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  1. by the way - sorry I didnt respond to your earlier question - have only just logged onto site for a while, and didnt get any notifications of additional posts. just read back all new posts with advice - think am gonna be on here a lot soon tho!
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! any help you could give me would be appreciated. Am filing at small claims as soon as the 2 week deadline I give them expires - want to rack up the costs and see them in court did they go, and give up, or was it found against them? mine is quite a simple case I think, but the more info I have, the better. am planning to drum up some publicity for the case too.
  3. Hi Robert - Cant offer much advice yet - just share your pain!! I too have been ripped off by Fasthosts Scams!! Same story - card details changed, automated email saying payment didnt go through, several attempts to change details failed due to their site, then money taken from acount without my authorisation. Account suspended as I contested with bank, tried to close account this week, and they wont allow me cos want to charge me £60 for contesting initial unfair charges!! now they have a years money in advance for an account that I dont want and cant use as its suspended. Also have
  4. Hello - I have just been looking on the site while preparing to take on Fasthosts after problems with them. It seems to be the same old story - changed card details and got automated mail saying payment failed. repeatedly tried to change card details on their site, even mailing them to said have already done so, only to be ignored, then have £23.50 withdrawn from my account with no warning. Contested with my bank and had reversed, only for it to be taken again. changed card details again, to protect my account from them dipping their fingers in every 5 minutes, just in time by looks of it,
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