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  1. Hi guys need your help and advise, i had been claiming ssp when i was employed on my July wage slip there was a discrepancy of X amount short, had a chat with the employer he admited it was his error, he paid this back via Bacs in August, when i recieved my last wage slip September he had taken it back and marked as a deduct pay advance, when i asked about and said it wasn't an advance it was what you had miscalculated it his words where it is correct and inline with HMRC guidlines. which now brings me to another question i went on to the Gov site where you can see your wage slips from employer, the wage slip i have has a different amount paid to what is on Gov site which is a higher amount. Surely they should match.
  2. Hi Stu thanks for your reply and sorry for my late reply.Life has been a bit of a mare husband was a car crash thankfully it was only the car that was written off. Well as from today my employment has been terminated, as it is a nursing home which is both physical and mentaly demanding and being a senior which holds a lot of responsabilty from meds resdidents staff etc and you have to be on the ball, its a hard job when your fit let alone unfit, so in fairness and safety to the home and my own health i agreed whole heartedly to the decision. So now on to the next chapter picking up my ssp1, i have been on the phone to benefits and apparantly i am entiled to claim contibution esa and they will decided i guess which group i belong in. ps sorry forgotton how to do quotes been a while Thank you again Tills
  3. I have never been down this road before, i need some advise I have been signed off work from June unfit for work. I have a long term condition that will never get any better only worse. Today I saw my gp who has written another unfit for work note. Everything has been crossed off and in the comments he has written... Will never be fit to return to current work and I think she should therefore be 'retired'. This will be the case for 3 months from 26/8/2018 to 25/11/2018. Goes on to say will not need to assess your fitness for work again at the end of this period. Sorry for the long explanation but it has confused me some what. Thank you in advance
  4. Thanks Termi and ss00 sorry for not replying sooner life got in the way. Looks like we are band B still nothing from the council phone lines constantly engaged will be paying them a visit soon I think.
  5. Hi sod'em sorry to hear about your dad x you said your dad has had a stroke is he still able to communicate with you? Only asking as depending on his mental capacity whether he will be able to understand what you are asking him to sign and whether he will be able to sign the will, sorry for the questions at this time when your head is all over the place.
  6. Thanks for the reply ss00 and for the late reply been a bit hectic this end him indoors has had a full knee replacement. Still not heard a word going into the 3rd month now, so paying over 12 months won't be an option unless they increase monthly payments to spread it out but I can't see that happening will carry on twiddling thumbs and feeding the piggy bank lol
  7. Going into the second month now, no doubt the council will drop a bill through the door asking for the full amount ... i can see im going to have fun with this!
  8. We have recently moved into a new build was just wondering how long it takes to band a property as we are still waiting to find out.
  9. I can't believe I actually did that ... 40 !! I wish lol xx
  10. What ever strain it is the flu doesn't care who it picks on best advice get protected I didn't and paid the price 2 weeks off work 2 courses of steroids and antibiotics which could of been avoided by having the jab especially anyone with long term health conditions!!
  11. Hi Scott so sorry to hear about your mum dementia is a cruel disease, i have total respect for you caring for your mum as you say very stressfull, as you say your mum is in respite and loving it,just want to say and i hope you don't mind when you go view care homes ask as many questions as you can think of.. eg do they have choices of meals do they have activies in place if you go to look around in morning go again in the afternoon and check their cqc report online talk to the carers.
  12. I have worked in care for 15years or more, if you send an escort you are leaving other vulnerable residents at risk as long all the relevant information goes with them and family are informed they will be safe and in a safe environment.
  13. I think what booky was saying her ppc was still in date that was why it was still being used and wasn't aware until received the letter stating the fine then tried to get a new one. Not using it fraudently
  14. Thanks Dx could we give it a go tomorrow it's been a long day will pm you tomorrow. Thank you Toby for your help also.
  15. Hi Toby ok done that still showing the same plus now I've got D:/ directory not found, don't know who is more confuzzled now me or the lappy lol
  16. OK so I put the disk in followed your instructions all that comes up is desktop downloads documents and pictures doesn't list no files on disk.
  17. Dx that's gone straight over my head lol Can it be done like soggy moggy explained or is it a no no. Ty both for replys
  18. Is there any way of transferring or copying pictures from a cd That has music playing along side the pictures it's actually a wedding cd and would like if possible to have the pics that are on it. Tills x
  19. Hi CD try not to let this tie you up in knots and eat away at you, im not going to say i dont know how you feel like bazooka Boo been there in our case lesson learned. also like bazza said your spending more money and getting nothing back, but only you know which way to go...Dont shoot me Tills x
  20. ha ha Scott i should of known !!
  21. Crush is going to exterminate us for bombing his thread A wee sink ooh tmi
  22. lol Scott i bet you did if they caught up with you
  23. Maybe they will turn the tardis pink ...... gets coat
  24. Lol Termi My favourite was Peter Davidson the cyber men used to scare me half to death as a kid not sure if it will work time will tell I guess.
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