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  1. Our credit rating is rubbish. But as we remenber it the fee was orinally £500 but when we refused PPI, then it shoot up to £1500, can't remember if we question it at time or not. We just wanted the loan at the time asap. Just seems high compared to other loan we have had. Thanks
  2. Hello! Has anyone any ideas how much the introducer fee should be on a £20,000 loan? If i was ripped off is there anything i can do about it? Thanks
  3. Does anyone know what we should expect to pay for the introducer fee on a £20000 loan.
  4. thanks! have been looking all over internet with no look! Should of come straight here!!!
  5. Please can anyone help me as I had a loan with i group and want to send them a Data Protection letter but can not find their address anywhere on internet? Thanks if anyone can help
  6. Hi Sorry if this is in the wrong area, but am new!! Can anyone tell me how much the introducer feeon a loan should be? Thanks alot
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