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  1. Hi This is why I would have preferred her to have been at home i would have stopped her but she wasn’t and the deed is done I’m not sure what to do about this settlement figure Thanks Meg&Mog
  2. Yes that’s them Bankfodder her Finance is with Go Car Credit who she has just rang because I told her to and they can’t help
  3. Hi Guys My daughter is having a problem with Mark Andrews car company I don’t think that’s it’s official name but anyway She had a car on finance from The Car Finance Company she had itfor about 3 years paid every month no problems one day she received a phone call from Mark Andrews asking her if she wanted to upgrade her car, Unfortunately she was at work so I had no chance to stop her anyway she went and got a car from them and traded her old one in The Car Finance Company gave them a settlement figure etc all was sorted Fast forward to now and Mark Andrews haven’t paid The Car Finance Company the settlement figure and they are chasing my daughter for payment they have told her she needs to pay for both cars until this is sorted she can’t afford this she has made numerous phone calls to both companies and isn’t getting anywhere About an hour ago a man knocked the door for my daughter I told him she wasn’t here as she has been threatened with a “agent visit” I asked if he was from The Car Finance Company and he said no! I wonder if there is anything my daughter can do she doesn’t have the car she has paperwork saying it was traded in and it is clear Mark Andrews owe for it not my daughter I am not sure what to do Any help would be appreciated Thanks guys Meg&Mog
  4. Thank you DX What should my next step be? Contact EE? Is there any consumer rights points I can quote to them? Anything I can read up on so I know what I’m talking about when I contact them? Or is it a case of hoping I talk to a decent person and appealing to their good grace? Thanks again Meg&mog
  5. Hi Guys I have an update for you all and I’m not sure what to do now Phone was sent off to EE,s repair service I received a phone call today telling me the phone is no good it is out of warranty and they have quoted me £278.08 for a new one I am not due to upgrade until July which means my contract doesn’t run out till probably Oct Do I have any consumer rights? They haven’t said anything about water damage I know there was none I have never even dropped it it’s not something I could have caused Do I have any recourse Thanks guys Meg&mog
  6. Hi guys Thanks so much I will do as suggested and let you know Thanks again Meg&mog
  7. Hey Thanks everyone What do you think the best way to contact them would be? Letter with a copy of the apple print out? Email? Or phone? I have only spoken to them on live chat so far or should I let them send it off and have a loaner in the first instance Thanks again Meg&mog
  8. Hi Thanks so much for your reply I did get a print out from Apple this is what it says Issue:device will not restore Steps to reproduce:dug restored and error (9) when restoring Cosmetic condition:no damage to note Proposed resolution:replacement required Advised out of warranty status Referred to seller Hope you understand that lol Thanks again Meg&mog
  9. Hi Guys Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place need a bit of advice I have a iPhone 6s on contract with EE since July 2016 it has developed a fault I took it to my local Apple Genius Bar and the man explained it was out of warranty he told me the fault is a hardware problem nothing I could have caused and told me to go back to EE I spoke to EE this morning over live chat and they said if I take it to a store they will send it off if the fault is deemed to have been there at point of sale they will repair or replace it and they will give me a loaner if not they will charge me for anything that needs doing they told me it might be best to claim on my home insurance as it could be cheaper Can I do anything? Is apple or EE responsible or none of them? My contract doesn’t run out till July this year and my phone is no good Thanks for any help you can gone guys Meg&mog
  10. Hi Guys I haven't been on in a while always so pleased to see this group is still here when I do log on I wish I was more knowledgeable about stuff so I could help others I'm here for a bit of a rant as well as any thoughts people may have. I have 2 daughters ages 23 and 21 they both work in childcare private run nurseries My older daughter has 9 years exp and is level 3 qualifies my younger daughter has about 3 years experience and is currently studying towards level 3 They have probably worked in around 6-8 nurseries between them in all of their settings they have been treated so poorly that I am racking my brains trying to think of someone I can report their appalling management to My older daughter in her career has had numerous false allegations made against her by other staff members never by children or parents she had 1 "colleague" in one nursery contact the police claiming my daughter had marked her child who she was allowed to work in the same room as she gave 3 different versions to 3 different people stating she had caused 3 marks then 2 then 1 the police ended up saying this was clearly made up and they were not going to peruse anything my daughter had been suspended during this time On her return to work after all that came to nothing they sacked her for a "bad mock ofsted visit" cut a long story we of course fought it she got her job back and was transferred to another nursery in the same chain that's just a small example of what my daughters have had to put up with My youngest daughter currently works for a nursery almost level 3 qualified my older daughter works for a completely different nursery a member of staff from my older daughters nursery failed to attend a interview she had arranged at my younger daughters nursery and they have told my younger daughter that there is a "black mark" against her name because this member of staff from my older daughters nursery didn't show up my younger daughter has never met her! My older daughter has just received a "first and final" warning for a colleague saying she called a child a heamorrid (sp) 1 witness to that who was given an interview and asked do you remember an incident on Monday regarding (my daughter) and a child she said no instead of interview being over the manager went on to explain the whole allegation and then said now do you remember the person said yes when called into diciplinary for questioning she started talking about another incident entirely not involving my daughter yet it was still upheld on appeal I've seen my girls be physically ill at the thought of going work they have had panic attacks been doctors offer d sicknotes which they don't take because even 1 day off sick they are questioned or berated