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  1. Phoenix, I've built 5 Desktop Pc's but know bugger all about laptops. This is my first purchase. can you upgrade the graphics???
  2. spikeachu: If i bought a car and it had the windows down you'd expect to be able to wind them up. ergo you expect it to have this feature as standard pcworld and the rest of microsoft are whooping on how mutts nuts Vista is but doesn't make it too clear on what you get till it's too late. Even the techguys website states it meets the minimum requirements but doesn't state what it is. (why would I go onto techguys website or ask any questions pertaining to the ability of the graphics when I went into PcWorld for their advice) If I already knew??. If i was that good at reading the future I would have won the lottery and made an appointment to meet Bill gates and asked for his advice.
  3. when I was in store looking over the laptops when the young lady served us I asked if this particular model will work with Vista and would there be any compatability problems she said no. There was no mention of a restricted version of Vista or that Aero wouldn't work. I had my partner who was buying me the laptop as a present and a friend with us as they wanted something from pcworld at the same time. They both witnessed the sales person stating there wouldn't be any problems running Windows Vista. Why have Vista if you can't utilise everything it comes with. Seems the Microsoft WOW factor once it goes through the PcWorld grinder turns into a sound something like a whoopee cushion. spikeachu: How would someone know what question to ask when you're informed at the time of sale that it would work without ANY problems. You go into a store to seek there expert advise. Advent 7110 1.7GHz Intel centrino processor. 1GB Ram
  4. Tried running spyware removal programs virus scanners? My nephiew had pretty much the same problems till my Brother his dad twigged he was downloading huge ammounts of porn off the web. after carefull negotiations with his son. namely no more porn he cleared it up so it was running smoothly. not saying it's porn surfing but if you like him download tons of free software install and uninstall a lot it can confuse the heck out of your computer. doe's the computer have the same problems after a re-install?
  5. Hello new to here seeking advice. below a letter to pcworld. sorry for the length but couldn't condense it. appreciate any advice. After speaking to a member of customer services I'm sending in this email regarding a small but annoying problem that has arisen. After purchasing an Advent 7110 Laptop from your ******** branch on the 17th Dec 2006, the young lady who served us told us that it would work with Windows Vista when it is released as it had a sticker indicating "Windows Vista Capable" We required a laptop at the time otherwise we would have waited till Vista was released and you were selling laptops preloaded with it. Subsequently a few weeks ago I was pleasantly suprised to find out that I was eligible for a free upgrade via a company in Holland (Moduslink) once the online form and my reciept was faxed to them. Waiting expectantly at the moment. I browsed the Microsoft Vista homepage and after downloading and running the compatability program it gave the results that the graphics would not work namely the (Aero) feature of Vista on my laptop. I searched more in depth and finding on Intel's website that the graphicschipset wouldn't work with The Aero feature. I'm not at all happy as i was told at the time of the sale that it would work with Microsoft Vista. (The young lady seemed more agitated/pushy with selling me an extended warranty at the time and I wouldn't of been surprised if she'd admit to serving the pope to clinch an extended warranty sale) I had to repeat myself 4 times that i wouldn't like the extended warranty. was she more concerned with the warranty sale hence a shortfall on the technical knowledge? There reply. Thank you for your email of 30 March 2007. The laptop Advent 7110 is capable of running Windows Vista Basic which is why it highlights this on the compatibility sticker. You would have to upgrade if you wish to install with the premium version or above. The sticker doesn't mention only work on basic. it's the size of my thumbnail. Wouldn't have bought it if it wouldn't work fully with Vista. Where do i stand?
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