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  1. Clydesdale Bank Loan - £1500 (approx) Account settled (partial settlement) Unable to provide signed agreement, just signed application.
  2. Finally today I recieved my statements after waiting since 3rd April. Great,I thought - now to start the process of claiming my charges back. BUT to my great surprise - half the charges were missing. I Know this as I have spent the last 2 years paying off an account that was defaulted on charges alone, over £400 I think. Having opened a parachute account at the time I checked the date I opened this and the balance on my Clydesdale statements of the time say a zero balance! I wouldn't have opened this account unless it was necessary as I couldn't use clydesdale any more. What had happened is that Clydesdale had transferred the account to their collection services and given it a different account number so they have not sent me any of the statements from this, although the charges were accrued before the transfer. Does this now mean I'll have to go through the whole process again of sending a SAR for this, the same account but with a different number, and then end up waiting another few months for them to finally pull their finger out with this one? Really annoyed at their latest attempt at delay tactics, begining to think is it worth the hassle.
  3. Yeah, but only you would be able to see them, no one else - they don't count. Its just for your reference.
  4. According to Experian the searches made when accessing your credit report is just for your information. Only searches made for application for credit will show when a company searches your report, so you're safe accessing your report whenever you like (I check mine daily, waiting to see if OUSBA will ever remove a default!)
  5. Had the exact same reply from them myself, for a default issued just 6 days before yours! (Was also settled in April!), Sent them another letter asking clarification on a few points, specifically under what terms do they continue to process after termination of contract and pointing out that the letter from the information commisioner applyed to CRAs and was vauge at best. They didn't even bother to send a reply. Have currently drafted a further letter demanding removal or further action and, if they decide to ignore that one it'll be court.
  6. Just wanted to say a big thank you to all who posted about default removal, esp Surlybonds and Dayglo, whose threads I have been closely following with interest. I origionally had 2 defaults and an account showing a series of '5's on my credit report (even though satisfied still saying 5 months late?) I was expecting a heap of hassle to get them gone, especially the most recent, largest default from one of the big banks - this one was the easiest to remove! One letter did the trick, so thanks to all the advice on here to get that one gone. Now to concentrate on the other 2. I have 1 default for £319 way back in Dec 2002 - first letter (surlybonds template) they refused to remove default, stating the usual stuff from information commisioner they had actually got from experian. Replied to this explaining that it was a load of cr** (did not use this term in the letter) and they did not even have the courtesy to reply. Thinking of taking the court route now - anyone any advice on the best way 2 do this? Also an account was sent to a DCA, they have registered as 5 months behind and say will continue to do so for a period of a year even though the account has now been settled. I have a question opn this and would appreciate any views - as I did not sign the origional agreement with the DCA, do they have permission to share data? I know there was a term in the agreement allowing this with the origional creditor, but does this apply if the debt is sold? Also currently trying to claim back charges from Clydesdale - have sent data request - their 40 days are up but they have sent a letter requesting more time - anyone else had this? Or is it just stalling? Anyway, keep up the good workl, wouldn't have managed any of this if it wasn't for the advice gained from these pages.
