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  1. have settled with curry's now. external hard drive and new copy of microsoft office. have not and will not buy anything else from the store though. polly67
  2. disc was full of little squares. I didn't ahve it stored anywhere cos I transferred it from my old laptop to the new one and deleted all the files. Old laptop then went back into the 'pool' /reformatted and given to someone else. New laptop sent off by Curry's to a super machine in Birmingham......couldn't get it back....... have recovered some data by copying files from colleagues but lots and lots of stuff gone. My stupid fault for not backin up at xmas and believing the guy in Curry's. Have learnt my lesson that's for sure!
  3. No. All the info that had been saved to the cd was corrupted. I have no data at all. Completely wiped out by the expert tech guy in curry's who promised me it wouldn't happen.
  4. The corrupted data on CD was recovered from the laptop once it had been rewritten.
  5. Thanks for that. The 'tech guy' assured me that he would not lose my information and said there was no need for me to buy the pen to back stuff up on. He rang us at home about an hour later to say he would need to reformat (?) it but once again reassured me that he would back up my stuff to CD. I am now in process of writing very 'cross' letter to head office!
  6. Can anybody offer any advice on how I can proceed? I'm at my wit's end.
  7. Hello, Just looking for some advice really. The laptop my husbandbought for me at xmas stopped connecting to the internet at beg of march. I tried to back up all my stuff to CD but the drive didn't work, I checked the cD in another computer ...no info on it. When I took it to Curry's one of the tech guys stopped me buying a gigabyte pen to back up my stuff saying he wouldn't need to reformat it anyway so the stuff would be ok! ( yep isn't hindsight a wonderful thing) Anyway he rang up later in the afternoon to say he would need to wipe everything off and start again but he would back up my stu
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