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  1. Fair evasion may seem a trivial thing to the passenger, but in law you are technically commiting the offences of Fraud & Deception wich are serious offences. Here in Greater Manchester, the Police continually travel on public transport with inspectors and will not hesitate to arrest offenders. As trivial as it seems, these offences are taken seriously.
  2. I have just been to court after the mortgage company re-possing my home. After the 28 days were up, I phoned the mortgage company to enquire as to where I should take the keys. They said that they would send out a form to fill in and the completed form should be returned with the keys by registered post. There is a 'repossesion management fee' of £125 added each month until the property is sold privately or at auction.
  3. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  4. Hi Just received all my statements from Capital One. No hassle. Just contacted Robert Udy in the ERC Department. Since i last used the Capital One card over a year ago, and since it has been at zero balance, as well as late payment charges and overlimit fees, Capital One to this day have been adding Payment Protection Insurance, Purchase Insurance and Cash Interest onto the account pushing the areas to the point they are at today. Can i also claim back these charges? Thanks Steve
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