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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  3. If PPI was added to loans or credit card agreements without my being asked, am I able to claim even though as I was in employment I was technically eligible to claim on the insurance if it came to it? Thanks
  4. Stay with it, like most banks FD want to see if you'll chicken out when you start getting letters from big scary courts. They don't usually wait until the last second (like Abbey). They usually let you fill in your Allocation Questionnaire (simple with the guidance notes on this site), then their in-house solicitors (DG) will offer you 50 to 75%, which you decline, then they back down and offer you the lot including the court interest at 8% (if you claimed it). Just keep your nerve. Ed:cool:
  5. Help, I have begun a court case against that shower of s**t known as Abbey. It is for charges on a business account I held for just a few months and still racked up £250 in charges. I have submitted my AQ but a "judge" at my local County Court has for some reason decided that the case should be transferred to a bigger County court 20 miles away. "Upon the Court's own motion. The Court has made this order of its own initiative without a hearing. If you object to the order, you must make an application to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7 days of receiving it". 1. What the hell does this mean, is it beyond a CC judge to make a decision on what legally is a simple case 2 If I wish to stop the transfer how do I do it and if I do it, will it prejudice the case. The clock is ticking so please help asap. Thanks Ed:?
  6. Sorry to have found this great thread so late in the day. However as we are moving house soon and Leeds & Holbeck want £5K ERC I am sure Zoot's advice and example letters will be invaluable. Will keep y'all posted,cheers Zoot. Ed
  7. Presuming Ed


    Hi, I am trying to claim back bank charges for my mother-in-law. I have typed the letters for her and she has signed them and provided the £10 Data Protection Act cheques. My question is: When it gets to the moneyclaim stage do I begin the action in her name, which will mean that she may have to go to court (which she won't do), or is there some way of me filing the action in my name but on her behalf,so that I may attend court in her place? Thanks Ed
  8. Hi, sorry to nag but are you any closer to completing this guide? I am about to change mortage with 9 months still left on a 3 year tie-in and it's going to cost me 3 grand.
  9. Hi, I,m also waiting to take on the Abbey for charges to a business account. However I cannot start yet until I know the laws/statutes etc to quote on the moneyclaim form, as the ones used for a personal account claim relate to consumer law and not business law. I have asked the question on this site but have had no reply. Ed
  10. Thanks, I hope so. It's not a large claim but its against Abbey whom I hate so I would even claim back a tenner.
  11. I will not say good luck and you do not need to cross your fingers. It is your money and they have taken it unlawfully, which is why they never go to court. Stick to the timescales, do not allow yourself to be diverted and THEY WILL PAY Any help just ask
  12. Hi, statements arrived after about a week and are comprehensive to say the least. Don't make the mistake I made and only claim "excess overdraft fees" the items called "overdraft fee" are not fees for overdrafts but another excess overdraft fee. ie disproportionate penalties add them together and claim both. But don't worry FD are one of the easier banks and tend to play by the rules. Just stick to the time-scales given on this site don't allow Mr Kernahan to derail you. You will probably end up having to fill in a moneyclaim online in order to get them to listen to you. This is however a peice of cake. When DG solicitors (HSBC in-house-solicitors) offer half tell them you will do so as a down payment and will be continuing your claim. THEY WILL (AND DO) PAY And don't forget it's your money and they have taken it unlawfully. Stick with the program, any help, reassurance just ask. Ed
  13. God, if only they were that intelligent, they continue charging and thus leaving themselves open to future claims in which they will end up paying 8% + court costs.
  14. Hi, just ignore him and stick to the timescales, when their time is up fill in a moneyclaim online, really easy, HSBC solicitors (DG solicitotrs) will tell you that they are defending the claim, then they will offer you 50-60%. Tell them that you acccept this as a downpayment and will be continuing with the claim. They will pay up. This will cost them the 8% interest and your court fees over and above the initial claim, but they think that we aint got the bottle to fill in a simple on-line form. How wrong are they. Stick with the program soldier. They will pay
  15. Hi, I need the legal blurb to put in a moneyclaim form as applicable to a business account. I can only find the consumer version in the libraries If the laws I need to quote are the same then that's fine but I don't want to cock it up at this stage by quoting the wrong statutes etc. Thanks Ed
  16. I have just got DG solicitors to agree to pay in full, but have realised that I have made a mistake. Because of the ambiguous way my First Direct statements are worded, I have seriously undercharged. I will explain: Just about every month I have "overdraft fee £30" in addition to this I often have.."excess overdraft fee £65" (or more) I thought that the £30 were what they said ie a fee for having an overdraft and so have only claimed back the "excess overdraft fees. I have now discovered that FD overdrafts are "free" and that the £30s are in fact an excess overdraft fee. The larger amount is a further penalty which varies depending on the amount overdrawn and the time overdrawn. I am at the stage of having to sign DG,s form to accept the refund in full and final settlement. Which I take it means that I will not then be able to claim the remaining penalties. Should I put it down to experience and just take what I claimed £900, or can I withdraw the claim and file a new one for the full ammount £3000 (guess) Please advise.
  17. It is now well over 40 days since I sent the DPA letter (signed for). My £10 cheque has not been cashed nor have I received anything from them. As this relates to a business account I sent the letter to the address in Newport on my statements. I do have all of my statements so will now proceed to the second letter. I would very much like to formally complain to the data protection people and was wondering how I should go about this? Ed:-x
  18. Hi, I sent my Data Protection Act letter to my branch manager by recorded delivery, as I could not find any other suitable HSBC addresses. They cashed my cheque straight away and a couple of weeks later sent me some copy statements. They enclosed neither any kind of reply nor everything they have on their systems about me as they should have done under the DPA request. I already had all my statements anyway so know how much I will be claiming back (£250) My question is: as it now over 40 days and they have not complied in full with the DPA request should I formally complain to the DP powers that be. It is their reluctance to publish their contact details that forced me to send it to some edited at the branch. Ed
  19. As expected have now received standard letter saying basically... sod off. Will send LBA on monday.
  20. Had £10 DPA cheque returned as not needed, life story arrived a few days later. I calculate that they owe me around £900. Have now sent second letter and am now awaiting their reply.
  21. Hi, Watching also. Am just about to claim £200+ from grabitall one. I worry about putting exact amounts as no doubt the banks read these posts and can indentify individuals and pre-empt their actions.
  22. I have recently sent the DPA letters to First Direct, Capital One, Shabby, MBNA (Alliance & Leicester) and Egg. Thus far First Direct have returned my cheque and said that there will be no charge for the information (though no sign of data yet). Alliance and Leicester have asked me to ring then, obviously I will not, but do I need to write and tell them that the 40 days is ticking and I will not be phoning?
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