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  1. My company is trying to issue me with a GPS mobile phone with I strongly suspect will be used to track my movements, although the company refuse to confirm this. Does anybody know if they can do this without my consent ? And do I have any rights in this matter, ie Privacy etc ? I certainly have no desire to become a GPS slave for anybody. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Good News ! Sent an e-mail to Indesit on Sunday outlining my safety concerns with this gas cooker, and how dissapointed I was with paying £104.97 for thier engineer to change the plug on the cooker. Got a reply yesterday, Monday, stating that they will be refunding my service charge to my credit card, and my safety complaint has been passed to thier Quality Engineers for investigation. Thanks Electriceel & blitz for your advice.
  3. I would urge all persons using an INDESIT Gas Cooker, model KD6G25SWIR, to be very careful when using the Grill/Top Oven, if your electric goes off, for any reason, turn off the cooker ! Also take great care with spills, or over enthusiastic cleaning of the front control panel and knobs, water in the electrics is not good !
  4. Many thanks Electriceel, will get onto this forthwith. I have other issues with this cooker, on similar safety problem, there is a tubular fan under the hob which becomes active via a thermocouple when the grill/top oven is ignited, this fan is supposed to blow across the rear of the control panel to reduce the temperature on the gas controls. My issue is if the power supply becomes interupted, ie loss of credit at the meter, the fan will stop running and the front contol panel will become excessively hot, and knobs will melt, even worse the gas controls will overheat with the potential for an explosion. I have e-mailed Indesit with my concerns and awaiting a response from them. I am a GAS Safe registered engineer myself, so hopefully they will take note of my concerns.
  5. Hi All I purchased an Indesit gas cooker from Argos in November 2008, it is now just over 13 months old, it recently developed a fault with the electrics so that whenever it was plugged in, it blew the main house breaker on the fuse board. The gas side of things was fine and I carried on using it over the Xmas period, however after using the Grill one day I noticed the Front Control Panel had become really hot, too hot to touch ! and the buttons on the timer had melted away ! I went into the Argos store where it was purchased and was told to phone Argos Direct as it was a home delivery, this I did and gave all the details and as soon as the the telesales operator realised that it was 13 months old, she just seem to switch off and said she would speak to someone else, however she passed me straight through to Indesit Service dept, they again took all the details and then asked for my policy number, I said that I dont have a policy, and in my opinion the cooker is not fit for purpose, having broken down in such a short time, she then passed me to another dept, where I had to go through it all again and pay £104.97 upfront before an engineer would call. The engineer called last Thursday and took 1 hour 40 minutes to decide that the moulded 13 amp plug on the appliance was faulty, he cut it off, fitted a new one and it worked ! with regards to the damaged buttons, and also control knobs, he said they would post me some knobs next week to fit myself ! My question is, can I reclaim my £104.97, if so from whom, Argos or Indesit ? Comments please Many thanks in anticipation
  6. Hi Simon 7685 What is the address of your UKPCS Ltd, as I am unable to locate them at Companies House ? In the meantime it appears that peternut is trying play agent provocateur again, he has obviously nothing constructive to input on this thread, and would probably be better going swatting flies to relieve his boredom ! Just one question peternut, How many successful claims have you gone to court with and won ? none I suspect. If that is the case you have no right to interject and offer any advice on these matters.
  7. Hi Simon 7685, Have just read your thread from start to end, and sympathise with you ! A few of these negative side swipes are really just from negative people who 9 times out of 10 have a vested interest in PPC's. Just think how would be the best way for a PPC to gather info on how to defend them selves ? By latching onto a case like yours, dont 4get these monkey's dont play fair, and if they can intimidate you into submission they will . Regarding Peternet, I would personally ignore him and stick with the advice from those who know more than him. Keep going my man ! Whats my angle you may ask ? I also fell foul of UKPC, in July this year, in a free car park in Plymouth, for parking outside of a bay. Received all the usual garbage demanding £80 or else, I wrote several letters re ID of driver etc, and validty of Penalty Charge, they just kept going saying it was a Parking Charge Notice. I even wrote to the MD and his Directors at thier home address's, inviting them to put up or shut up, basically telling them to get the case to court or forget it ! The last letter I got from them was on 10 Sept, offering me a 50% discount until 24 Sept, if I did not pay by that date they will send in the heavy mob, I AM STILL WAITING ! I am rather disappointed though, because I got a nice big bunch of bananas to give to the gorrilas when they came a knockin, but they are starting go off now. Seriously though, I have not heard a thing from them since that letter, it is not safe to assume they have given up, so I will wait till January and ask them what exactly they intend to do. In the meantime if you stick with the letter formats and info on this site, you wont go far wrong. Good luck M8.
