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  1. if both the judge and the Court of Appeal have dismissed the banks views, then you would think they would give up, give everyone their money back, so we can all spend it (that would certainly help the current economy). I hope that if they do appeal , that the Lords agree with what we all know too be true (and so it seem so does the Court of appeal/original Judge), that the banks have held onto our money for far too long and now is the perfect time to hand it back. Most people will only just put it straight back into their bank accounts, so the banks cant lose really.
  2. Well done on getting your money back, I was shocked to read it, as I honestly thought that Abbey would not negotiate with anyone other than the hardship cases. Well done again, and I hope you enjoy spending your money. Hopefully this will be a sign of good things to come.
  3. I have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that the banks will win the appeal, then they will be able to charge what they like.
  4. this is on the BBC website BBC NEWS | Business | Banks may challenge charges case
  5. Hi hugo, Glad to see you are still around. Hopefully we will all win before the end of the year, and this site will get a well earned influx of cash from everyone.
  6. Hi Snail Welcome, hope you find this site useful, we are a friendly bunch xx
  7. I know, I was biting my nails this morning waiting for the verdict. Heres to round 2. Go get them OFT.
  8. I really don't think they will appeal, they are struggling enough to get people to bank with them, what with the credit crunch, so if they look like the good guys and pay out, they might think we will plough the money back into their coffers. (fingers crossed I am right).
  9. Bet the banks wished they hadnt taken this to court now (but then I guess they did earn interest on all OUR MONEY whilst the cases were held in the court system). Only have to wait a bit longer till May 22 when they have the chance to appeal), here's hoping they dont. When we all get our money, lets not forget all that this site has done for us all, and give a bit back to this website.
  10. Right then everyone, where we all going on holiday courtesy of the banks and the 8% interest. (all being, that they dont appeal),
  11. I so hope that they dont appeal, I guess that will hopefully thrash out a deal behind closed doors where they can agree on say £1.00 per charge and we all get lovely fat cheques sitting on our mats within the next few weeks.
  12. I have replied back to him asking him to write on my behalf, I also sent him the email I had received from Andrew Duff MEP, who also said that he was going to write to the FSA and ask them their reasoning behind the waiver. Hopefully, I should hear back from one of them.
  13. These are the responses I had back from the OFT, having sent the letter from this site. (sorry it wont copy them over for some reason and they are too long too write). In a nutshell they gave me the basic blah blah blah about why the test case was carried out and the waiver etc. I then wrote and said it didnt answer my questions, and why was the banks allowed to continue charging their penalty charges whilst we were unable to continue with our claims, and how unfair and one sided it was etc etc. and Mr Howards response was "The consumer panel believes that the issue of bank charges during the interim period is one of the questions that should be addressed during the FSA's review of the waiver at the end of September. The panel will be consulted by the FSA as part of the review process and we will carefully consider the position of consumers faced with continuing to have charges levied whilst being unable to proceed with their court cases. Of course if the test case finds that the charges are unlawful, consumers will be able to ask for repayment of all unauthorised OD charges, including those levied during the period since the test case was announced"
  14. I actually received a response from an MEP that wishes to help. Dear xxxxxxx Thank you for your email dated 6th August 2007, addressed to Jeffrey Titford MEP. Mr Titford has asked me to reply on his behalf. May I firstly apologise for taking a while to reply but we have had a very large postbag and your email arrived during the holiday season, when we were short staffed. However, I have now read your email with great interest and can certainly understand your frustrations. We would certainly be willing to write to the Chief Executive of the Financial Services Authority, on your behalf, to point out to them the misery that they are causing. Before doing that, I would be very interested to know if any of the other politicians that you wrote to at the same time, have done the same thing. Naturally, we are anxious to avoid duplication. Equally, if there have been any further developments as a result of the activities of the other MEPs, it would be useful to know the details. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely Stuart Gulleford Political Advisor to Jeffrey Titford MEP
  15. Well done to the pair of you, good to see the media is still taking interest
  16. He obvioulsy thought he was being smart, but people who use aliases always get caught out.
  17. Hi Westy, good luck with the hearing on 17th, cant wait to hear what the outcome is.
  18. I totally agree with bearing, look at when they tried to charge us £1.50-£1.75 for using our linkcards, one bank said they wouldnt do it because we all complained about it then they all decided not to, this will probably happen with the threat of free banking.
  19. I remember b4 Santander took over Abbey, sometimes when we went over drawn the would write to us and tell us we had gone overdrawn but they wouldnt charge us this time (this happened a couple of times), but since they took over they never did this again and we went OD a couple of times by 17p and got hit with £50.00 charge, does this make me irresponsible mr DonkeyKong or does this make the banks greedy????? I know what i think.
  20. Itsnt it amazing how one person can really get under your skin just by their comments, there was absolutley no need to come on here and say what they did, it is not constructive just damm right rude. He must be one in a small minority that has never gone over drawn in his life, never been paid by cheque and have such a brilliant memory that they have never forgotten when a direct debit is due out. Nowdays you mave to have DD's otherwise companies charge you for sending them a cheque etc, so we all tend to have so many coming out each month that occasionally we forget about one and go overdrawn. If banks/companies stopped trying to make so much profit, we wouldnt be in this situation.
  21. I see DK hasnt come back to defend their post No-one chooses to go over drawn, life throws unexpected things at us and unfortunately our finances take a beating, it doesnt make us irresponsible, its just the way it goes. No one asks to be ill, made redundant, get pregnant, buy a house etc etc but we do and sometimes it involves us going overdrawn. Obviously DCK doesnt have a mortgage, family to feed, life...... We are all just trying to get back what was wrongfully taken which is no more than we all deserve. DK obviously knew what would happen when he posted his rant, and threw his toys out the pram. Obviously his world was so perfect, and now his bubble has burst as he will now have to pay his way in life. I for one would be prepared to pay a very small amount a month to use/have a bank account, but am not prepared to pay extortiant amounts for going a couple of pence over my OD limit.
  22. Well done, well written, too the point and such a good idea, shame the cameras were not there to see it.
  23. You are good, we didnt find out on our first, but did on the second. More so because my son wanted a brother and got his wish.
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