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  1. Bl***y Hell, the Angels r still here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT!!!!! (pls 4give me but i dicovered Facebook and got addicted there aswell). Hoping yr all well despite the announcement 2day Back 2 the grindstone 4 me and some serious reading up!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. OMG, IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt even think id remember my password on here!! Just wanted 2 catch up and c whats happening after hearing all sorts 2day and being totally out of touch Feeling really gutted after the announcement 2day so gonna have 2 start reading up and refreshing my memory........what 2 do next?????? Any advice greatly appreciated (my claim has been stayed). Hi all again, in not-so-good circumstances xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. I'll give the insurance co a week to send the letter they promised to me and if i dont hear anything i will write to both companies quoting some useful links i found on here (RE: Harrassment etc...) and see what happens. They've had a year to sort this out so no more Mr nice guy from me!!! Thanx
  4. Thank u guys!! I called the insurance co again this morn (while i was in the mood) who once again have confirmd my account is clear, so ive asked them to write to the dca advising them of this and to copy me in on the letter. If nothing comes of this or the calls continue i will use the above template and see how that goes??!!! Keeping my fingers crossed but not getting my hopes up Thank you!!
  5. Hi, over a year ago i defaulted on my car insurance by missing one payment, which i ended up having to pay the rest of my policy off as stated on their T+C's. Then, 6 months later i started getting calls from Murray, White and Co saying that i owed the full sum of my policy as i hadnt paid it?? I called the insurance company (twice) to complain and they agreed that nothing was owing on my account and they'd let Murray etc.. know. Its now a year later and im getting at least 4 calls a day (i wont answer my phone now) and letters claiming the money back PLUS charges for ignoring their letters!! What can i do now as im seriously wound up by these calls and i dont seem to be getting anywhere talking to either company??? Regards Bonnie
  6. Blimey!!!! Here goes: I want to thank those of you who have given good advice and support without forcing your "unwanted" opinions on me, and ive decided to let it go regarding compensation but I WILL be writing to their head office asking why we were never interviewed/asked about what happened, why we weren't given some kind of report about what happened and why H+S rules weren't followed!! To those of you who have started World War 3 on here id like to say that you have NO IDEA whatsoever what we went thru and how we feel now!! Just because you "got over it" doesnt mean everyone does the same and i for one am definately not over it yet!!! Im terrified of lifts and unless im staying 30 floors up will always take the stairs from now on.......... Your comments are completely useless and should have been kept to yourselves but you obviously wanted to stir things up which you have. If this carries on i will ask a mod to close this thread, because its upsetting to read this tripe and it isnt helping anyone incl myself!!! I thought this forum was here to help people, not condemn them or try and read their minds and im really sad that this thread has gone down this road!!! Next time i wont bother posting on here. Once again, thanx guys (u know who you are) for your support, it REALLY IS appreciated. Bonnie
  7. To answer yr somewhat "sarky" response Chester, now ive "got over it" and calmed down i realise that Health and Safety rules were not followed, which the manager of the hotel even admitted to!!! The fire brigade should have been called afer the engineers found we were between floors so that they could winch the lift up to floor level. The fact that they didnt, they then should have put a harness on both of us as there was a shaft below us and a long drop and they should have also turned the lift off next to us which was still operating (the mgrs words not mine)!!! There were other instances of H+S rules not being followed but i doubt that would change yr view of what happened. To answer Scarlett............. we weren't just "stuck".... the lift cable snapped so it dropped over a floor and the cable crashed onto the roof, more frightening than just stopping and getting stuck dont u think?? I didnt post on here to get peoples personal views on what happened, just to see IF i could take it further, which i have mentioned i prob wont. Pls keep yr personal opinions to yourself and unless you've been in that very frightening situation i dont think you can comment.
