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  1. Hi All, A while since I have needed your help, here I am again! My wife purchased a car from Carcraft on finance 2 weeks ago, practically the day before they went into administration. The finance was approved via GMAC (Conditional Sale Agreement) and we drove the car away that evening having paid £100 deposit. Carcraft filled in the V5 listing my partner as the owner and told us they would send this off. Obviously we now know Carcraft have gone bust and have appointed Grant Thornton as administrators. Our assumption was the finance agreement would stand and that we would make our payments to GMAC. Today we had a phone call from a gentleman kindly telling us that GMAC didn`t pay Carcraft for the vehicle and that Carcraft also did not send back the V5 listing my partner as the new owner. We still have the other parts of the V5 listing my partner as the new owner. The gentleman told us he would be in contact in due course to collect the vehicle from us! Who owns the car? We have the V5 listing us as the new owner, Carcraft no longer exist, the finance company never entered into the contract with Carcraft, my own guess would be the administrators, Grant Thornton? Any advice would be hugely appreciated, my own feeling is to keep schtumm and wait for Grant Thornton to come after us which may be months off, hopefully we will be the bottom of a long list of creditors. Ta Dee.
  2. Hi A friend of mine is working at hsbc at present and has done so for about 7 months, not in the retail banking side but in a seperate part of the bank. He is pretty skint, needs to pay for his wedding and get out of the spiral of charges and getting overdrawn & paying more charges he is in right now. He understand & has read the FAQS. What he wants to know is how likely is he to be dismissed if he attempts to make a claim? Any other bank employees claimed and kept their jobs? Thanks everyone, what a great website & messageboard, such helpful people, thanks.
  3. Hi All, Thanks for all of the posts and info off all of you lovely people. I have read and understood the process now but I do have a question. Are there any people who work for HSBC or one of the other banks at present who have filed a successful campaign to a pay out and keep their job? I know someone who has worked for HSBC for about 7 months now (so they are not a "lifer") who has around £2100 to claim back off HSBC but are understandably nervous about losing their job as part of the process. Any advice from current or former HSBC or an bank employees having made successful claims and kept their jobs would be much appreciated.
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