slightest. Clear breach of t&c's and anyone whos anyone will see through this latest episode - " Yes your honor, we decided to guess the RPI figure for March that was released a week after we sent letters out"
  14. Im actually quite pleased they have decided to go along the route. It means they have messed up and this is the only thing they can think of to try and help them! Does anyone honestly believe they were guessing the March RPI figure that was released on the 16th April when: 1)They send letters out between the 2nd and 5th April when the "March" RPI was unknown for another 14-11 days. 2) In the letters is states "The rate of RPI is currently 3.3%" - They didnt know this. Would they tell a judge they "guessed" it would be 3.3%? 3) Would they really take a 50/50 gamble. If the RPI released on the 16th April had gone below 3.3%, would they be using the same excuse? Everyone can see what their doing and judges are not silly. Bring it on t-mobile!
  15. Very interesting post in the link below http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showpost.php?p=60738119&postcount=159
  16. You need to give them notice you wish to cancel the contract immediately to comply with the terms and conditions. If T-Mobile drag their feet and dont cancel it before the 9th May, then thats not our problem as we have given then notice.
  17. Nope, no need to cancel before the change takes place. The terms and condition state: As long as you tell them to cancel the contract immediately and explain why, then you have fulfilled your obligations. I would recommend you send it via recorded delivery for proof.
  18. Ian, you can view both sets of T&C's here - http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/terms-and-conditions/terms/ I dont think its ambiguous at all. They sent the letters out at the start of April when the published RPI that was released on March 19th was 3.2%. The latest RPI that was released on the 16th April has no bearing - as it was not released when they sent the letters out.
  19. Also dont forget T-Mobile are running two sets of terms and conditions. One set is for customers that joined before the 30th October and the other set if for customers that joined after the 30th October. People that joined AFTER the 30th October and received their letter in April - Things seem to be even better for you as the T&C's state: Important part highlighted above.
  20. Makes no difference at all. There is only one rate that matters. The RPI could be 99% this month, it doesn't change the rate of RPI in the month before the notice was given. That rate is a fixed point in time, and is the only one that counts.
  21. Keep us updated Shredder. I had a reply to my letter whic ignored ever point I mentioned and kept talking about material detriment which I never mentioned. Phoned up and asked for a deadlock letter so I can take the matter to CISAS. They have me an email address for their "legal team" so emailed them asking for a deadlock letter.
  22. I would personally forget going along the "material detriment" route. I believe people try this route every time there has been a RPI increase and I have not heard of anyone succeeding as it would be very difficult to prove "material detriment". The best route to take it what anna has already suggested. I received a letter 3 days ago dated April 2013 stating they are increasing my price plan by RPI which is currently 3.3% and this will take effect on the 9th May. However, from the 19th March, the RPI has been 3.2% - So appears to be a breach of theor terms and conditions.
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