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  1. And the latest in the saga is... The Data Controller has refused to send out all the information i requested back in June and has stated in a recent letter... We have received your £10 and the information will be sent to the address we have on file. We will not enter further correspondence relating to this matter unless we receive the information we have requested. (This being a signature to make my identity known and driving licence, passport or utility bill) I sent them a letter with dates of all the letters they have sent me recently, e.g. Final Notice letter, Default £30
  2. Little bit of an update... Received a nice letter from TFC today stating they received my SAR last week!! (Interesting as i sent it via recorded delivery around the 7th June!) They are still stalling with the request, asking for identity and stating that... "We have received unsigned letters so we are unable to attempt to identify you by checking your signature, we need drving licence (For name purposes) and or Utility, bank statement showing my name and address" The letter also states that the information (SAR) will be sent within 40 days from receipt of the information th
  3. Thanks again Martin, the reason as i have said before is pretty straight forward, i have just counted last weeks letters and they add up to 4, plus the countless times they are trying to call on the landline...
  4. Thanks, i was on the understanding that if it was cashed they accept the request, but i was not surprised to see the "Prove It" letter in the post, i have not sent any confirmation as to who i am as i feel like i mentioned before they know full well who i am considering the phone calls i have and letters i keep receiving. As i think the 40 days are up in the next few days what plan of action whould i now take with them...?
  5. Dude, yes they acknowledged the letter and have cashed the £10 postal order in which we sent back on the 7th June.
  6. We have considered changing our number also, but before my redunadancy they continually phoned my place of work also, which was not appreciated by my manager
  7. Oh please do enlighten me, as i seem to be having a torrid time with them at the moment
  8. Hi Martin thanks for the reply. I have a huge folder containing all the letters the company have sent to me in the past. (Including statements, letters of default, termination of contract and final notice letters amongst many many others) I do understand that if they are not satisfied with my identity they can ask for proof of who i am, but considering the amount of letters i have received and the sensitivity of those letters, i am sure they do not doubt who i am. I refuse to send anything to them on this basis and requests for my signature seem suspect in the very least... Oh and
  9. Very briefly, i have sent a CCA request followed by a SAR request to a finance company back on 7th June requesting all information they hold on me as i believe the agreement has some issues. I received a letter from them soon after (14th June) asking for proof of my identity. I sent them a letter stating that i feel this is not needed as they regulary send sensitive letters addressed to me at my present address. They are continually calling (landline) and sending "Account Terminated" and "Final Notice" letters to me at my address. I beleive the 40 day limit is up sometime soon (
  10. I notice this too Cat, but has it not been under construction for months, possibly years...?
  11. Great, surely this can't be right... After SAR'ing TFC some time ago (and they have still failed to acknowldge my request, but cashed the £10 postal order in which i sent) the account has now de-faulted which i was aware of happening. Is it right and perhaps legal to send out default letters at £30 each to let me know i am late paying? As i have had 3 so far this month totalling £90 in late payment fees and charges. My monthly payment is not much more than the fees they have added to the account, thus doubling the amount i have to pay to them.
  12. It seems Robinson Way are sending quite a few of these letters out at the moment as we had one in the post yesterday as well, despite like yourself the account being sold on and in dispute...
  13. And i thought my post was reasonable and sensible
  14. With respect Uncle i don't see how this would benefit those users who need help on CAG. Most people who are in need of help already know the address, phone number etc of the DCA's on here, i think setting up barriers for the DCA's to comply with is not needed as IMO they should not be allowed to pursue debt on a public forum such as this, if they do need to pursue any debt surely this should be done by the methods already in place, such as letters.
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