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  1. hi I've had four letters from FIRE between June and August threatening all sorts but no-one turned up. Now I am getting letters from Robinson Way. Funnily enough RobWay haven't threatened legal action, they've just said that until the balance is paid the account will not be closed but will stayed registered as a debt in my name. Usually there are legal threats and court action threats but not this time.
  2. Well, last week I had a letter from FIRE Ltd saying that they had been instructed to collect this outstanding debt on behalf of their client Cabot and that I had to reply or they would have to take "Further Action". Saturday I received another letter from FIRE Ltd saying that I had to make them a serious offer of any amount to pay them or they would have to take "Further Action". They did put in a big box at the top of the letter "WE WILL CONSIDER ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY".
  3. Having sat and thought I've decided that I will not reply to Morgan Solicitor's letter. After all, they are only threatening to "review" after 7 days and we all know that doesn't really mean anything at the moment. If I write to them pointing what rubbish I have been sent by Cabot then this might wind them up and they might step things up a bit.
  4. Thanks Pinky and Andrew1, it's nice to know a bit about who is writing to you! Well, as mentioned in earlier posts Cabot have sent to me: a poor photocopy of an application form, all you can read is my name and signature applying for the card, nothing else is legible. a copy of an agreement which when queried is a copy of an agreement that would have been sent at the time of an application, not an actual agreement that was originally sent. a huge pile of statements where most of them have no name and address on them and those that do have an address have the wrong one, well, it's my address but the timing is wrong, eg, they put an adress on a document that I didn't live at until 4 years later! they have obviously falsely hashed things up! Perhaps I should write to the solicitors pointing out these things or would it make a good case for me if it were to go to court?
  5. good plan. i'm sure letters will follow Mackenie hall's phonecall but they can join the letters from lowells. (in the filing cabinet, not the dustbin - sorry recycling bin)!
  6. it's not statue barred yet but completely uneforceable - yes
  7. I seem to remember from reading other posts and threads over the last couple of years that once Lowells pass you over to Mackenzie Hall then it is safe to say you have won - is this true or just wishfull thinking on my part?
  8. Hi Just an update. Well, I've had various letters from Cabot over the last 6 months or so asking me to phone them, all of which have been filed tidily away under 'ignore'. The other day I received a letter from Morgan Solicitors saying that they have been instructed by Cabot to review my account for issuance of proceedings for recovery of all sums due without further notice or warning if I fail to agree payment terms with Cabot within 7 days of the date of the letter. Is this something I should worry about, or is it just another ploy to get me phoning them? The headed paper has printed at the bottom of that Morgan Solicitors is the in-house litigation of department of Cabot. Should I worry or ignore? Thanks for all your help!
  9. All has been quiet since my last post, no letters from lowells, but today I had a fishing phonecall from Mackenzie Hall. they wanted me to confirm who I was, name, DOB, address. of course I didn't confirm anything with them - just told them that they should put their requests into writing. they said that they couldn't do this as they had two addresses for me and wanted me to confirm to them which was the correct address. I told them that if they had the right person then they would have the right address. they said that I had to tell them my present address because they were collecting money on behalf of lowells in respect of outstanding credit card debts. I asked them why they had given me this information when they did not even know that they were talking to the correct person and that they had no right to phone someone and discuss a possible outstanding debt without even knowing who they were talking to. they said that they had written lots of letters but they needed to confirm that they had the correct address so I just said they should have found who they were writing to before they wrote their letters! I'll wait and see what happens next. I don't know how they got my number though - we're ex-directory and all the bills are in my partners name.
  10. lowells/hamptons got me here. i must say tho they did actually do me a favour by bombarding me with court threats and stupid letters. if they hadn't then I wouldn't have found CAG! and who knows what i would have been paying to who! they're still writing to me nearly 2 years later and i am now on the lowells/hamptons/red merry-go-round just waiting for the ride to stop! i've also had dealings with cabot, apex, moorcroft, aic, blair oliver & scott, but they don't scare me now! thanks CAG and good google for putting CAG above lowells when I first put lowells into google's search bar!
  11. Hi Just wondered, what happened getting your little one to school? My LEA cancelled our school bus on the weekend before ours went back to school. we only found out by chance. luckily for us tho ours are in year 6 and there are a few that can walk safely together. Idiots tho for how they don't really care. (LEA)
  12. Hi jax I have had DCAs telling me I can pay my debt with a credit card and I have written back quoting the above that RMW posted telling them that they are "enticing debt" by suggesting that I pay "an alleged debt" with a credit card.
  13. with my cashminder account i can't make card payments. i have only got a cashpoint card and that is all that came with it. just make sure you check out everything that comes with the account very carefully before you go for it.
  14. of course they should - why didn't i think of that? I work in a school. i must think harder before i post. i must think harder before i post.
  15. hi i opened a cashminder account a couple of months ago, although i don't actually need to use it at the mo. when you say turnaround time do you mean how long did it take to start using it after applying for it? I did it over the phone but because there isn't a co-op branch near to where i live i had to send certified copies of proof of who i was and my address. after i phoned i had to wait to get their introductory letter so that I could send my paperwork off to them and that took about a week for their letter to arrive, i sent the stuff off straightaway and about a week later i got my cashpoint card. I also asked them to transfer over all of my standing orders and direct debits, and arrange for wages and tax credits to be paid into that account, instead of me informing everyone of a new account. Again, i had to wait for another form to be posted to me to do that. As it turned out though, I haven't actually needed to use this account yet so I haven't transferred all of my payments in/out as yet so I don't know how long that would take to do. I suppose it probably took about 2 weeks in all. They didn't ask me about any debts. mine are only £10,000. with a cashminder account you only get a cashpoint card. there is no overdraft facility, no cheque book and no debit card, therefore technically you shouldn't be able to get into any debt with it. You can have wages and benefits paid in and standing orders and direct debits coming out. I would assume that £74k unsecured debt would not cause problems as you are not applying for any credit, just a basic bank account that you need to be able to get on with day to day life.
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