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  1. Good Luck Lee, Hope it all goes well, especially with a little one on the way, money would come in right handy. (ps do you know what you are having?)
  2. Hear hear totally agree, maybe my complaint is in their ever growing mountain of paperwork.
  3. Well done on your achievements so far, I am still waiting on them to acknowledge the complaint I sent.
  4. I agree with Perseus, it needs tweaking.
  5. How is this waiver helping us exactly???? ever think they are now backpeddling and fast? I look forward to their response to you now.
  6. No offence taken, I am on the same side as you, I just think there has just been too much negativity from some people on here and it diviated away from what we were all discussing and were hoping to achieve. I wish that before the charter was put up on the website for people to sign, that everyone was able to have a say and completely agree on what to put. Because of one point that is on there, I refuse to sign it.
  7. Hi lee Most of us look at the general forum now.
  8. Didnt want to go to far in the future, didnt want to see myself too old
  9. I have an idea, To stop all the bitching that is going on, why dont we all just agree to differ on the point that is being raised about the £5.00 charge. I am getting sick and tired of all the bitching and its starting to get personal now. Lets just try and find some neutral ground and move on, we are playing right into the banks hands by internal fighting, not good. if you want to sign, then sign, if you dont then dont.
  10. Sorry, for a minute I thought you had put Flydale and not Ryedale, made me think of a little blue box (oh how we could do with that at the moment). keep up the good work, good to see that people are emailing and the MP's are responding. I have sent a follow up email to Andrew Duff MEP (he contacted me last week) he has read the email, just waiting on response.
  11. I just hope that at the end of it, it doesnt matter who says they were right, that the outcome goes in everyone's favour. (Where's the doctor and his tardis when you need him), I only want to go into the future by a few months
  12. I guess this is going to be one debate where everyone will never agree on.
  13. typical government lets tread lightly so as to not upset the applecart.
  14. there is a batch of cases being heard by a judge at thanet CC on tuesday, if they are successful in getting the stay lifted, then we will apply wednesday to have ours done at Southend. Rose, not sure where about's the vale is??? We live near cherrydown vets, I can see the train station and trafford house from my house. hope the BBQ went well.
  15. A batch of cases are going before a judge at thanet CC on tuesday (they all asked for the stays to be set aside using the template on this site), hubby said if they are successful he will drive to Southend on Wednesday and ask for us to be lifted.
  16. i agree with muggy1, the banks should not be making a penny from our charges (therefore I dont agree with a £5.00 charge), they should charge us exactly what it cost them, and not a penny more. they are either lawful or unlawful, they should not make a profit at our expense.
  17. I agree, if we allow them to have the £5.00 mark up then it will creep up again and again and we will be back to where we are now. It should be taken out as the banks should not even be making a 1p profit. they should be charging us the pennies that it costs them each time and no more. I hope there are more of us that feel this way,
  18. Hi Rose OMG you live literally up the road from us, we live near woodlands school. have you seen the bank charter in the general forum, I agree with most of it apart from point one. I dont think the banks should make 1p profit from our charges (martin lewis is proposing a charge of £5.00), by doing this we are basically saying they can make a profit but not a very large one, totally undermines what we have put in our POC's.
  19. lets hope the powers that be listen and change the charter again
  20. Hear hear, I really do hope that lots of others will agree with us and they will amend point one to the fact that the banks can only charge us what it costs them for our breaches.
  21. I agree with some of the other points on the charter but i really do hope they dont go with point 1. It feels like we are backing down and we are not. Our case has been that theya re unlawful and should not be making a profit, now we are basically telling them its okay to make a profit but only a small one.
  22. I dont agree with point 1 I think the banks should only be allowed to charge us the pennies it costs. but capped at £5.00 should they try and justify that their admin costs have gone up. In my letters to the MP's I also aksed that if the waiver was to remain in place, then the banks should be stopped from applying more charges to our accounts whilst the test case is running.
  23. I agree, if we allow them to have the £5.00 mark up then it will creep up again and again and we will be back to where we are now. It should be taken out as the banks should not even be making a 1p profit. they should be charging us the pennies that it costs them each time and no more.
  24. thanks LS123 is there any specific reason why you will consider the barclyacard one and not the abbey one? If a few people are going to do it, I may be able to persuade hubby to change his mind.
  25. I am interested to know, is anyone going to apply to Judge Dudley to have their stay lifted???????
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