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  1. I moved in with my disabled mother in 2004, she failed to tell the council that I was living there, they have now cancelled her council tax benefit, any advice on how much she/ I will hav to pay back and can they demand a lump sum They have asked for my pay slips, date of birth, national insurance number etc are they entitled to this
  2. I'm trying to send hold action letters to my creditors but dont have the address for credit solutions ltd handling my debt for O2 can anyone help thanks Ian
  3. Thanks I realise now, I got the times mixed up with CCA Ian
  4. well its almost 2 weeks since I sent in the SAR and nothing, whats my next move. Ian
  5. thats exactly what happened to me they told me both borrowers were covered but only i was working at the time, my sister who is the second borrower is on benefits.
  6. Thanks I'll send the SAR Tomorrow Ian
  7. phoned GE & Freedom finance this morning, they said that I knew what I was signing when I took out the loan and that its my own fault im in this mess, then pointed the finger at the other party who do I ask for the cca, GE or FF Ianb
  8. I have reciently been made redundant and have a loan with GE Money, when I tried to claim on the ppi I was told it expired last october. The insurance was made a condition of the loan, the term of the loan is for 10 years and no way would I agree to a five year insurance plan on a 10 year loan. GE's attitude is tougth we dont care, go to the broker who I think is freedom finance. can anyone advise me of my options regards Ian
  9. Got the same letter this morning, what a bummer Ian
  10. Its been 2 weeks now since I sent my letter to cardiff county court appealing against my stay:mad: and many more have done the same has anyone had a reply:confused: Ian
  11. Do you think if we send freaky to DG we will all get settlements, he sure scares the hell out of me:lol:
  12. B###y hell Freaky:eek: if don't stop sniffing that snow you'll need corrective surgery
  13. Thanks Auburn You are a darling Ian
  14. I know how you feel mostyn I arrived late and when I questioned the staff about the MOR's direction I got treated like a little school boy We now need advice on how to complain to the MOR Ian
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