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  1. Just a follow up on this to confirm that Brightside eventually came back with a result to my complaint refunding both their own £25 cancellation charge & the £25 that was charged by the actual insurer. As the insurer had not outlined any such charge in the documents I was supplied, coupled with the fact no correspondence was provided to me (as I requested via letter) of all charges & a breakdown etc they are now going to refund me my due outstanding balance I have overpaid them. What was just as annoying was within literally days of cancelling I receive a letter from their collections bureau team, which further added weight to my complaint especially when I was infact expecting a breakdown of their cancellation charges (which of course never arrived). But anyway thankfully all sorted out & didn't have to pay this fictitious extra charge.
  2. Thanks yeah I have emailed complaints (and also posted letter today) & I totally get what you mean with ref to the cooling off period. Although upon renewal the documents provided by Brightside on behalf of the actual insurer only consisted of a certificate of insurance, Statement of information & 2 documents basically going over what my insurance covers & exclusions etc. I have read ALL the small print and it is outlined in the statement of information cancellation within cooling period £25 (no mention of the £25 the actual insurer supposedly charges on top as I was advised) As @dx100uk stated also I'm now going to find out why I was not asked to sign a new agreement and for them to provide the Direct Debit mandate details. I certainly don't remember the direct debit I digitally signed (over 2 yrs ago) to be a continuous payment mandate. Unless I'm missing something on that one? At the end of the day it's £25, thankfully not huge amount but better in my bank than theirs & it's the principle of the fact this "extra charge" isn't mentioned on any documentation I was provided with - yet they throw it at you out of the blue! I'll update what the outcome to this is though. Thanks again ;-)
  3. All paperwork is digital, paper free within Brightside & Close Brothers. But you are correct actually there is no new finance agreement signed (Ive only signed one ) and no record of a DD mandate. I think I'm being to polite with this tbh and I'm contacting my bank to reimburse the full payment I've made. Thanks again mate @dx100UK ..I'll update on what outcome is
  4. cheers, yeah I'm thinking talking to these people is pointless, so I see your point. I'll see if I can find the DD mandate but as far as I know it was electronic via Close Brothers Finance (who offer the instalments)..I've logged into my Close Brothers account & no sight of the mandate although the agreement has been cancelled showing a zero balance owing. I won't bother with the manager, just gonna email customer relations directly & ask them to provide me with a DD mandate - if they can't I'll contact bank & reclaim
  5. Can I do that? I assumed they had a mandate (kinda auto renewed from previous year?..or am I wrong on that?).. I'm tempted to just say stuff em but I don't want some debt collection letter with the usual pathetic demands. I would rather get this resolved with them directly. I've also checked all the documents I was provided upon renewal (I can still access them within my online account), not one mention of a cancellation charge from the actual insurer, just the one from Brightview. The actual insurer is a company called Tansar & on checking their website they have a policy words booklet (http://www.tansar.co.uk/documents/policywordings/privatecar_v2.1.PDF which I certainly never received? The only docs I received were 3 docs which one was the certificate & the other two outline the cover of insurance, no information about cancellation charges. The last guy I spoke to at customer services said it will clearly outline that on Tansars website, but surely that should be provided to me among my docs, I shouldn't have to hunting on the insurers website? It's crazy..first I've ever heard of this with any insurance I've had. And this Tansar seems to have terrible ratings from what I've seen online too
  6. Hi, I've been with Brightside Car Insurance for last two years, however my auto renewal wasn't a great price but I was away working and I totally forgot to cancel in time & it was renewed. Luckily I got back within the 14 day cooling off period and called to cancel and asked how much I would be refunded from the first monthly payment taken via Direct Debit (£60)..I realised I would be charged the £25 cancellation fee & for number of days cover provided. The advisor said he could only cancel the policy and was unable to confirm the refund amount & I would have to call back once it was cancelled (the following day) altho he estimated approx £20 ish. However I called today and I was advised that I would actually owe them more money?... I was baffled and asked how & he explained that they as brokers charge a £25 admin fee and also my actual insurance company charge £25 also... I've never come across that before to be honest in the many years I've been driving?? The policy was auto renewed on the 11th January upon which they took payment of £60 the policy was cancelled on the 21st January. I have complained to Brightside & the advisor has arranged a manager to call me back (as no one was available at the time)..altho I'm not holding my breath as Brightside customer service is terrible if I'm honest..long, long waiting to be answered and the usual "robot approach" staff. Thankfully I didn't have to call them often but I was determined upon renewal I was leaving them (just a pity I didn't realise before it auto renewed) I've requested for Brightside to waive "one" of these charges as I really think it's ridiculous. Upon cancellation on the first call I was told I would be charged £25 cancellation & the days cover was provided ..nothing about the other cancellation charge? Has anyone else had a similar situation with two charges? Any help or advice appreciated.