  8. HI all Thanks for that advice Steve M, I best behave myself then, and park properly. emmylou38 I would love the address of the owners of Barbican Liesure Park, and like yourself, I wont be spending any money there again, as it happened the food we had in Pizza Hut that day was absolutely diabolical anyway !
  9. Hi all Just been reading my latest letter from UKPC, and noticed the tone had softened quite a bit, they are trying be all nice and pleading for me to please pay and offering a further 50% discount for 14 days. I will try and scan it, and post it on here. sure you will all appreciate a laugh emmylou38, I am going to Plymouth next Sunday, my son lives there, so I plan to go to the car park and take some photos, might even try and get another pcn, I just hope the UKPC gorrilla does'nt try and intimidate me, cos I am more than match for him, being a solid 6ft 4in muscle man myself. Will let you know how I get on. Of course I am not intending violence of any kind, I am a gentle person really, but will not be pushed around by these flunky's.
  10. Hi Emmylou 38 At last someone else who has been nabbed at Barbican Liesure Park, I have recieved loads of garbage from UKPC over an alleged parking offence in July, also whilst visiting Pizza Hut. I have done all the necessary appeals rubbish and recieve the same reply every time, basically we are right and you are wrong, so pay up ! Thier last letter, this week, gave me another 14 days to pay £40, or they will pass it on to the debt recovery agency, which incidentially is the same firm as UKPC, just a different name. But I have already told them several times, I am not paying and will see them in court ! I did try a different tack, I found the UKPC directors names and addresses via Companies House website, I then sent letters, recorded delivery, to thier home addresses, just to see how they like being harrased, guess what, the letters were refused and returned to me. I have been to court once already this year on bank charges, kicked LLoyds TSB up the backside, so cant wait to get these clowns up in front of the judge. My advice to all being bothered by UKPC, is to hang in there, whatever you do, dont pay em, and stick it out. YOU WILL WIN !
  11. IMO I think perky had a hidden agenda and enjoyed winding the good advisors up, he may have offered the occaisional good tit bit, but apart from that he was underming others, I said as much in my post last night. Can we now all focus on the job in hand, and forget about fraternising with enemy.
  12. Do not worry about Bailiffs, they are a long way off, if ever. Take the advice from the experienced on this site, Bailiffs cannot enter your home without the Warrant of Execution, which has to issued and signed by a Judge, and you will certainly be informed of this by the Court, before any Gorilla comes a knocking. Whatever you do, do not let any one into your home without fully checking thier documents for authenticity. !
  13. chococat, do not worry about small claims court, it is actually very civil and the judges are very understanding, not in the least bit intimidating. I recently went to court for a bank charges claim and was very surprised and happy about it all.
  14. Ducked the issue again perky, most definitley a car park money grabber, what happened to the other half of your double act ? I really do think that unless, perky, you have some constructive input to this forum, then dont waste genuine concerned people's time, this is supposed to be a help website, for friends with a common problem, as per the bank charges site, but I personally feel this behaviour is undermining the good genuine helpers on here.
  15. Good point gwc1000, I would be most interested in that information too, cant beat a bit of research into the dark side. Incedintally perky, I have'nt seen your reply to Pat Davies yet, re: how you identify vehicle drivers ? I would also be interested into how you can raise a parking charge against O/K without involving the use of contract law?
  16. Interesting to note that perky 88 is so happy about the Burnley decision and the so called victory for the car park gestapo ! I think it should be taken with a pinch of salt, as there does not seem to be much substance with the story, and as for the rottweiler bailiffs being set upon another 2 hundred non payers, wot a load of tosh, even perky 88 knows that an unsatisfied CCJ is required before opening the bailiffs cage.
