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  1. It's ok, I'll have a mooch around see if I can come across it, if you come across it, then can you let m know via here please? thanks
  2. Thank for the super quick reply buzby! unrecorded enquiry? like the type when you request your own credit file?
  3. Hi and welcome! It's more a case of what you can do by requesting them and not receiving them. If it's regarding a default you have, then not receiving your CCA within a 14+28 day timeframe means the debt becomes unenforceable. I've not had any success with it as of yet, but I only sent my request 7 days ago, fingers crossed.
  4. UPDATE: Just had a letter from T-Mobile, they've returned the £1 postal order I sent for my CCA, (obviously as they're not covered by CCA). They are asking me for a copy of my credit file which shows the entry I am referring to, and then they'll be happy to look into this further. Apparently this is to comply with DPA and to avoid recording another search on my credit file. Do you think I should send them my whole report, or just the section which lists that particular account and a list of my previous addresses. I don't want to help them do their jobs so they can prove and therefore enforce the default, but at the same time I don't particularly want them to record another credit search. Am in a bit of quandry over this PLEASE HELP?!
  5. This is shocking, I used to work in a Comet Service Centre (the people you speak to in order to have an engineer come out to you) although I left a few years ago, I remember the following: 1 - whilst it is true you can only have am and pm appointments, you can also ask them to do either a first call or a last call - that way your sister will be either the first or last call he makes (they can put this on your 'job' notes) 2 - If we'd tried to repair an item 2-3 times and it was unsuccessful we offered replacements I remember seeing on some job notes '3rd repair - customer wants exchage/refund' 3 - The people who answer the phones are usually nice people (like me!) who are bound by the dreaded company policy!! and ultimately the managers hold the power who don't usually speak to the customers to authorise an exchange/refund. 4 - If you become clued up on Trade Descriptions Act and Sale of Goods and Services Act and assert this upon them, they will probably take you more seriously. 5 - If you scream, shout, swear you won't get anywhere, (you'll have rubbed the operator up the wrong way) remain calm and youll get much further! Hope this helps PP
  6. How could I do this? should I send them a SAR and ask for a copy of default notice? then I could take it from there and plan my next course of action. By the way do you know if it is possible to have a default totally removed as opposed to marked satisfied? thanks for your replies
  7. Thanks, aktiv runners, that's cleared alot up, will post more on here if and when I hear from them
  8. Kenny, I am doing, the only people chasing me for money are TBI, and T-mobile (separate thread) I have a CCJ from God knows who, which drops off in November this year. I also have an entry from HFC (original creditors who sold debt to TBI) with a status 6 for the same account with special instructions of "Gone Away" I've moved around a lot since I graduated due to personal reasons. I recently had a call from J2 solutions on behalf of Mackenzie Hall (it was by Googling them that I came across this site) about another debt, but nothing showing on my credit report re that debt so will deal with that when I need to (should become statute barred soon) they haven't contacted me by post as they have with others on this forum.
  9. Thanks Kenny and Spiritgirl, your words of support are appreciated. I want to clear the bad stuff off my file then work towards clearing credit card debt, have already cut the card up!! I too want more mature attitudes towards spending and borrowing. You know the most ironic thing? I'm a teacher, and I feel so hypocritical when teaching personal finance and the skills of budgeting, pitfalls of not planning, etc. Especially seen as recently with my Yr 13 tutor group we've been covering student finance when they get to uni, and talking about how credit cards are a bad idea for them, etc, I really wanna say, LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!!
  10. Buzby, I sent a CCA request, as I got carried away and thought seen as I was sending one to TBI (separate thread) I'd get rid of the other default on my credit file. It was only after I'd sent it that I noticed the sticky you referred me to. Also 6 years from September 2002 takes us to September 2008, and I'd like to get rid of it sooner rather than later as I want to apply for a mortgage with my husband end of this year/early next year. He doesn't want any financial association with me until I have a half decent credit score (for richer for poorer??? not in his case!!)
  11. Thanks Alan and Kenny, will keep you posted. It's such a nice little community here, everyone's so supportive, it's a relief to be able to talk to someone about it, am too embarrassed by my financial situation and history to talk to my friends about it :o
  12. Thanks Kenny, I sent the CCA request last Tuesday, they received it on the Wednesday 11th April (as per electronic proof of delivery - I sent it recorded) 12 days from when they receved it = Monday 23rd April (or if it's 12 working days then it becomes Friday 27th April) So I just sit tight until one of those dates? (which one?) I know I'll have to wait re the default removal, just wish I'd found this site earlier and I could have started the whole process a lot earlier!