  7. Yeah I agree, I was even surprised they just closed the accounts. Mind you my doctor's report was very intensive, not that should necessarily lead to this decision, but I gotta say I'm very happy with their decision (obviously) .,.took a weight off my mind for sure. The person who dealt with me was from a dedicated team I'm lead to believe and credit where credit is due she was very pleasant to deal with. @dx100uk yeah I get it won't change any score, my credit score / rating isn't as bad as I would expect it to be anyway, but I aint too bothered as won't be applying for any credit anytime soon anyway
  8. Hi, I have a question regarding my credit file & 4 Lowell accounts which were closed as a "goodwill gesture" due to my ongoing mental health illness. Due to them constantly contacting me via telephone and threatening letters, I contacted them first email to request they stop contacting me via my telephone and also to try and setup some kind of affordable repayment plan to clear these accounts. I also explained my health circumstances and my very low income. They requested I complete a income/expenditure and some proof of my illness. I replied with my doctor's report and explained I will send a income / expenditure form once I have some advice from the National Debtline. One of the accounts was being administered by BWLegal who had issued a warrant of control which Lowell advised would be stopped and they would take over the account. A few weeks later, Lowell wrote to me to explain all accounts have been closed and no further action will be taken to collect any outstanding amounts. (Although they didn't inform the bailiff who turned up at my door and left a card, but having spoken to him he is now aware the debt has been cancelled, so all good) Should all these closed accounts (all equal around £1500 combined) be updated as "closed" on my credit file? Obviously I realise defaults / and the 1 CCJ remain on file for 6 years, but should the other accounts be listed as closed rather than as still active with there outstanding balance? (which they presently are) Lowell closed the accounts about 6 weeks ago, which did surprise me but obviously took a weight of my mind. Due my present circumstances I obviously won't be applying for any credit etc for some time, so I'm not too bothered about my credit file status but I like to make sure information on it is kept up to date nonetheless. Any advice appreciated, thanks
  9. sorry I just noticed this reply - that's a great idea!n no losing out on any tax & probably less hassle, cheers @Gick
  10. Thanks all for help & confirmation ;-) Yep,we are doing it at end of month to avoid losing any days etc ..as no hurry for both of us, seems a plan
  11. Hi, Me & my brother are swapping cars, both cars are the same year & relatively the same value. We are simply swapping as his car is an estate and better for my large dog and my car better for him as his daughter (my niece) can only drive automatics and mine happens to be an auto. I'm just confirming the taxation side of things. I pay DD monthly on my car (so kind of runs from month to month) whereas my brother has paid for the full year upfront on his car. His car tax is paid up till May 2019 I'm planning on doing the transfer of ownership/sale online via DVLA website while I am at my brothers (he lives 30 miles away). I am assuming when I do the transfer online for both cars it will automatically cancel my tax DD with respect to my vehicle and as for my brothers car he will be refunded for his car tax for each clear month by the dvla ? We will then need to both re-tax the cars again from kinda scratch? Is this the correct procedure? To be honest I've never sold a car since the new car tax system. Obviously we will update our respective car insurance's at that time too. Thanks in advance ;-)
  12. Just to further update this post, Asda (as there name appears in the subject line) - have contacted me after being contacted by Origin. They are sending me a £30 gift card to cover the inconvenience caused and are removing all the cards with that wording on them to be removed from shelves in there stores immediately. Should anyone else have bought one of these gift cards over Xmas period, as I said in last post contact Origin complaints department and they will sort it out. If bought from Asda, don't bother going in Store as Customer Care have no idea how to refund you - as much as you can get refunded under the Sale By description - consumer rights act (as stated by BazzaS earlier in thread)
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. Ben from EA / Origin called me today and apologized that the card wording is incorrect and that they are contacting the card issuer FastCard to change the wording. Within the UK you cannot use these for Origin Access. I received the call as I escalated a complaint that the webchat support were not very helpful in resolving this. As goodwill Ben activated 3 months Origin Access free and the card amount untouched allowing my nephew to use this on something else within the store. Origin are aware of the issue from what i gather (im probably not the only one who has complained) but to be fair on them they were very quick in resolving this and Ben from EA apologized for all inconvenienced caused. Obviously should anyone else have issues with these cards, my advice is to contact Origin Customer Care as its clear they know about the issue.
