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  1. Hi received a letter this morning from Abbey Bradford and wondered if anyone else had received it? and if so, how long after did you receive your a list of your charges prior to 2004. Our Ref ....... Account Number ........... I now enclose a summary of charges debited from your account which covers all charges going back to January 2004. blah blah blah I apologise for the delay in sending you the info you requested and thank you for your patience. We are working hard to provide customers with the information requested on a timely basis by introducing new processes and systems. In view of your delay, we will refund your account with the £10.00 original fee charged. If your account was opened before January 2004 details of charges for this period will follow as soon as possible. ..........Are Abbey now trying a different approach? Must admit it is a bit of a shock dont you think when you receive the stuff and realise just how much you have spent and how much they have taken.:o
  2. I wished mine would get to the first stage of sending our the prelim letter, I am not the most patience person in the world, and I am sick to death of Abbey already. I cannot believe they leave it to the last minute to send the statements out, they would be less stressed out if they did them asap. Looks like I will be sending them a letter on tuesday giving them another 7 days arrhhh. I am so glad I moved my mortgate from Abbey last year, dont want them profiting from me anymore. Good Luck Louis with your case.
  3. Abbey's latest trick is when you ring them to find out where your 2001-2005 statements are and quote "you only have 40 days to respond and your time is nearly up" their latest tactic is to tell you that the 40 days starts from when they receive the request from the Bradford Branch. Our SAR was delivered by recorded delivery on 13th March, and they had the request from Bradford Abbey on 02/07/07. when the OH stated that it was requested by us on 13th and their time was up on the 22nd she sarcastically said "we dont deliver post on Sundays", she sounded war beaten, and reckon they are working 24hrs aday to cope with the influx of claims that have been occuring over the past 2-3 months. (Who's fault is that then abbey!) Looks like if they havent arrived by tuesday (will get them an extra day, as I am a nice person) then will send them a letter giving them 7 days otherwise, looks like I will be reporting them/or taking them to court. Happy Days!!!!!
  4. Louis Wu, you are probably right. Hubbie tried ringing her direct line today and it goes straight onto voice mail. Apparantly she is off until tomorrow. I am hoping that my statements from 2001 - 2005 should be here soon as they cashed my cheque today and the 40 day deadline ends this sunday. Out of the the banks we could of chosen to take care of our money, and we had to chose the one bank that loves taking it to the wire. A friend banks with Halifax, and they only had to go as far as the LBA and they coughed up everything. Guess they are not called shabby for nothing!!!!!
  5. Senior Person in Abbey Data Protection Dept Hope this helps people who are still waiting on their bank statements (if like me, you are still waiting on the microfiche section of your statements. and the 40 day deadline is nearly up. This evening I spoke to a kind man called Peter in the compliance department and he said the most senior person to speak to is Debbie Waghorn regarding data protection issues. Her direct no is 01908 344381. She is normally there from 8:45am till around 7pm to cope with the backlog of requests.
  6. hope this helps people who like me are still waiting for Shabby to send them their microfiche statements (there 40 day deadline for me ends 22nd april) . I spoke to a man tonight called peter who said the most senior person to speak to in the DPA Dept is Debbie Waghorn . Her Direct number is 01908 344 381. She is normally there from 08:45 till 7pm trying to catch up on the backlog.
  7. I sent the request for a list of bank charges to the Data Protection Manager (recorded delivery & marked private and confidential), which arrived at their office on 13th March. I havent heard anything yet from them. I am a little concerned as they havent even cashed the £10.00 chq yet that I sent with the letter (they only have 18 days left to respond). Can someone tell me what the average waiting time is before you receive the comprehensive lift of charges. thanks.
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