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  1. they want to see bank statements and payslips ???? not happy about this
  2. i too am trying to set up a plan i have defaulted a week ago and emailing them every day to get a plan set up but still no reply !!!
  3. i have a pay as you go phone and i zero overtime !
  4. hi i have been sending this email at least once a day since saturday I am writing to you to inform you that due to financial difficulty I am unable to meet this months scheduled payment.* I have had a unexpected change in my personal circumstance and I will be unable to pay the current open loan in one payment. I propose a repayment plan to assist in clearing the outstanding amount in the quickest means possible to me. I propose £20.00 every month for 6 months, to be re-evaluated once the 6 months has expired. I would greatly appreciate that all charges and interest are frozen to allow me to pay back this sum as promptly as possible. I would also ask that all communication is done by email or by my personal mobile phone, I will not be able to answer my mobile phone during working hours, however, if you leave me a message I will respond to this once I have finished work for the day. I am not permitted to take personal calls at my work place and this would be frowned upon by my workplace so I ask that no calls are made to this number. Can you please send me your account information so that I can set up a standing order for the payment to be made? I shall ensure that this is set up for payment to be received no later than the 27th of each month. I do hope that we can arrange a payment plan to alleviate the stress of my whole situation, and to also enable the repayment of the loan to your company as promptly as my finances will allow. I look forward to hearing from you and will help in any way I can to organise repayments with your company as soon as possible. Your faithfully today i finnally get this reply any advice? The Following Response is being sent to You according to the Formal Complaints Procedure. Microcredit Ltd provides short term payday loans. The Customer chooses the due date him/herself and it is also possible to apply for the roll-over latest on the due date and keep the loan for another period of time if the credit check result allows You to. The Loan Agreement was signed by Yourself and sent to the e-mail address You entered on our webpage during the registration. According to the Loan Agreement You have to make all payments with a debit card and the only possibility to make payments is available on Your MiniCredit.co.uk online account. We accept all payments You make and may provide You up to 120 days from the due date to clear the balance before Legal action is started. All the overdue charges and interest have been added to the balance according to the Loan Agreement and will be added until full repayment. Payment plans with decreased balance can only be offered to Customers who suddenly face unforeseen financial difficulties after taking out the loan. For example the Customer who takes out the loan with the intention of setting up a payment plan on the due date (the cause of the financial difficulties happened before taking out the loan) does not qualify to have the balance reduced and the payment plan set up. 1. Why was the repayment not made on the due date? 2. What happened? 3. When happened? The three above questions are necessary to be answered and supported with documentation to see that the loan was originally taken out in good faith and You have the intention of making the full repayment latest on the chosen due date. According to the information provided to us at the time of applying You were having a full employment. Microcredit Ltd has activated a Hardship application on Your http://www.minicredit.co.uk online account. Please log in to Your account follow the instructions and send the application back to us. In order to apply for Hardship status of your account please follow the instructions below: 1) Please fill in your current income details. 2) Please fill in your current expenditure details. 3) Please fill in your creditor details 4) Please review the details. 5) Click Print the form 6) Sign, date and fax the form to 020 7138 2919 7) Our team will need to assess the proposal. You will be contacted by our Hardship team member within 5 working days from the date the form is received to come to a mutually agreeable solution. To discuss Your monthly payments and the repayment plan balance please contact us on 08718903015 from 9AM to 9PM Monday to Sunday. We may require documentary evidence of your financial difficulties. Please bear in mind that the status of the account will not be changed until an assessment has been made by our Hardship team. All the charges will be added until full repayment has been received or until the Hardship team member has contacted You and set up an agreement. We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email. Kind regards, Minicredit Claims Department
  5. can you confirm these are wongas bank details as i want to pay today please sort code 40/06/09 acc no 21544926
  6. email to top bod this usually helps
  7. copy the top bod in on your emails it helps x
  8. even if the have SOLD it to NCO if i say i'm disputing the total and pay orange direct surely they cant refuse the money can they ? how do i know who has brought the debt
  9. ok thanks sorry to be so dumb
  10. really dumb here i know of the debt but never thought it was that much
  11. prove it letter ? which one
  12. hi i got a letter from these guys sat collecting for my debt from orange ! i am in dispute with orange as i never wanted my contract renewed however they did! i got a card through the door today ! hoe do i get rid of these guys ! i'd rather deal with orange directly please please help !
  13. can anyone help how easy is it to get wonga to agree to a payment plan i currently owe 1450 to them not yet defaulted but will this month as i cant afford to pay that much it would leave me short i'd like to pay them 150 this month and the same a month for the next 9 months but i would need the intrest frozen otherwise i would not even be paying off the intrest anyone got any advice on this ? are they likely to agree ?
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