  14. I recently bought a Origin Gaming Gift Card for my young nephew who is new to PC gaming. I bought it on the assumption that he (only being 8 years old) could activate Origins / EA games subscription service "Origin Access" which allows him to access a selection of EA games for a monthly fee of £3.99 I bought the card from a local Asda and thought it a great gift considering it stated clearly on the front of the card: " use this card for digital purchases - including full games, dlc & origin access subscription - no credit card required " (the key points of purchase being no credit card required and it can be used for Origin Access subscription) you cannot use these cards to buy Origin Access, even though the wording on the front clearly states you can. Upon speaking to Origin via webchat they stated that the card could not possibly have that wording on the cards as you cannot (nor have you ever been able to) use the gift cards for Origin access as its a subscription based service. However Asda (my local store) is selling a pile of them with them , all indicating you can use the cards for Origin Access - and this is in bold print on the actual cards themselves (not a Asda label, but actually printed clearly on the cards) Just a word of warning to anyone who buys these cards thinking like I did to use with Origin Access subscription, please do not buy them! As once you scratch the panel and enter the code on your Origin account, bang goes your refund, which is pretty annoying. Obviously you can use the gift card amount to buy a game etc but once again be careful with this one, as if the game exceeds the amount of the "gift" the extra you need to pay becomes a real headache as you dont get an option to pay the rest with a credit card etc.. well not without jumping through hoops & errors. I am in contact with both Asda and Origin at the moment, even sending photos of the card with the wording on it (as Origin need proof of the wording on the cards) To be fair, the card I purchased wasn't for a great deal of money and I wont be losing any sleep over it, although the principle of the matter is I bought the gift card on the assumption it could be used for Origin Access - when clearly it cannot be used for that !! Origin's attitude is pretty unapologetic and all they seem to be saying is you can still use the card to buy a game from us . Im pretty shocked a company the size of Electronic Arts (or Origin their kinda PC gaming subsidiary) are selling these cards with false information clearly printed on the front . I've contacted Asda regarding this too as in effect as the retailer they have some responsibility here be warned, dont buy Origin Gift Cards for Origin Access for use in the UK as your in for a big disappointment.
  15. Just an update - good news, within my dispute I added the further information outlining the incorrect information provided by their support team / and included the fact that PlayStation confirmed the selling of games via an account is in violation of their terms of service ( big thanks to FootballPlayer for pointing out the "sharing account"), and g4k have refunded me fully back to my debit card, so it wasn't necessary to take it to Paypal to resolve thankfully. Although I will be replacing the game from a more reputable source for my son now, if anyone decides against my advice and orders a PS4 game from this company (not recommended due to PS4 terms of service) .. do atleast delete the account provided by them after activation etc.. Anyway, all sorted now - hopefully it'll help others who have stumbled across this company. Atleast they did refund me, albeit you will need to be persistent and they did turn down my first request for refund.
  16. I think you have hit the nail on the head FootballPlayer, and may have found the answer to why this was banned. I have just spoke to my son and asked him did he follow the activation instructions exactly as outlined on their website. He said yes totally and he said he even sent a support ticket to clarify whether to delete or keep the bought account on the console as secondary as he was unsure. I logged in to check his support ticket and sure enough he did and was advised to keep the account as a secondary account and not to delete it. This is a screenshot of his enquiry here: (sensitive details removed) https://www.dropbox.com/s/jixlu2vu62n6jlu/gk4%20support.jpg?dl=0?raw=1 I think you have just answered why the game was banned on Playstation
  17. Can I first say.. interesting device :0).. pity it about the annoying faults though Im not an expert (Im sure more experienced will come along soon, but I believe you should have little issue getting chaargeback, although the postage costs I am not too sure about tbh You will need to return at your own costs unless you can get the company to pay. Once returned and you have proof of posting, I would imagine the credit card company could then action a chargeback. I can imagine its so expensive to return considering its China based. Good luck, hope it gets sorted ;0)
  18. Yeah I wish I did know how it worked (I kinda do now though lol) Pasrt of me could of killed my son, cos he is kinda well into PlayStaion, I kinda thought he would of known, but he didnt either. The actual account which was provided included the login email / password & date of birth (obvioulsy just made up) and was added as a secondary account - using the activation method you have to follow: (taken from gk4.me website) 1. Login to the received account 2. To activate the account set it to primary account (Select [PSN] > [Activate as Your Primary PS4] > [Activate].) Be sure to put the received account to primary account 3. Go to downloadlist and download the game 4. After download log off and login to your own account 5. Set your own account back to primary account, set the GK account as secondary 6. Play the game on your own old account Unfortunately the login email (a yahoo email) I am unable to login, it immediately asks me to verify my location/and I am the account holder by wanting to send a text to a mobile number already set up in their access security. So cant access the bought account email inbox at all. Obvioulsy I can access my sons main / primary account in my name, but that obviously has nothing to do with this secondary bought account.