  8. I couldnt make it up could i??? (am tempted 2 post my film footage of it on my facebook account tho might have to edit "Certain parts" of it) and it is pretty boring to watch actually
  9. OMG CF!!!!!!!! HOW COULD U SAY THAT??? (LAUGHING MY ASS OFF)....... I wish i did have all of the above when it happened (tho a potty would have been more appropriate) :D
  10. Hi guys, Many thanx for your replies etc........ I'll email Cassie and at least try and find out where i stand, my other half doesnt want to pursue it any further but i think they got away lightly?? will keep you posted.
  11. Hi guys!! Cassie.............. if u got a few hrs 2 spare then read the following: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/holiday-companies/132599-hotel-lift-crashed.html As for your back, then pls feel free to call or email me...........i went thru hell and ended up in a wheelchair before they took any notice of me so pls dont put yrself thru that....... a guy at work had yrs/my symptoms so i told him to demand an MRI and guess what............ the same as me, prolapsed disc and operated on within 2 months!!! T, glad i took yr mind off things and i hope alls ok with u and yrs!!!! Im off to check my Facebook quickly so might c u later!!??? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. hi, in response to Old andrew, i only arrived back saturday and was straight back to work so havent had a chance to speak to anyone, apart from on here!! (tho their head office sounds good) Bookworm, what is an "NWNF" lawyer??? Sorry but ive never heard of them and wouldnt know where to start?? I dont have contacts there as such, just the yanks that my partner was working with and prob wont be in touch with again?? Thank u for yr replies tho, all info will help me.
  13. Hi, my boyfriend and I were staying at the Sheraton, Seattle as he was working over there for a week and thats our company's preferred hotel, so on our penultimate nite we were getting the lift from the lobby floor to our room on the 6th floor, when suddenly the lift shuddered, dropped and all kind of emerg messages started bleating out! Then we heard "noises" from above the lift roof and were waiting to be decapitated as we assumed something was coming thru it. I kept pushing the alarm button to no avail til i found the Emergency phone. I picked it up and was put thru to guest services to tell them what had happened etc... and asked how long would it be. To cut a long story short, the lift engineer on site couldnt help us and we'd have to wait for the company's engineers to turn up. I kept telling them i needed the bathroom and was really scared but they kept fobbing us off saying they were on their way (i ended up peeing in the lift cos i couldnt hold it any longer). They even cut us off a few times and pretended they couldnt hear us! Nearly 2 hrs later, they managed to prise open the lift doors only to find we only had about 2 ins of floor showing (as we were between floors) and we couldnt get out that way! (it turned out to be a lift cable that had snapped). They then lowered a ladder into the lift and asked us to climb out that way...(no firemen were called, only engineers were there). I climbed out first which was hard as i was stuck between the ladder and roof tile but manged to clamber onto the roof of the lift amongst the cables etc.. and a LIVE lift still working next to us. My partner only just squeezed out thru sheer desperation only to find no member of management was present, just engineers and security guards. When i looked at my clothes they were wrecked from the grease and grime from the cables and mechanisms on the lift and wil have to be binned. That nite and the next morning we heard nothing until myself and a friend approached the duty mgr who was pretty flippant and offered me a personal shopper to come and meet me 2 get new clothes. In the end we accepted our room to be paid for for the week, a meal for 4 of us the next nite and my clothes to be reimbursed when i send them the bills. My question is: now its sunk in what happened, can i claim for more ie: trauma/stress etc.......??? They definately NEVER followed health and safety rules what with the live lift next to us and us being on top of the lift after drinking and the fact that no-one even bothered to ask how we were, not once?? And the degradation of having to pee in a four star hotel lift cos they couldnt get anyone in sooner?? (theres more to tell but i think ive got the jist of it across). In all it was pretty scary and the thought of going in a lift again terrifies me!! Can anyone advise me pls??? thanx
  14. PS............... Hi all!!! Back from Seattle after another "near-death-experience" but have got 7 lives left!!!! Hope yr all ok and Cassie.................... have u had an MRI to see if u've got a prolapsed disc????? I was diagnosed with sciatica for 9 mths b4 they discovered it was my disc which they immediately operated on!!! Worth checking it out!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. Hi T, u still here???? Just uploading my camcorder footage and popped in then saw yr msg!!! Wanna chat on msn??? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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