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  1. Hi lively lad I think I need to contact you to move my thread to successful - it is kenzed1 vs lloyds I have reclaimed charges in full
  2. sorry I must be particularly thick, but how do I contact a moderator to move my thread when I have been successful:confused:
  3. have had success with Lloyds TSB but all without going to court. I am now concentrating on RBS. Have got all the dates of charges and amounts and done the letters. I am now looking into the court route - I am doing this for my son and he closed his account about 2 yrs ago because of the charges. I do not have any T&C's for his old account. Is this a problem when it comes to court.
  4. Just preparing details for court action and have received letter offering goodwill payment of full amount claimed - £160 for my sons claim. Only RBS to go now! Successes £520 for my daughter and £160 for my son £680 Total
  5. had sent last letter before going to court, have heard nothing at all about my sons claim that is at the same stage
  6. yes - I was a little confused but it is there in the account. Even with interest it didn't come to that
  7. am claiming for my son and daughter. Claimed for £390 for my daughter, have received £520 goodwill gesture. I think I will have to start court proceedings for my son.
  8. Hi all - new to site and still finding my way round Have sent final request to RBS before I commence Court Action. I heard somewhere that Payment Protection premiums that are added to a loan can be reclaimed - anybody know about this?
  9. Hi all, just finding my way around the site, I am finding it very helpful If LLoyds say they are not default charges - do I just carry on regardless claiming for default charges? I am just send my 3rd letter before starting Court proceedings. Any help appreciated
  10. I am in process of claiming from LTSB and RBS. As LTSB are saying that there charges are not default charges, do I carry on regardless or do I have to justify them as default charges. Help appreciated:confused:
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