  19. Hi, Last October my 14 yr old son was after a new game for his PS4. He found a website called G4k.me. As he wanted to pay with my Paypal he showed me the game on the site etc (as I always double check with him using my Paypal), Thing was I was on way to work, quick glance website seemed fine and said ok get it ordered. I later asked if he got game and he said yeah they send an PS4 account with the game on and I just login. Fair enough I thought seemed an odd set up but as Im not a PS4 user i thought maybe thats how it works with online purchase and company "seemed" legitimate enough. But I was a little confused he needed a new "account with the game on" The game activated fine and loaded ok etc - my son followed the activation instructions at the website. As I work away and upon my return, some 2 month later my son tells me the account just came up banned / suspended for no reason when he went to login. I kinda know my son well enough to know, he pretty sensible and wouldn't do anything to cause a ban on this extra account. He been on Playstation years with no issues at all. So as I had details of the account, emailed Playstation and queried. They advised contacting G4k.me . So I emailed their support and after many open support tickets (as they never replied) I got a response that they do not deal with banned accounts. Called PlayStation support and they said they can email reason to the account email but cant discuss on phone. But the email attached to this account is locked and cant be accessed, so basically I am stuffed. £25 lost basically. I have raised a Paypal dispute, although at this stage purely with g4k.me - hasn't escalated to Paypal as yet. Although g4k refused refund, so next step is escalating to Paypal. I may also contact my bank, its my debit card which funds Paypal. Since my dealings with this company I have searched the internet and found numerous similar situations, particularly with PS4 games. The company Facebook page is full of complaints with the exact same issue I have, as well as review websites. Its seems so many people with exact same issue to be more than just coincidence to me From what I have learned this company opens a PS4 account, buys game and then sells on, however they then charge-back the payment (which takes about two weeks so I hear to take effect) and as a result your purchased game & account are banned. A very clever money making racket from what I have read...Mind you I don't know exactly how they but these games and sell on so cheap or if a "middleman" is involved. Obviously, In hindsight, I wish i checked them out properly before my son bought it, but hey hoo.. was in rush etc.. At the end of the day its £25 - not end of world, lesson learned.... but just how many people have lost money with this company?? Just a warning to others, my advice stay well away from this company..
  20. Just a quick update regarding this unlocking company. I believe in fairness, when a company does wrong or have terrible service, I highlight it to others. The same applies if they do something right, and although the service overall has been awful and they really need to change the pricing/ buying info before purchase, I can confirm officialiphoneunlock.co.uk refunded me the £24.99. Whether that was due to me approaching Trading Standards or threatening chargeback, I don't really know. Perhaps they are trying to clean up there act? Who knows, but at the very least I got my money back
  21. Hi, Having been a Three customer for many many years, my experience has been the opposite - but if I am honest it depends on the relationship you have with your local Three Store. The guys at my Store always bend over backwards to help me, usually ring CS on my behalf and deal with any other issues I have. It's the main reason I have stayed so long with Three, as there telephone customer service if I am honest is appalling, even the guys in the Store agree. I would personally return the Store and be firm and explain that they should offer you assistance with Sony or for Three to act on your behalf. Failing that as the above poster stated email the CEOs office. I used to buy Sony phones but like you - sending your phone to them etc and the calls was a pain. I moved to an Apple iPhone and atleast if it goes wrong in its warranty period, I call at Three who refer me to the apple store and 90% of time they replace the phone there and then. Expensive iPhones are, I like apples approach to warranty replacements. With technology moving as fast as it does now and we are totally reliant on a mobile phones, warranties that expect you to send a phone to them and wait up to 7 days / making endless calls to explain this & that is just so outdated and Sony (and other manufacturers ) should start moving with times a little. Good luck with it, hope they get it sorted for you.