The treatment of staff in childcare is appalling and I really feel like I need to tell someone about this nursery in particular as I type this my elder daughter is half way through joining the police she's passed interview has had fingerprints DNA etc took has a medical tomorrow and is being fitted for a stab vest very soon but she keeps getting emails from the police HR because they haven't received her reference she's due to leave next Friday they just won't fill it in There is so much more but I don't want to complicate you all my daughters worked for the same company up until recently my younger daughter wanted to work at my daughters branch as it is nearer to my home but they said they couldn't work in the same building because they are family about 4 weeks later my elder daughters manager employed the girlfriend of the girl that works in my daughters room they work in the same building 1 room away from each other when my daughter questioned this she was told a couple are not closer than sisters even though they share a bed unbelievable!! Please don't think I'm a mother of 2 brats who don't like work that's not true my girls are hard working reliable and trustworthy I have tried emailing the senior manager of this company she assures me she would look into this and I heard nothing Who can I make aware of this? My mp? Ofsted? Anyone have a clue? Thanks for reading this
  11. I rang and enquiried as to when the contract ended and they took my phone call as a 30 day notice to terminate the contract so I will be charged another month for a contract that ran out in August Thanks
  12. Hi guys Sorry if this question has been asked a million times I've had a look around the forum and couldn't see anything I had a iPad Air on my mobile phone account with EE a couple of years ago it was actually my husbands in my name anyway yesterday while checking my bill on line I noticed we were still paying for it it shows as tablet (24 month plan) on the bill and after some thought realised it should maybe have been finished by now I rang them and they confirmed it had finishes in Aug 2016 but that I had to request it be cancelled so I wouldn't continue to be charged the just under £30 a month I have paid 5 months more than I should have and while I am willing to accept that you have to request it be cancelled not sure why They give you no warning or information that a contract is coming to an end they do with a phone contract can I claim back the money? Is this right? And have you ever come across this before? Thanks so much guys ☺ Meg&mog
  13. Hi Guys Got a bit of a question if anyone can help? I will try and keep it short basically I claim carers allowance and I work 12 hours a week this time last year I changed jobs as I thought a job during the day would suit my caring role easier anyway I left my first employer on 29.8.15 that date was my last shift I started with my new employer around the beginning of sept 15 anyway I rang carers allowance to tell them a change in circumstances I wasn't going to be earning over my allowance but I knew the holiday pay from my last employer was something they needed to know about anyway I phoned them and the automated lady said the fastest and easiet way to tell them of a change in circumstances was to fill in a online form which I did I never heard anything didn't think anything of it I left the new job because I hated it around middle of oct didn't work any notice couldn't stand the place anyway I went back to my first employer on 22.11.15 I rang carers again to let them know a change in circumstances again only this time I stayed on hold to speak to someone rather than filling in a online form as the automated lady was still suggesting I finally spoke to someone who said there was a back log of online forms they were working some 3 months behind she said so I told her my new circumstances and left it at that I then recieved a letter saying I owe £243.40 because my holiday pay from 1st employer when I left back in August had taken me over my allowance I think I recieved this letter around Feb/March this year I rang them up and said I did inform you I filled in a online form they said oh yes we see that it's our mistake don't worry about it you don't have to pay it back I recieved another letter I'm not sure on what date but I still have them if I need to dig them out saying they had another decision maker look at my case and have changed their mind and I do have to Pay the £240 odd back I rang again he said well we know you filled in a form and we didn't act on it quick enough but an over payment was still made so pay it I told him I didn't feel this was fair as I did what I was supposed to do I had or have no control over thier work load the system advises you to fill In a form that's what I did I was getting nowhere so he said just offer a monthly payment they will accept it wait till the debt management contact you all will be well So yesterday (sat) I recieved a letter stating from 5th sept they are taking £20.70 A WEEK off my carers to pay this back So my family have to be over £80 a month down for a mistake they made? Given the fact that you get 4 weeks to appeal and I have probably missed that can I do anything? At least lower the repayments? Thanks guys hope it all makes sense Meg&mog
  14. Hi all Not posted for a while had a few other things to sort out as well as trying to sort this....I recieved my SAR paperwork all was ok couldn't really use it for anything but they know I have it now was hoping stupidly that would be enough The complaints dept of CSA looked into my case and unbelievably tried to tell me the payments had stopped because they had to look into my complaint so I was being blamed for the delay....I still haven't received a payment in August it will be a year since the payments stopped my daughter has left college and started work so now it is an arrears only case they sorted out so they said all the overpayment with the other parent and I was told I would recieve £220 per month to pay off the over £4000 in arrears he owes the first payment was as before attachment of earnings should have been collected from his wages at the end of April to be paid to csa by 19th may then passed on to me I have rang this morning they have recieved no payment and nothing has been done about it I am livid I am currently waiting for them to ring me back after "looking into my case" so annoyed they have told me several times my payments shouldn't have stopped or at least the monthly payment without arrears shouldn't have stopped but yet they did last August and never started up again I will message again when and if I recieve this call back Thanks guys
  15. Ahh yes I forgot about that bit I printed the form out and filled it in I will ring in the morning Sorry thank you again
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