  7. I have recently settled an account with CL finance, yet they are still recording the status history on my credit report as 5. There are only 2 months records on my report from them, both 5 but the last also says settled. I have complained to them and they have said the report is correct and they will continue to update the account as 5 for the next 12 months - this can't be right? The origional account was a Burtons Card with GE Capital - they passed the account to CL in December. I had already come to an arrangement with GE to pay back the outstanding amount at £21 per month, I had increased this to £100 per month even before they passed it to CL, yet they never updated their records to show this new arrangement even after numerous calls. I even paid the final balance of £400 in one installment to improve my credit record - this obviously didnt work!! Does anyone know if this is right? Can they still say that the account is settled AND i am behind with repayments? They seem to think they can and I don't know where to go from here. I am also worried that they could just change this to a full default marker if I object too much (as I think the account may actually have been in default with GE). I need to get my credit report cleaned up as I need a mortgage soon. My circumstances are totally different now to when I had debt worries yet it seems that this is never taken into consideration - you had problems then so you will have problems now - totally different in my case! I am also currently working on 2 defaults - am sending the regular Surlybonds letter to one and I think I've got that one under control and the other can't produce a signed credit agreement so I'm going down that route with that one. These all happened at the time when I was heaped with hundreds of pounds of bank charges over a period of a couple of months (which I am now claiming back) but, because I couldn't use my bank account at the time (because of the charges) all my other debts suffered. Pity you can't use the bank charges argument against the companies who didn't apply the charges!! Any advice or assistance on these matters woulds be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi, Can anyone give me some quick advice please. I have recently sent the standard request to Clydesdale for Credit Agreement and Default Notice. They have sent me back an unsigned Credit Agreement and an unsigned Default Notice. They have however provided me with a signed copy of the credit application. Is this enough to force them to remove the default as the agreement is unsigned or would I be better taking the Surlybonds route? Thanks for any help.
  9. Has anyone actually got a company to remove a default as part of a repayment agreement? I ask because I want to get a default removed on a current loan - but want the default removed as a condition of repayment. Has anyone tried this? Has it worked? How did you pursuade them to accept it?
  10. I have read the ICO statement issued in Novermber and have searched this forum for any responses to this - I am just getting lost. Can anyone direct me to any threads which has a response to this - I was wondering about the statement from the ICO which states "The processing is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by the data controller or by the third party or parties to whom the data are disclosed, except where the processing is unwarranted in any particyular case because of prejudice to the rights and freedoms or legitimate interests of the data subject. We take a wide view of the legitimate interests and we consider that it is in the interests of other creditors to make informed lending decisions. It is important to note here that the fact processing may be seen by some to prejudice a particular individual (for example, someone with an adverse entry on his credit reference file may not be able to obtain credit facilities) does not necessarily render the whole processing operation prejudicial to all individuals." It sounds to me like they are saying - we can't stop the system but can stop individual cases with bad reports. Does anyone else interperate it this way and has anyone actually tried using this arguement? Have tried looking through other threads butr keep getting confused, If anyone can just give me a quick tip on where to look it will be most appreciated as I am trying to remove 2 satisfied alleged (ha) defaults.
  11. Just another quick one (in addition to the one above which is by far the more important!) I have an account showing 5 months behind with repayment on my credit report with CL Finance. The debt has not even been assigned to CL for 5 months! As the origional account was a burtons store card with GE Capital and the agreement was with GE Capital, do CL Finance have the right to exchange data with the credit reference agencies as I have never signed an agreement with them? Also they have me down on the report as debt management programme and paying £21 per month. Before it even got to CL finance I had contacted GE on more than one occasion to inform them I was no longer with a debt management company and upped my monthly payments to £100 - but this was obviously not recorded. Will these statements adversely affect my credit and if so, can I dispute them as all conversations were conducted by telephone. I have no official record of the conversations. This debt has now been paid, but can I get rid of the report - or do I even need to? I did recieve a default notice from GE but thankfully (I have no idea why) this does not appear on my report!
  12. I may have missed this somewhere in the other threads but there's so many pages to sift through. As far as I can make out, letters can be sent to creditors from satisfied defaults to stop them exchanging your data with the credit reference agencies. Once they have agreed to this, can you not just query the accuracy of the data with the credit reference agency - if the creditor involved is not permitted to share information with them, they can't verify it and it must be taken off your record? Or am I getting myself too confused by all of this? Any advice would be a help, have 2 defaults for riduculously small amounts and can't even get a current account. wanting to even progress to a mortgage later this year so need them gone fast! Also trying to claim charges back from Clydesdale - probably taken too much on at once!! (Defaults & charges are different accounts - not related)
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