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  1. I've got a sample letter quoting that I can claim compensation challenging Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and supply of Goods and Service act... do I have a leg to stand on?
  2. HI Can anyone help. We gave our phone to Klick Photography with over 200 photos on as we were getting the phone picked up to be changed the same day. The worker put the photos onto a CD and printed a contact card showing photos. When got home, no photos. After numerous letters to Klick explaining loss of photos/memories, we got a voucher for £15. Can anyone help and let me know what I can do to get compensation?
  3. Thanks Michael I'll check that out! C
  4. I've recieved the following from the court regarding my claim with Barclays Bank. TAKE NOTICE that the DIRECTIONS HEARING will take place on 11 May 2007 at 12:20PM before District Judge Mort at Sheffield County Court, The Law courts, 50 West Bar, Sheffield, S3 8PH. When you should attend 10 MINUTES has been allowed for the DIRECTIONS HEARING. Please Note: This case may be released to another Judge, possibly at a different court XXXXX Can anyone help? Do I need to take any information with me to court? Craig.
  5. Hi Gary I've recieved a letter from the court following submitting my amendment to particulars of claim asking for a detailed summary of the charges. I've already send in the schedule of charges, so do i need to just submit these again? Craig.
  6. Thanks Gary I've just downloaded the forms from the website, so I'll submit tomorrow. Thanks for your help Craig.
  7. Exact copy from MCOL: Dear Sir/Madam Craig Smith?v- Barclays Bank PLC Date Issued: 27/02/2007 Please find enclosed a schedule of penalty charges taken from me by the defendant, along with interest claimed at the annual rate of 8% pursuant to section 69 of the County Court Act. The interest in addition to the amount in charges equates to the total amount of my claim, namely £2498.01. I respectfully request that the enclosed schedule should be attached to the particulars of my claim. Yours sincerely, Craig Smith
  8. I put exactly as in Post # 22. I didn't put any of the other text as detailed by Pkea in Post # 21
  9. Following your link it looks like I just used the template for sending the schedule of charges to the bank and not the full information as listed. Is this a problem?
  10. This is the information that I sent to Barclays and to the MCOL as an attachement along with my schedule of charges. C Barclays Bank PLC Freepost RLTA-CSUE-TCHC Head Office Customer Relations London E14 5HP Copy of claim & Schedule of charges Dear Sir/Madam Craig Smith–v- Barclays Bank PLC Claim No: 7QZ24963 Date Issued: 27/02/2007 Please find enclosed a schedule of penalty charges taken from me by the defendant, along with interest claimed at the annual rate of 8% pursuant to section 69 of the County Court Act. The interest in addition to the amount in charges equates to the total amount of my claim, namely £2498.01. I respectfully request that the enclosed schedule should be attached to the particulars of my claim. Yours sincerely,
  11. Further up in the post is the dates of letters sent and replies.
  12. Hope this is what you meant. The account number and sort code are at the top?
  13. CRAIG SMITHBARCLAYS BANK PLC20-**-**50******SCHEDULE OF CLAIM FOR CHARGESPERIOD: [18/05/2001] TO (20/09/2006)In Respect of:AmountDate IncurredDays since offenceInterest 8% APR UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0018/05/20012154£9.48UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0018/06/20012123£9.34UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0018/07/20012093£9.21UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0017/08/20012063£9.08UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0010/10/20012009£8.84UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0023/10/20011996£8.78UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0024/10/20011995£8.78UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0002/11/20011986£8.74UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0005/11/20011983£8.73UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0021/11/20011967£8.65UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0004/12/20011954£8.60UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0006/12/20011952£8.59UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0007/12/20011951£8.58UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0003/01/20021924£8.47UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0006/03/20021862£8.19UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0007/03/20021861£8.19UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0008/03/20021860£8.18UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0013/05/20021794£7.89UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0014/05/20021793£7.89UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0015/05/20021792£7.88UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0010/06/20021766£7.77UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0011/06/20021765£7.77UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0012/06/20021764£7.76UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0022/07/20021724£7.59UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0024/07/20021722£7.58UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0023/08/20021692£7.44UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0018/10/20021636£7.20UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0021/10/20021633£7.19UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0022/10/20021632£7.18UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0019/11/20021604£7.06UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0020/11/20021603£7.05UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0021/11/20021602£7.05UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0021/01/20031541£6.78UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0022/01/20031540£6.78UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0024/01/20031538£6.77UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0012/02/20031519£6.68UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0013/02/20031518£6.68UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0018/02/20031513£6.66UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0018/03/20031485£6.53UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0019/03/20031484£6.53UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0020/03/20031483£6.53UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0022/04/20031450£6.38UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0023/04/20031449£6.38UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0024/04/20031448£6.37UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0002/05/20031440£6.34UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0006/05/20031436£6.32UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0007/05/20031435£6.31UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0010/07/20031371£6.03UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0014/07/20031367£6.01UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0015/07/20031366£6.01UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0012/08/20031338£5.89UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0014/08/20031336£5.88UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0015/08/20031335£5.87UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0018/09/20031301£5.72UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0019/09/20031300£5.72UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£20.0024/09/20031295£5.70UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0013/11/20031245£6.85UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0018/11/20031240£6.82UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0019/11/20031239£6.81UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0010/12/20031218£6.70UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0011/12/20031217£6.69UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0005/01/20041192£6.56UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0006/01/20041191£6.55UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0007/01/20041190£6.55UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0025/03/20041112£6.12UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0029/06/20041016£5.59UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0030/06/20041015£5.58UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0001/07/20041014£5.58UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0016/09/2004937£5.15UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0017/09/2004936£5.15UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0015/10/2004908£4.99UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0010/11/2004882£4.85UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0015/11/2004877£4.82UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0018/11/2004874£4.81UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0006/12/2004856£4.71UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0010/01/2005821£4.52UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0011/01/2005820£4.51UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0014/04/2005727£4.00UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0009/05/2005702£3.86UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0006/07/2005644£3.54UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0007/07/2005643£3.54UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0026/07/2005624£3.43UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0008/11/2005519£2.85UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0009/11/2005518£2.85UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0025/11/2005502£2.76UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0020/02/2006415£2.28UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0022/02/2006413£2.27UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£25.0027/02/2006408£2.24UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE£30.0020/09/2006203£1.34£1,950.00£566.46£2,516.46
  14. I had statements in the first instance, but didn't complete a spreadsheet I just noted the amounts. So I asked for the statements again in Feb 07 13th October sent Bank Charges letter 18th October recieved reply saying sorry your not happy.... 8th Nov - they offered me £900 towards to cost which i declined 14th Nov - sorry i didn't accept the money, but they wont pay up 7th Feb - requested statements again to complete spreadsheet 27th Feb - filed with MCOL and copied them in with schedule 9th March - letter from them saying they will be looking at my complaint (I think they are starting the process again?) 28th March - another delay letter 3rd April - defence to the claim has been filed letter. That's it... don't know what to do next. The notice saying I should return an allocation questionaire has been crossed out. C
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