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  1. Thanks Rob, very interesting... How do I find out if there is CCTV footage? Should I write on the appeal form something along the lines of 'I maintain that I was never handed a ticket, nor was a ticket put on my windscreen. I therefore ask if the council have any evidence of the ticket ever being placed on my screen, or whether he noted the serial number on my tax disc'?
  2. Yes it was a local authority attendant, it's under the 1991 Act- and it wasn't put on my windscreen before I drove off
  3. About 2 months ago, I parked for 5 minutes in a non-parking zone, and as is always the way, a parking attendent came along just as I was getting in my car. I saw him working his way up the row of cars, and had not yet got to my car, so I thought if I drove off, he could not have issued me with a ticket. It appears he wrote down my numberplate as I was driving off, as I received a letter stating my penalty notice had increased to £60 because I had not paid within 30 days- but he had never given me the ticket in the first place! I appealed and have just received a letter back saying 'I
  4. I have signed a 12-month contract with Leisure connection gym and am currently 6 months in. I'm paying £30 a month by direct debit, but I am just about to go to University, so will only be around for 2 of the next 6 months. They allow you to suspend your membership, but only 'provided it is due to illness, injury or pregnancy and is at the Manager's discretion'. I really want to cancel my membership if at all possible, but of course the T&C are pretty binding. 'In the case of early termination of Annual Memberships, we reserve the right to claim damages for an amount equal to the out
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