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  1. An update Lloyds TSB settled out out of court for the full ammount in May. Summoned to see the Judge in July to ask for costs. S,C&M write to judge to say we arent coming as we settled- Judge awards costs. Write to S,C&M to ask for cost and give them 14 days to pay -- 14 days is up NOTHING 28 days is now up and nothing Where do I go from here please???????
  2. Well Went to court today Was called in to the Judge who handed me a letter and said SC&M wont be attending. (Letter basically said we have settled and as far as we are concerned its the end of the matter then went on about not wanting to upset the court). He then said "You want your costs!" I replied please Sir and he said YES I had to do a retake and mumbled about them being vexacious defendants to which he replied its allocated to fast track and you now send them your bill for costs with my order - if they dont agree then you need to start assessment proceedings So i need to add the costs for todays preparation and attendance etc when they settled they didnt pay allocation fee so will add that and then send the amended costs with the order Think the letter from SC&M had really ****ed him off
  3. Any update ? I am in front of the judge on Thurs an allocation hearing to deal witih (a) allocation and (b) question of costs - The court may summarily assess the costs at the allocation hearing if time permits I sent a draft wasted costs order and pushed for the judge to see it (court admin wouldnt put it in front of him) I had paid my £100 allocation fee and insisted he see it. i am taking the spreadsheet of settled claim and hope this will be enought to convince him to order the costs will update when i have been to court
  4. I intend to take in the spreadsheet of settled claims for him to see can you suggest anything else to help?
  5. Scary not my idea of fun really- explaining anything to a judge- especially when all i want him to do is give me cost for my trouble of just over £100
  6. 12th July Dont really know why the judge wants a hearing- they have settled in full and all he has to decide is whether they behaved n reasonable. I included a breakdown of my time and costs - just wondering if he wants me to prove my salary?
  7. bump Anybody got any ideas please
  8. Background Lloyds settled in May When I informed the court I included a wasted costs order. Hadnt heard anything for a while so chased with the court and was given conflicting stories etc. Now got this in the post District Judge XXXX orders you to attend bla bla bla Allocation hearing to deal with (a) allocation and (b) question of costs The Court may summarily asses the costs at the allocation hearing if time permits. I thought when you informed the court of the settlement it just went before the judge to give a yes no to the order Anybody got any idea what this is about? or has anybody else been here?
  9. Partial success Due to my personal circumstances i havent been able to file the claim just yet. Got a letter this morning(dated 25th May) offering GOGW circa £800 (claim was £1300 ish)stating account would be updated within 10 days Spoke with complaints to try to negotiate it up but drew a blank so told them since they promised full ammount last time an never paid up i was going to go to court (guys says you'll get it all then LOL) I have just looked in account and it is there. So how do i go from here? Do I have to ammend the amount and give them another warning letter? Do I just take off the most recent charges and give them a list of the older charges + interest and start a court claim for that ammount? Advice please
  10. Can anybody tell me the Abbey address to serve court papers to please
  11. Abbey just confirmed they were in reciept of my letter anyway - but might just claim a refund from PO as they havent got the signature I [paid them to get
  12. Well the royal mail have done me proud - posted the letter recorded delivery 1 May and still not on trace and trace- they say its still in the system and not considered lost for 15 working days!!!!! Decided to try to ring Abbey to see whats going on - been on hold for 6 mins now and waiting Going to wait till the 22nd for the charges to come out before going to MCOL Hope I will get a positive result before then with the phone call 8 minutes and waiting TOOK THEM 12 MINUTES TO ANSWER Apologies from them as nobody has phoned me like they said they would. As I am a reasonable person I am giving them a further 24 hours to call me back with an inproved offer and a reason why the original offer was not paid into the account as they promised Staff not there!!!!!!!!
  13. Sorry should have said enclosed a draft wasted costs order (with workings out)from this site How do I stand with getting that in front of the judge since the clerk appears only to have read "no further action" from the letter?
  14. Think you will have to wait until this case is closed before you go at them again. could always try ringing them to see if they will waive it
  15. Can anybody help with where I stand please? I notified the court that the bank had settled and attached a draft order for costs and spreadsheet. The court only read the 1st page and have closed the claim. 3 times now I have rung to try to get them to put the application for costs infront of a judge Today they cant find the case and they are now telling me I will need to pay a fee for the application for costs to go before a judge
  16. I got the same letters from S,C&M. - confidential and all that. Other threads on here state you should rule out all conditions except 1 & 7 and send it back recorded delivery. (otherwise if you incur charges in the future they might close your account) I am closing my account with them so i just signed it and sent it back It took 10 days from them recieving it to the money going into the account (they also wrote to the court to tell them they had settled LOL) hope this helps I am closing my account with
  17. I think it means that they realise the bank is just wasting court time and unless the judge specifically needs it - he will deal with the case without one
  18. I am about to issue a MCOL action against Abbey and was wondering is I could include £210 worth of charges I have been notified of (due out of account on 22nd May) or do I need to wait till after they have taken them? Anybody please
  19. the one I have was updated 30th April with my success
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