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  1. I made the mistake of adding my 8% intrest charges on my letters to the bank. Have I ruined my chances of taking them to court now? I haven't worked out the intrest that I have lost so I think I'll leave that out now. I'm also struggling to understand how to fill in the N1 form. I really don't want to go to court either, what are the chances I'll end up there if I send off my N1 form? Please advise me.
  2. Please help me! I have sent off the letter before court action and had no reply after 14 days. I'm worried cos I forgot to remove the 8% interest colum so I think I might have ruined my chances - is this going to effect my claim?! I also know I need to file for court but it all seems overwhelming and I more than a bit worried!
  3. I'm panicing now. I've sent off all the appropriate letters and have got the stage where I need to file a court claim. I'm scared cos, I think I've done my approach wrong...I sent my letters off including the 8% interest loses, I thinkthat's why they've ignored me, cos I clearly don't know what I'm doing! I can't get my head around the filing for court stuff. I want my money back but I don't understand how to fill out the forms, and don't want to spend money on charges and am scared I'm going to lose. Someone please give me some advice, cos I thought this was going to be easy and now I feel in
  4. I am just about to send my 'Letter Before Action' off to HSBC. I have given them 14 days to reply to intital letter asking them to refund my charges and have received a standard letter " we are looking into your complaint.....". I am going to send it but I am a bit worried in case it ends up going to court, I think I may be a bit out of my depth at that stage?! Any advice? :o
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