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  1. Hi Ok great Thank you for that does it need to go recorded? Or just regular post? Thanks
  2. Hi Guys just an update the mcol thing has been done now I have to do this solicitor thing? Is it a letter I need to print off and send? Any special instructions? Also my daughter went and took loads of pics of the place as it is now it is still being worked on it is becoming another car park different name company she’s taken pics of the signs that are there now and everything half of it is still a building site Thanks all
  3. Ok great Thank you I will get my husband to help me do that I’m so sorry I’m rubbish at that kind of stuff I can barely work my phone
  4. I have taken a pic on my phone of the ticket I obviously still have it we do have a printer with a scanner so I can do that if you put it in natural daylight you can really faintly see 15/12 which is the date they are accusing her of not having a ticket on but I don’t know if I want to see it if you know what I mean I’ve asked all my family they see it too but we want to so I don’t know I’m really hoping the number that is really clear is there for traceable reasons keep thinking why would it be on there otherwise but maybe that’s too easy the end of the day she had a ticket and I would have thought they would have photo evidence of no ticket displayed if as they say she hadn’t Thank you
  5. Hi Thanks again guys so grateful to you all i can get pics I am sure the hairdresser will nip out and take some for us if not it is only in my local town centre my daughter is on her way I will get her to do it today I put the location of the car park in a earlier post I will report back later today Thank you again
  6. Hi Guys Thank all of you for all the help so far we are going to sit and do the mcol thing when my daughter finishes work later I know I can’t do it for her she came out of work last night to a flat tyre so she had to be towed home kind of took up most of the evening Anyway we will get it done today In reply to DX100uk there was nothing on her car when she came out of the hairdressers she has no idea how they come to conclusion she had no ticket The hairdresser told her they had done the same thing to a 92 year old man but he didn’t want to argue so he just paid the £80 they were demanding she actually asked my daughter where she had parked in order to warn her about this car park my daughter is going to message her on Facebook what should we ask her? It probably doesn’t make any difference but the car park isn’t actually there anymore there is no car park there at all I will update later when the mcol thing is done this is all a bit scary will we have to go court? ive been on thier website they talk about High court bailiffs and all sorts Thank you all again for all your help I will keep this thread updated Thank you
  7. Hi Thanks so much for helping I will go on mcol in just a second and do as you have instructed after speaking with my daughter she said a friend told her it was a [problem] and to ignore the letters so she hasn’t kept them she said there was about 3 but hasn’t been any for a while she also said it wasn’t a machine she had to put her reg in and there was no mention of ANPR or pictures should I still go ahead with mcol given that information? Thanks again
  8. Name of the Claimant ? One Parking solution ltd claimants Solicitors:QDR Solicitors ltd Date of issue – 07 FEB 2020 What is the claim for – 1.The claimants claim is for an outstanding parking charge issued to vehicle XXXXXXX when parked at GS Car park Leicester LE1 3DL. The site is managed by the claimant. 2.The defendant is the keeper of or the driver named in accordance with schedule 4 of protection of freedom act 2012 of the vehicle. 3.Vehicles parking at the site are subject to the parking restrictions and terms and conditions which are set out on signs at the site and form part of a contract between the driver of the vehicle and the claimant. 4.On 15.12.2018,the vehicle was parked at the site in breach of the contract the contravention being No Payment Ticket. 5.By entering this contract the defendant agreed that they would be liable for £100.00 parking charges plus additional contractual charges incurred by the claimant for the collection of the debt pursuant to the terms and conditions What is the value of the claim total claim £257.00 Has the claim been issued by the Private parking Company or was the PCN assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim ? the claimant is One Parking Solution LTD Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? No I hope I’ve done all this properly guys so confused
  9. Hi Guys I am looking for help for my daughter who has received court papers from a solicitors on behalf of this company the story is she visited the hairdressers one Saturday morning and used the car park behind the salon run by this company this was in Dec 2018 The lady doing her hair told her this company were known for ripping people off and accusing them of not having a ticket or not parking wholly on the bay etc etc in order to fine them so she advised my daughter to keep her ticket Amazingly my daughter did in her glove box she received these court papers dated 7.2.2020 on Saturday morning they accuse her of not having a ticket the problem is the ticket is very faded barely anything is readable but there is a clearly visible number at the bottom I wondered can they trace her car through this number? is there anyway I can fight this I intend to fill in a defence in these papers and enclose a photocopy of the ticket but I wondered if anyone had any other advice or should we just pay it? many Thanks guys
  10. Hi This is why I would have preferred her to have been at home i would have stopped her but she wasn’t and the deed is done I’m not sure what to do about this settlement figure Thanks Meg&Mog
  11. Yes that’s them Bankfodder her Finance is with Go Car Credit who she has just rang because I told her to and they can’t help
  12. Hi Guys My daughter is having a problem with Mark Andrews car company I don’t think that’s it’s official name but anyway She had a car on finance from The Car Finance Company she had itfor about 3 years paid every month no problems one day she received a phone call from Mark Andrews asking her if she wanted to upgrade her car, Unfortunately she was at work so I had no chance to stop her anyway she went and got a car from them and traded her old one in The Car Finance Company gave them a settlement figure etc all was sorted Fast forward to now and Mark Andrews haven’t paid The Car Finance Company the settlement figure and they are chasing my daughter for payment they have told her she needs to pay for both cars until this is sorted she can’t afford this she has made numerous phone calls to both companies and isn’t getting anywhere About an hour ago a man knocked the door for my daughter I told him she wasn’t here as she has been threatened with a “agent visit” I asked if he was from The Car Finance Company and he said no! I wonder if there is anything my daughter can do she doesn’t have the car she has paperwork saying it was traded in and it is clear Mark Andrews owe for it not my daughter I am not sure what to do Any help would be appreciated Thanks guys Meg&Mog
  13. Thank you DX What should my next step be? Contact EE? Is there any consumer rights points I can quote to them? Anything I can read up on so I know what I’m talking about when I contact them? Or is it a case of hoping I talk to a decent person and appealing to their good grace? Thanks again Meg&mog
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