  22. Yeah, once handset has been returned I will be approaching bank for a chargeback, I think the way they "sell the unlocking of an iPhone" borders on fraudulent, thanks guys anyway.
  23. Hi, My son recently bought a virtually brand new iPhone from a reputable seller on ebay unlocked. However, upon receipt the actual handset was locked to T-Mobile. As my son was happy with the phone and it was just a matter of unlocking it, the seller suggested to him that an online company http://www.officialiphoneunlock.co.uk have a good reputation (as we were aware of the whole iPhone unlocking [problem]s etc) and to approach them. My son visited the site and completed his details and was charged £19.99 (plus £2-3 extra admin fee or something or the other) They stated upon order that it would take between 48 hrs to 14 days dependant on network. To my sons total surprise when he checked the unlock status within the website they were asking for an extra £80 to unlock the iPhone. At this point I became involved and checked the website, hidden discretely within the FAQ's was a note that the initial payment is a "pre-order" payment to authorise and negotiate with the network to unlock your handset?? Its very misleading and in my opinion a very unprofessional approach. I tried ring their "Helpline" but was automatically told via recorded message that they do not deal with pending orders on the phone, I still waited, and waited ... and waited... 45mins and still no answer. I hung up.. I then emailed to sales@ and instantly got a auto-reply .. AGAIN, stating they do not deal with pending orders.. ... so I sent a support message via there rather lame support page, heard nothing back at all.. By the way this is an online unlocking company with so so many five star ratings and cast iron money back guarantee etc.. Shockingly bad company from what I have had to put up with. My angle is just how many other "suckers" have they pulled in with this £19.99 preorder nonesense, it should be CLEARLY stated upon paying. Apparently on the website they wont refund "pre order" payments (no surprise there!?) I have also said in another forum I have since found about this company that if you get your bank to chargeback the charges they "supposedly" will blacklist your IMEI?? We have now returned the handset to the ebay seller for refund, however we are out of pocket for the £23 we paid total and as we did it, the ebay seller obviously wont refund that. Be warned, under no circumstances use this unlocking company, infact from this experience we wont be using ANY online unlocking company ..period.. On a final note, what chance do I have of getting money back?.. upon checking whois for there website there address is registered at Sychelles !! duh.. Anyway sorry for long post, hopefully it acts as a warning to others, terrible terrible company.
  24. Hi, My partner has a keen interest in entering online competitions / sweepstakes / free draws etc.. and has done for many years. Recently he joined AllAboutPrizes which was referred by another website he uses. I would like to warn any peeps out that that come across this company - DO NOT JOIN. Really it will be a headache you don't want! they appear to help you with your Comping interest by entering you into competitions as well alongside your own efforts and offer free bonus exclusive to their member and "claim" to enter you to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of competitions. As they are referred by "many" reputable competition websites, my partner though they would be legit and all ok. They offer all new members a 14 day trial (which by the way is pointless as I doubt they enter you into any competitions within that 14 days and you have absolutely no chance in logging into your "all new competition website" as your login will just produce a pop up that says "sorry but as your a new member it can take up to 24 hours to activate your membership". We were members for 5 days and never managed to actually login! When you join they take 0.50p from your debit card for some silly free scratch card while (as they say) it verifies your debit card (to prevent fraud) .. ha... yeah right!! As soon as my partner told me about the website I immediately checked them out and found out that generally they are just a waste of time and so many have had problems with them (as they have that magic thing called your debit card number!!) - I immediately cancelled the membership via email, explaining I have cancelled within the 14 day trial and I wish them to cancel my account effect immediately. (by then my partner had been a member for 5 days) I got no response from my email to confirm cancellation. I tried calling (they are based in Copenhagen) but number just rings out and you have great difficulty talking to anyone. So followed up with two emails and one using my CAG email address, still no answer. My bank have advised they have tried to debit two payments of £29 from my card, haha - they failed! Luckily I spoke to my Banks Card Disputes Dept before they had a chance to debit my card and my bank have the payments on hold! Anyway - this was just to inform fellow competition interested members NOT to join this monkey outfit. Their website: .AllAboutPrizes.com (I presume they go under varies names though) Normally I NEVER give my card details to any company (Direct Debits can be easily cancelled - card payments can't!) but this one caught my partner out - I just hope this helps to reduce others from avoiding them at all costs!
  25. So let me get this right ... I can reclaim the charges for lates payments/ letters / home calls etc..?? As far as i know there hasn't been that many but i have requested a statement of account so I will soon find out. Thanks again
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