  17. Hi All I am finding this tread very useful, having come across from the Bank Charges section after beating Lloyds TSB for £3500 recently, I now have a new challenge, a charge certicate from UKPC for £80, however I am getting a little confused by all this reference to Parking Charges by Perky88, In my now experienced position, l would consider a parking charge a sum which is paid for the pleasure of using that facility, not a charge for a contravention/breach of contract. These Parking Charges are nothing less than exhorbitant Penalty Charges, being Cloaked as other charges, exactly the same as the banks have been doing for years, and have now got bitten on the bum for. ,
  18. Hi All Just spent this morning going through this very interesting thread, and I am beginning to wonder if the UKPEA is the same outfit as I have been nabbed by , UK Parking Control Ltd ? I got a Notification of Unauthorised Parking on 15th July at Barbican Leisure Park, a free car park !, for not parking in marked bay. The interesting part is at the bottom of the notification I quote " The owner/registered keeper of the vehicle will recieve a charge certificate via Royal Mail within 28 days of the above date". I recieved the Charge Certificate this week, with an issue date of 20th August, 37 days after the breach, and outside thier own terms of contract, I have written to them, recorded delivery, pointing out the error of thier ways, and stating the Penalty Charge is unenforcable under current Contract Law. Any ideas on what response I will get ? I recently got as far as court with Lloyds TSB, and they bottled it and coughed up £3500 at the last minute, so I am all fired up for a new challenge ! Is this it ?
  19. Hi all Just thought let you know we beat the banker, due in court last Friday 29th June, they sent letter of settlement on 19th, while I was on holiday, and paid money into account Tues morning, 3 days before court. I took a letter to court on Friday morning to explain I would not be appearing, but the Clerk said I have to wait and see the Judge, v nice man , just wanted to put a face to case and wish me well. Interesting to note that 38 cases for bank charges were listed for Friday, but only 9 claimants turned up ! are too many people becoming despondant, oh ! also one solicitor turned up for Barclays, he just cowered in the corner looking very embarrassed and shuffling his papers, and guess what, his claimant did not turn up. Out of the 9 claimants present, 8 had been settled at the last minute, the only one not settled, a Lloyds Tsb, the poor fellow was pooing himself, and he was called in 1st, came out jubilant ! he got his judgement and 2 grand. In a bit of void now, dont know what to do with myself, just sitting here twiddling my thumbs ! Finally if any of you go down the road of Power of Attorney, be careful it is a bit awkward, but I got there in the end, with some help from cub 232. So if you need any help with a Power of Attorney feel free to ask. :-D
  20. Hi all, Looks like I am heading for a strike out on 29 June, been doing a claim against Lloyds TSB for my son who is in the Navy, and would not be able to claim because of time and location constraints. My claim has now been running since February, court bundle gone in and closing date for evidence to be submitted is 14 June. I have Power of Attorney on his bank account, which Lloyds have accepted, some two years ago, I also hold a Debit Card on his account in my own name, and the monthly Statements are addressed to me. Today recieved a letter from court, "only my son can sue in respect of the account". "The Power of Attorney does not give Big Man power to sue in his own name". "The fact that he has a card and access to the account is irrelevant". NEED SOME URGENT HELP PLEASE, ANY BODY OUT THERE CAN ADVISE ME ! BIG MAN
  21. Be careful of court date ! it may not be what it seems, I got one of those orders with exact same statement on , mine is for for 29 June, did my court bundle and sent it to court, with a letter to judge indicating I want to go for wasted costs if Lloyds p*** me about. I got a stroppy letter back from judge telling me it is not the trial, just a directions hearing. Have you had Lloyds defence yet, I have been waiting since 24 March and still nothing ! in fact I have not had one letter or any other scrap of paper yet from SC&M, I fink they dont like me !
  22. So Pen/Elsinore, was there any mention of contract T & C during your awayday in the hub of british justice / I thought the system was supposed to be fair on both parties, but lloyds are getting away with so many liberties and contempts for the courts, it is now becoming laughable The sooner we can elect Judges and make them accountable the better.
  23. HI Pen Sorry it went tits up today ! but lets be positive YOU DID NOT LOSE ! Next time round you know what to expect and will blow em out of the water, and win hands down. Your situation with the hearing is exactly same as mine, I got my court date on 10th April for 29th June, with all the directions on etc, including statement that Court Bundle must be in by 14th June, no where on the on the papers does it say an allocation hearing. I sent my bundle in last week and got a curt letter back last friday reminding me that it is not a trial, but an allocation appointment, judge even accused me of fraud by questioning me if signature of my son on witness statement was signed by him personally ? Are these judges showing a sympathetic attitude to the banks, if so I wonder why ? keep your pecker my dear, not too long to wait .
  24. Good Luck for today Pen, stick it into em. Will look out for your result later. :)
  25. Cheers Dave Have written to the Judge today with copies of P of A, bank statements with my name on, and a copy of the Gold card with my name on, also confirmed copies to [problem]. On the personal signature situation, I have offered an address where he could send a letter to my son for him to sign and return. Cant see what else I can do but wait now. I do get a feeling that the Judge is either trying to guide me, or on the side of the banks and looking for quick way of clearing his desk by dumping claims.
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