  13. Thanks MTARunners I'm a tad confused, the default ocurred well before 5th April this year. And going by the info on tbern's thread, I don't have a leg to stand on in terms of reportin the to Financial Ombudsman. Or am I being really daft? If TBI default and then commit an offence, as this happens after 5th April can I then report them to FOS?
  14. Hi all, I have a default registered by T-Mobile in Septembr 2002 and was wondering how I'd go about getting this removed. I sent them a CCA request last week, which they have not acknowledged (probably as I later read on here that they're not bound by the CCA) I am in a position to pay the amount - £81 but is there any way rather than having the default marked as 'satisfied' I can have it totally removed from my file, so it looks like I never had a default, rather than I had a default and then paid it off 5 years later?! (They may have sent me a notice of default, but due to personal circumstances I've moved around alot since 2002) Help please, as it's really annoying that due to a silly mistake I made as a student is coming back to bite me in the bum, 5 years later. :-| Would you recommend ringing them and seeing what they can do?
  15. Thanks Alan, Another 7 days until they default, I've not come across reporting them to the Financial Ombudsman, but it makes brilliant sense, I'd love to make those lowlifes quake in their boots as they have done to me plenty of times over the phone. Will also look into the FSA. But must wait for them to default and commit an offence, mustn't count my chickens before they hatch!
  16. Hi, Whilst I'm no expert on these things, you could try writing to them saying something along the lines of "as you have failed to comply with my requests under the Consumer Credit Act (1974) s78(1) I demand that you remove the default from my credit file, as the information you have provided to the credit reference agencies has proved to be unsubstantiated" Let us know how you get on, if you want put your draft letter on here to get the opinions of others
  17. SpiritGirl, that's wonderful news, well done, am waiting for my CCAs from 2 companies, so far I've had one reply saying they've asked the original lender for a copy of documents and then they want me to send a 'sensible proposal' to them. I so hope it's good news as it's stopping me from applying for a mortage with my husband at the moment!
  18. I used to work at Comet Service Centre, I would presume the reason they assk you for your details, is to record it on the system should your item become faulty. If you give your details and later need your purchase servicing or exchanging and you lose your receipt it's much easier to provide your postcode than to rummage around for old receipts! Although I'm pretty certain it was only for certain purchases e.g. you wouldn't be asked for your details if all you bought was a ream of paper. Maybe other stores should take Comet's example!
  19. Thanks gymfreak and zimmie for your advice, I'm new to this game, so am a little nervous and not quite sure what to expect. You're right, on the phone they belittle you and try to scare you into paying more than you can realistically afford. Zimmie, I remind you of your daughter? Purple princess comes from the fact that I used to be obsessed with purple, I quite like it now, but have since discovered other colours!
  20. Hi all, This is my first thread on here , and I have found this site very useful! Anyhows, the long and short of it is I ran into a bit of financial difficulty as a student mainly due to stupidity but also because I had no parental support whatsoever. I have had various letters from various companies telling me I owe them money, some of the ones mentioned on other threads ring a bell Intrium Justicia, Wescot, Hamptons, Lowell, etc. I finally decided to do something about it and have it down to dealing with 2 defaults. One from T-mobile and one from TBI Financial Services (£924, started 13/12/01, default date 29/01/03) like I said I owed money to a few companies, but was not sure what exactly TBI were chasing me for. So I CCA'd them on Tuesday 10th April and received the reply below: Dear Mrs X (they refer to me as Mrs but use my maiden surname - doh!) Thank you for your letter received in this office on the 11th April 2007. I have requested a copy of the original Agreement from HFC Bank Ltd and I am also arranging for a Deed of Confirmation of the Assignment to be drawn up. As you have previously acknowledged the debt (only as I wanted to settle the debt, to get it off my credit report - stupid, I know, considering I'm not even sure why I owed the money) and made offers of settlement (my husband kindly did this for a quiet and easy life, he was prepared to pay it off for me), please be aware that any documents or e-mails (just the e-mail from my husband, clearly from his e-mail address, and clearly referring to me as his wife) to this effect would be produced in Court. I therefore hope that once you receive the requested documents, you will forward your sensible proposals for repayment of the outstanding balance. Should I write back to them, telling them that I have only previously acknowledged the debt under duress and that any offers of settlement made by my husband cannot be used in court as they were in clear breach of the DPA? What is the likelihood of them getting back to me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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