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  1. Hi guys daughter had a letter yday from the solicitors saying they wish to proceed with everything that’s going on at the minute it’s obviously not been top priority should I try and upload the ticket for you guys to have a look at? I’ve just read what ericsbrother said about land registry and that I have no clue how to do that and I don’t think our local council or government offices are running as normal right now let me know if you need to see the ticket thanks guys
  2. Hi guys Thanks so much for looking at the papers I finally managed to upload right sorry for delay I’ve been working all day today and I work in retail so you can imagine the day I’ve had what if anything do I need to do now? as I said in my first post the ticket is very faded apart from a number at the bottom I am hoping leads to some clarification about my daughters car and when it was parked there what is clear though is the expiration time on the ticket was 13.30pm so she was within the time since they claim she was there at 13.02 with no ticket these people there must be enough people parking illegally so that they don’t have to chase innocent people Thanks again guys
  3. No you haven’t already seen it and they didn’t send it let me know when or if you need to see it I will scan it in and see if anything comes up with photo editor as someone suggested in a earlier post Thank you sorry for all the questions
  4. Hi guys Thursday my daughter was sent some paperwork from solicitors there is...(I am typing up what they have said in the attached letter with the documents) contract between land owner and car park operator Notice to keeper ( there is no Notice to driver as this is a automatic number plate recognition car park and therefore the notice is issued to the registered keeper) letter 1 from our client dated 21.1.19 letter 2 from our client dated 4.2. 19 letter from QDR Solicitors dated 13.3.19 letter before action 6.1.20 ive had a read round pcn past posts can’t really find anything similar to what’s going on here what should I do now? Also had a letter from the court saying they acknowledge receipt of her defence not sure what happens now the court letter says the claimant must contact the court within 28 days Thanks guys docs1.pdf
  5. Hi no problem windy here too she did actually send me a screen shot she literally put “I have ticket proof” that’s it
  6. Hi Yes the mcol thing was done online then I sent that letter to the solicitors we put on the mcol thing that we intend to defend the whole claim not heard anything since Sorry it’s all very confusing have a missed something that I need to do in 20 mins? sorry just to add I haven’t been waiting for any paperwork I thought I had done what I needed to at this stage ive had my daughter try to file a defence but mcol is saying the claim number is wrong I guess since we have made this mistake she will have to pay it sorry for all the messages she has filed a defence she has said she has a ticket that’s it if that’s wrong then I guess we will take whatever happens but at least they know now thanks
  7. Hi Guys just checking in to let you all know nothing to report not heard anything from the solicitors as yet will let you know when we do spoke to the hairdresser too she said they did it to so many people including her colleague she said to fight it all the way thanks guys Meg&Mog
  8. Hi Ok great Thank you for that does it need to go recorded? Or just regular post? Thanks
  9. Hi Guys just an update the mcol thing has been done now I have to do this solicitor thing? Is it a letter I need to print off and send? Any special instructions? Also my daughter went and took loads of pics of the place as it is now it is still being worked on it is becoming another car park different name company she’s taken pics of the signs that are there now and everything half of it is still a building site Thanks all
  10. Ok great Thank you I will get my husband to help me do that I’m so sorry I’m rubbish at that kind of stuff I can barely work my phone
  11. I have taken a pic on my phone of the ticket I obviously still have it we do have a printer with a scanner so I can do that if you put it in natural daylight you can really faintly see 15/12 which is the date they are accusing her of not having a ticket on but I don’t know if I want to see it if you know what I mean I’ve asked all my family they see it too but we want to so I don’t know I’m really hoping the number that is really clear is there for traceable reasons keep thinking why would it be on there otherwise but maybe that’s too easy the end of the day she had a ticket and I would have thought they would have photo evidence of no ticket displayed if as they say she hadn’t Thank you
  12. Hi Thanks again guys so grateful to you all i can get pics I am sure the hairdresser will nip out and take some for us if not it is only in my local town centre my daughter is on her way I will get her to do it today I put the location of the car park in a earlier post I will report back later today Thank you again
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