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  1. just sent letters off to my MP Good Luck everyone
  2. have sent letter to all the MP's local and Angela clark. its really easy to do using the above links, whether they actually get to see them is another thing. But I have tried
  3. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/108220-fsa-review-waiver.html this is a great thread, and has a brilliant letter which you can adapt and send, if we all send it, it may turn things back in our favour (one voice multiplied). HEE HEE someone has to have ken I suppose, mine is Angela clark
  4. If you want to write to your MP to ask for their intervention to try and get the waiver the FSA put in place revoked or to try and get them in our corner, this website will be able to tell you who your local MP is. I am sending them a letter (adapted from a letter in one of the threads in the general forum) I am also enclosing a couple of articles that I came across from Andrew George MP and Lib Dem MP Matthew Taylor who are on our side with regards to the unlawful bank charges Who is your MP? www.WriteToThem.com Find out who your MP is and write to them, for free
  5. I did wonder to be honest if they would try and wriggle out of settling claims if you had already rejected their offer. PM leecabs as I have read that Abbey have agreed to his acceptance of an offer they made him before the test case announcement which he had previously declined. If you don’t get any joy from Asshurts, try contacting Abbey direct on 0845 6022 631 and ask them what the position is on deals they previously offered which claimants rejected.
  6. jules1973

    kev v abbey

    Kev What does the letter say then, for your wife to say its a really nasty letter? don’t know if its the norm as when Melissa got her defence she just had a one liner stating that they were enclosing a copy of their defence. What gets me is on the Abbey automated service it states that they OFT and the banks asked for the court case (yeah right, like the banks were going to ask for that to happen) and say that if you have registered a court claim against them they will write and ask for the claim to be put on hold and will be writing to customers within the next few weeks to tell them what is happening re their case (sneaky so and so’s will write to you telling you they will honour any offer they made to you probably right near the date when the 2 months is up so you have to make the decision there and then). My request to have my claim set aside is already typed up , just waiting on the expected order from the court to come through the post to say it has been stayed. Letter has already been written and is ready to be posted to my local mp as well, complaining that the blanket stay and FSA waiver is against our Human Rights Must admit though, I am willing to pay the £35.00 to submit the N244, but don’t expect the judge to have the stay set aside, as I figure that if the judge was going to lift the stay, he wouldn’t of took it upon himself to put the stay on my claim in the first place, but at least I can say we tried everything, and left no stone unturned.
  7. Stonedecroze Lets hope you are right, that would politely mean us sticking 2 digits up at the banks, and bring the balance of scales back to being fair for both sides.
  8. stonedecroze has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - OFT v Banks - **Don't panic!!!** - in the General forum of The Consumer Forums. This thread is located at: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/108091-oft-banks-dont-panic-new-post.html Here is the message that has just been posted: *************** Phoned court this morning and was told Halifax acknowledged my N1, but case stayed. Whent down to to see them, but nothing that I can do untill I hear officialy from Court. Then will apply so have it set aside. Nice ladies there said good chance of that, depending on Judge. So don`t give up everyone, keep on going, chipping away at them. they will collapse eventualy (END QUOTE) there is also a good letter on this thread which people could adapt to send to their MP. This is a good thread to keep an eye on.
  9. we have been told by the clerk that my case is probaby going to be stayed, so we will be sending the request to have it set aside. question: in part C, apart from the above, does anyone think it would be worth sending a list of all previous Abbey cases that were settled, along with a note stating that I have tried on numerous occasions prior to court action to get them to settle and they either refused or ignored my request to enter into negotiations.
  10. jules1973

    New User

    who knows, a lot of people that attended a Case management hearing a few weeks ago at Southend are having their's reviewed again and may even have a stay put on them. have a look at the bank templates library, their is a new document Application for removal of stay - just incase they stay your case.
  11. *************** No decision on bank charges before 2008 - Times Online (http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/money/consumer_affairs/article2175828.ece) if you have subscribed already, I strongly recommend subscribing to http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/107548-office-fair-trading-test-new-post.html
  12. it is SOOOOOOO frustrating that it seems loads of courts are carrying on as normal except courts in Essex. Ruddy Essex people.
  13. useful thread for people to have a look at http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/17065-application-removal-stay-
  14. I know what you mean, Abbey couldnt even be bothered to change one persons defence from HIM to Her, how insulting. as a start try looking at teh following thread for some inspiration. but as Glenn rightly said lets try and adapt it as if we wrote it, adding anything else we feel appropriate. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/17065-application-removal-stay-
  15. This is well worth looking http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/17065-application-removal-stay- Well done Gary on such a good letter yet again:D
  16. I would pay to see abbey shamed on the TV with the baliffs going in.
  17. Glenn I don’t think people would of used the letter as a template per se, they would of adapted it to their needs so Judge Dudley wasn’t reading the same stuff over and over again. Also, some people are either not very good letter writers or know where to start, or are worried about writing the wrong thing or not putting all the facts in. (me included). Sometimes, people just need pointing in the right direction then the words will just start flowing. Just a suggestion then, maybe we could all write our own individual letters objecting to the stay on our claims, but if someone with knowledge of the court system/law could list salient points that we would need to include in our letter, then people can research and elaborate on them, making hundreds of individual letters but all driving home the same vital facts. (one voice multiplied). Thanks though for all your advice, as you have been through this before, its something we can all take on board. Julie
  18. Leecabs Has it be established yet if they are still willing to honour an offer to settle a court claim that they have made before the OFT announcement if you have already refused it either by letter or email to Ashurst?
  19. jules1973

    ICY -v- Abbey

    ICY I think the whole of the Abbey forum is behind you and wishes you luck. This is one case I would definitely love to see a happy ending to. You truly deserve it.
  20. signed it. only 9 signatures so far though.
  21. Has anyone actually had an official letter from Southend Court to say that Judge Dudley has stayed their claim. if so, can you post it up so everyone can see it. Thanks having read quite a few diff threads today, seems lots of the judges from different courts are talking amongst themeselves and they are not staying the cases, if the banks want a stay they have to put up a good arguement, why cant Judge Dudley see what other courts are doing before he makes a final decision on staying all current claims.
  22. The following petition has been put on the government website We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Ensure UK citizens have the right to recapture illegal bank charges up until the day a UK court find them legal. More details Petition to: Ensure UK citizens have the right to recapture illegal bank charges up until the day a UK court find them legal.
  23. The following petition has been put on the government website We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Ensure UK citizens have the right to recapture illegal bank charges up until the day a UK court find them legal. More details Petition to: Ensure UK citizens have the right to recapture illegal bank charges up until the day a UK court find them legal.
  24. I agree, does anyone know of any MP's that are on our side? I know there is a lim dem one which i could probably find out details on, but dont know of any Labour ones that are looking out for us, I really think that Kinc has come up with a good idea, that may just help this huge and worthwhile cause.
  25. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/108233-bank-charges-consumer-charter.html Well worth a look, also i suggest looking the www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general section as there is lots of interesting threads relating to the OFT Test Case.
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